Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthMarch 19, 2003
Subspeciesc. lupis hudsonicus (75%), c. lupis griseoalbus (25%)
Birth placeSouthwestern Hudson Bay

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RankAlpha Male

Played by Annee. Gibraltar was a pretty stern, indifferent wolf, though not cold-hearted. He took over the pack following Adreon's death and Hearse's disappearance.



Gibraltar had never placed much stock in eyes, though his were vibrantly blue as the ocean, with sparkles like little tasty minnows. No, he was more fixated on his pelt; its luscious softness, the bands of cream and black contrast. Odd to name children after eyes. He thumped his tail and nodded, preoccupied with this thought, and distantly noted the direction Phoenix left so he could expect him that way on his return. Lately he had discovered the ability to sit or walk and think himself entirely out of the continuum of time. Although the excitement of puppies was distracting him, he managed to stare curiously at a moldy tree trunk until Phoenix returned.



Dam: Sprite
Sire: Trafalgar
Uncle: Dijoun
Siblings: Nautilus (m); Gremlin (f); Unnamed (m)
Partners: Segodi Mogotsi, Physe Revlis


Several inches short of normal height, burly especially around shoulders. His fur is a light-colored timber: greys, silvers, and tans. Deep blue eyes. His facial features are wide, but well-angled, his forehead doesn't seem to run into his nose to run into his cheeks etc. etc.

Unlike most other wolves, his halfling form doesn't bring a significant change in speed. Except for size, he looks much like his canine form.

He retains his color and general build. His three earrings look most in place here. They are solid gold stubs placed in a rough line about 1/2 inch from the ear's edge. The middle one is slightly further in, making the arrangement a little triangular. All earrings are stuck shut.

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