Laurent Nakado

Laurent Nakado

Laurent, by Sonia
Date of BirthJuly 19, 2004
Age> 5 years
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAwensawa

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Esper Hollow

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Laurent Nakado is the brother to Fatin Kali and previous lover to Jasper de le Poer. He strongly resembled his father, Harley, in appearance. He was characterized by his strong, almost glowing, blue eyes and was very large in size. He lived as a loner during most of his time in 'Souls, but joined Esper Hollow briefly with Jasper. He was trampled in a hunt gone wrong and lost the use of his right leg, when shifted he used a crutch made for him by his sister Fatin Kali, when not, he hobbled along and usually had his cane strapped to his back.



Previous lover

Jasper de le Poer - After Jasper confessed he had been taken advantage of, Laurent realized how true his feelings for Jasper were. [1]


Lucifer Sawtooth and Deuce Rhiannon - when they raped Jasper they immortalized themselves as Laurent's enemy.


A mottled mixture of browns and black, Laurent is very similar in appearance to his father Harley, perhaps the most like him out of the Nakado-Kali offspring. His eyes are a very unique, almost glowing blue. Laurent is massive, similar to his oldest brother Mercido, and to their father but he is taller than Harley ever was. In the concept of his size compared to an average wolf's he is about one and one half times their size. His body is mainly a fair chestnut brown with darker brown in a stripe mostly down his back. On his nose and tail are smudges of black. His eyes are a brilliant blue with hints of silver in them.

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