ColoursPurple (#8968CD) & White (#ffffff)
Founded ByPhyse Revlis & Phasma Kiles
Founded On17 December 2006
Defunct On15 April 2007

Past Leadership

Former LeadersPhyse Revlis & Phasma Kiles
Former SubleadersZorish Russo, Soran Aatte

Pack History

Preceded byChimera and Syemv

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1.  History

Aremys was the fusion of the packs Syemv and Chimera as both were faced with a loss of leadership and a dramatic weakening of numbers in the early winter of 2006. Chimera was crippled by the loss of many members of the crucial D'Angelo and de le Poer families; most of them returned to their prior homeland in Europe. Newly promoted alpha male Physe Revlis consulted the alpha female of Syemv, Phasma Kiles and the pair decided to join forces, the remnants of Chimera moving to the coastal territory Syemv had called home. They renamed the pack.

Unfortunately, despite the joining of forces, Aremys continued to suffer as Inferni invaded its territory on the beach and more or less forced it out of existence in the Aremys-Inferni War of 2007, wherein Aremys was forced to Chimera's original territory, the Moaning Wood?. The pack never truly recovered from this incident; eventually a general lack of membership caused Physe Revlis and Phasma Kiles to disband the pack. Both of the former alphas headed to Storm, though Phasma eventually moved on to Jaded Shadows.

2.  Territory

The sky is always visible in this decadent territory, because the forest is so thin. The ground is made up of a tundra’s spongy turf, but is littered sparsely with twigs from the trees and low shrubs. The ground is covered in patches of very light grasses, and though this doesn’t seem like much, it attracts prey such as deer and quail. A red horse barn sits amongst the shrubbery, the pack's main meeting point. It was erected during Chimera's existence on the territory, and it served as a gathering point after Phasma Kiles called the retreat from the Syemv territory.

3.  Trivia

  • The name inherits parts from both predecessors—"Arem" is from "Chimera" and "ys" is from "Syemv."

4.  Pack Relationships

4.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

4.2  Bleeding Souls Packs


Gibraltar, alpha male of Storm and Physe Revlis, alpha male of Aremys were romantic for some time. This naturally lead to good relations between the neighboring packs. Both Physe Revlis and Phasma Kiles, former alphas of Aremys, moved to Storm after the Aremys pack was disbanded.

Clouded Tears

Clouded Tears and Aremys were ambivalent to each other? IDK.

Jaded Shadows

Phasma Kiles eventually moved from Aremys to Storm to Jaded Shadows, and as the alphas of Jaded Shadows generally tried to maintain a good relationship with all of their neighbors, there was no tension between these two packs.


Inferni chased Aremys back to Chimera's old land, the Moaning Wood? in the 2007 Aremys-Inferni War. After that, though, they were pretty much ambivalent toward each other due to the distance or something. Some characters on both sides held grudges after the war; Zaets Russo, an Aremys wolf, headed to Inferni after the war to try and find some answers about why his homeland had been attacked.

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