Robin Aatte

Robin Aatte

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Name OriginNamed for the morning robin, a bird her fur coloring resembles.
Date of Birth28th January 2011
Subspecies87.5% Timber Wolf
6.25% Red Wolf
6.25% Coyote
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeCour Des Miracles
Current packCour Des Miracles

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Cour Des Miracles

Joining DateJan 28 2011
Most Recent RankSquire (NPC)

Robin Aatte was born to Haven Aatte and Princess Chance along with her siblings Linden Aatte and Felicity Chance in Cour Des Miracles on the 28th of January 2011. She has remained in the pack since, though she did much traveling outside of the pack lands during her third year of life.

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Build and Species

Though she is predominantly wolf, Robin is lean, with narrow, muscular features. Her mother is quite small, and though she is not nearly as small as Princess, Robin shares her mother's delicate features. Her father's large stature lends her more height than it does bulk.

1.2  Coloration

Robin was named for her distinctive coloring upon birth. Her fur is predominantly mottled shades of brown and tan, with her underside a soft wheat color. A shock of orange-red fur adorns her chest, resembling that of the red-breasted morning robin. Her eyes are a soft baby blue with darker flecks and edges, reminiscent of the robin's egg. In optime form, her mane falls long and in a mass of curls.

1.3  Size

Measurements coming soon.

2.  Personality

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Robin is related to the vast D'Angelo, Eternity and Kali families as well as being a member of the Aatte family and the Nothing family. She is also a member of Anu's large family through her adoption of Haven .

Immediate Family

Maternal Family

Paternal Family

Robin only knows of Anu as her true grandmother; she and her siblings were always taught that anyone else who claimed to be their grandmother was not to be trusted.

3.2  Friends

3.3  Not Friends

4.  NPCs

Icon Gender DoB About


Stallion 2002
  • Abilities: Not broken but ride-able, only with owners permission / supervision.
  • Description: A blood bay stallion that followed Vigilante home one day, and later became Charlotte's steed. He has a wild spirit that hasn't been broken but just tamed enough to ride, though he is not ridden. He does not usually reside in the stables.
  • History: Followed Vigilante home one day. After Vigi's death, was recognized and reclaimed by Charlotte. After Charlotte's supposed death, fell under the care of Robin.

Scarlett (Robin Aatte)

Mare 2006
  • Abilities: Gaits.
  • Description: She is a kind mare with a very large maternal streak.
  • History: Scarlett is a horse that Robin befriended in the stables, she claimed her for her own when she was around six months old.

5.  History

5.1  2011

Eventually a written thing here!

Brief Timeline


5.2  2012

Eventually a written thing here!

Brief Timeline


5.3  2013

Eventually a written thing here!

Brief Timeline


5.4  2014

Eventually a written thing here!

Brief Timeline


She's still quite young, so far she's been born into CdM and she spent her early life living there with her parents, Haven Aatte and Princess Chance, along with her brother Linden Aatte and her sister Felicity Chance, also her uncle Alder. In her youth she had just had the general puppy mishaps, knocking things over, learning to hunt and the like and developing skills that will help her in later life. When she was still young she visited the stables, where she befriended a mare which she later named Scarlett, this mare is now one of her closest companions and Robin began to learn to ride her. Soon after learning to shift (a day filled with mishaps, her father helped her learn to balance and walk) she met her great grandmother Soran Aatte and warmed to her immediately, despite the fact that her father did not. Her great grandmother gave her a bow and some arrows which she was taught to use by a wandering very helpful male loner.

During the Aniwayan war Robin really began to grow up, one day she went exploring with Scarlett and somehow wandered too close to the Aniwayan lands, a male named Whitechapel saw her and assumed she was a spy, he attempted to kidnap her. Luckily Soran rescued her and was stabbed in the process, after this Robin vowed to learn to protect herself and her pack, feeling immense guilt for what happened to her beloved great grandmother; however this rescue went a great way to helping Soran and Haven become friends once more, developing some form of relationship. In this time Robin began spending a lot more time with her childhood friend Liam Catori, developing feelings for him which in her naive youth she did not quite understand. In the war a pair of Aniwayans came into the lands and Robin, Liam, with help from a female named Ayasha managed to fight them off, killing them both and cementing Robin's need to protect those around her, it was also the first time she had used her bow in combat and she fared very well. Since then she kissed Liam which has made their friendship very awkward, she is currently a Squire in Cour des Miracles.