Damian de le Poer

Damian de le Poer

by Mel



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Date of Birth

August 29th, 1998

Date of Death

September 11, 2005




Neutral Evil







to tame
of the poor





de le Poer

Birth place

White Mountains




100% Great Plains Wolf




Pack Ranks
Jan 1 2004 - Sept 11 2005
Alpha Male

Daiman de le Poer was the son of Nosferatu Traum. He was one of the founders of Chimera and led it faithfully until his death. He had four children, though only Ahren de le Poer survived until adulthood.

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  3.   3.  Family: de le Poer
  4.   4.  History

1.  Appearance


  • Diesel (#100000): pelt color.
  • Black (#000000): skin.
  • Thunderbird (#C02B18): eyes.

Lanky since childhood, Damian is of otherwise average proportions, with a slim wolf's body and long legs. He appears almost gangly, with shaggy black fur. When in his Optime form, his "hair" grew wild and long, giving him a manic appearance.

2.  Personality

Damian was peculiar, emotionally distant and uninvolved with Chimera during its initial inception. He did what he want, when he wanted, and basically was the worst alpha ever. When Taaktuq Piqaluyak vanished he totally did not step up, proving to be just as reckless in his behavior and just as aggressive with anyone who thought to question him. The appearance of Thavardo and his son Ahren brought out an extremely violent side in Damian. After assaulting Azathoth and kidnapping the boy, Damian showed himself to be both physically and mentally abusive to both his son and mate, Misery D'Angelo. The only person he ever seemed to fear was Mab de le Poer, though his paranoid delusions convinced him she was trying to kill him.

It is likely he suffered from manic depression and schizophrenia, as these traits have been seen in many of his family members.

3.  Family: de le Poer

4.  History

Damian was the third child born to a pair of loners, the runt of his litter. They ditched the three boys with a she-wolf that had lost her own pups. The elder two eventually wandered off, though Damian stayed with her until he accidentally shifted to his Optime form. This caused the woman to panic, having never seen a shifter before, and flee. From that point on, Damian learned to be careful of whom he let see this talent. He fended for himself among the wolves in the area, and his only friend was an aging fox who taught the boy about alchemy and herbs.

After she died, he began wandering the highways and cities, having wild escapades with strange girls, experimenting with drugs. As he moved east, he found a pack, and joined because he was so taken by the young woman that had greeted him, Kamaria. Of course, strife was all ready deep within this group, and a coup against the leader led to civil war. The two young lovers fled further east, and found a valley where they settled. Damian opted to remain a lone wolf, while Kamaria joined a pack. During this time, he fell in love with another woman, Oslyn, and they were nearly inseparable—right up until the morning he woke and found her gone. Furious, Damian went to find Kamaria, and found she had been promoted to a leader rank overnight. Believing that there was no way this could have occurred without her whoring herself out, he attacked the girl, assaulted her, and then killed her. Still dreaming of revenge, he found Oslyn’s scent and followed it northeast.

As he passed over the mountains, he found another woman, Thavardo. She resembled Kamaria, and for this reason, Damian attacked and raped her. He barely remembers the event. Oslyn’s scent led him down the mountain, and it was here he found someone he did not expect; his father. Though the two initially spoke, they soon erupted into violence that resulted in the son killing the father. As he followed Damian's scent towards his pack, Taaktuq Piqaluyak approached and offered him a place at her side in leading a merged pack—Chimera. Damian accepted.

Things did not go well with Chimera. Initially, with twenty-five members, it seemed like it would be strong. Soon, though, people began filtering out. Even Taaktuq vanished one night. Without someone watching what he was doing, Damian cut lose. He chased off his father’s former lover, Tigra Sunbound, and in doing so caused her split personality, Syliat, to take over. When she returned, looking nothing like herself, Damian accepted her and even promoted her to his beta. Damian became friends with Storm’s then-alpha, Stormy, and after her death was even visited by her ghost.

Soon after this, Damian met Salvaged Eternity. The two became lovers, though as Salvaged attacked more women Damian warned him to stop. A trip to the Concrete Jungle brought about a very nasty surprise—the woman from the mountain, Thavardo, was here and out for blood. She chased Damian off, and he became increasingly worried as whispers of her group grew. Upon learning she had given birth to a son, he realized it had to be his, and broke into the church. After a vicious fight with Ravyn Stormbringer, Damian kidnapped the boy and took him back to Chimera.

This triggered a series of events that pushed Damian to the edge. Thavardo, driven mad by her grief, summoned her group to attack Salvaged. They tortured him and she nearly castrated him before Damian and a group of others went and saved him. Still wounded, still needing attention, Damian staggered back from Jaded Shadows and found Thavardo in her church. With a gun he had found just a week earlier, he shot her, ending the cult and her life. Desperate and depressed, he turned the gun on himself, only to be saved by Zero. Unfortunately, during this, Damian accidentally knocked him into the sea. Damian began to retreat back into himself, do more drugs, and in general become more of a recluse. He took his rage out on his son, Ahren, as he had been doing for months.

That changed when he met Misery D’Angelo?. After several months, the two became lovers, and this caused a rift between Damian and Ahren that resulted in the boy being exiled from the pack. Suffering still, Damian became devoted to Misery and did his best to hold the pack together. One night, the rumored haunted cabin in Chimera was burnt down. This pushed Damian to a breaking point and he then asked Misery to be his mate, desperate for any sort of stability. Mab de le Poer, a relative, was doing her best to help with this.

Disease began to take his mind. In constant pain from the cancer eating him alive, Damian did more and more drugs, looking for any sort of peace. He attacked his mate on random occasions, striking her and yet still clinging desperately on to her love. Finally, his body could take no more. On September 11th, 2005, Damian died from a heart attacked brought on by complications of his cancer.