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Beta of Storm at one point, until Adreon died and Hearse had to be switched out for Gibraltar because he was just a bit too off-kilter to actually lead a wolf pack.


Date of Birth12/27/03
Birth place???
Current packNone

Previous Pack


RankBeta Male

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1.  History

He was born to a pair of mute loners. Though they were outwardly wolves, inside they carried coyote genes and passed them on to their two sons, Hearse and Cairn. It is thought one had limited power of speech so they could name their children; Hearse picked up a few words from this as well. The little family was quite happy together, for a time. Cairn died in his first month from some sort of disease but Hearse didn't care. His parents might have been saddened but they hid it well. Later that month his father disappeared. A few days later his mother shooed him into a clearing near a blithely grazing group of deer and told him to approach them in a few minutes time and try to scare them (with all his puppy cuteness) in his mother's general direction. This he did, but his mother never returned to bring him to the kill. Presuming her dead like his brother or just plain disappeared like his father, he made his way into the world. At this time he was a little over two months old.

He had not been alone long - maybe 5 days - when he met a coyote, Acerbus. Hearse being impressionable and the coyote being devious, Acerbus convinced Hearse that he was Hearse's real father and Hearse had merely run off for a spell. He accepted this easily. Acerbus had a daughter named Vialia, another hybrid. Probably, she was as much the coyote's daughter as Hearse was his son. Being of the same age, they became quick friends, though Hearse was never as affectionate towards her as he was to his 'father'. She was more a trusted parter in crime.

Acerbus was a pedophile. After a successful theft, or anything that made emotions run high, he would hunt Hearse down and force him to change to his were-form. Then he would rape him, force Hearse to return the favor, and generally defile him in every way imaginable. Hearse obviously didn't like this at all. But the coyote was a more complex character than that. He felt guilt for what he did and, though pride would not let him apologize, he would retreat into his own sullen little world for a few days afterward. Sometimes, perhaps on a whim and perhaps on a desire for repentence, he would display affection. This kindness, real or fake, was enough for the puppy to forge a bond with the older coyote. He had no alternative. As he got older he began to enjoy these wanton attacks (though he retained the victim role from habit) and felt a deep affection for his supposed father.

The trio were scavengers, trailing a large pack and taking their fill from 'table scraps'. Sometimes they would steal food. However, they were not enough of a nuisance for energy to be spent chasing them off. Some kinder-hearted members of the pack had tried to lure the puppies away from the coyote but Acerbus had hinted, in sinister tones, what life would be like if his precious children ever listened to those lies. As the children grew older the efforts declined. They were all the same: a bunch of worthless, lecherous scavengers.

One day Acerbus decided to go rape someone that wasn't Hearse. Maybe he also wanted to commit suicide but was too cowardly to do the deed himself, for he choose the young daughter of the Alpha pair and that act would surely be met with vengeance. Indeed, the pack converged on the trio once the outrage was discovered. Acerbus and Vialia ran one way; Hearse ran another. He heard the gleeful howls of the pack behind him, the sound of a successful kill. Hearse assumed his friends had met an unfortunate end and walked away without any feelings of guilt, nor any intentions of going back.

2.  Personality

  • Synesthesia - interesting, eh? Basically, Hearse can 'see' words. Mostly they're only blobs of color but sometimes they make pictures. And they're completely irrelevent to whatever's being discussed. The colors are stronger when the speaker is using highly figurative language and weaker when the speaker is doing 'cave man' talk. Hearse doesn't see colors when he talks because his skull distorts the sound waves. He thus believes that his way of speaking is superior because it doesn't create distracting colors. His primitive method of speaking isn't entirely due to his condition. He didn't hear any words until he was about 2 months old (see history) so he didn't stimulate his language centers at the apprpriate time. This leaves him with a complete disunderstanding of grammar, idea words, pronouns, and pretty much anything that doesn't have a clear-cut meaning.

3.  Appearance

Though a perfect split between wolf and coyote, he could easily be mistaken as a small, oddly colored wolf. His pelt is a flat tan with copper overtones. He is the perfect size for a coyote pup his age, but his oversized paws and ears tell that he might still have some growing up to do. Proportionally, he is a timber wolf. His muzzle is far from the elogated snout of his father and his chest implies a sturdy curve before inversely falling to meet his abdomen. The tip of his tail and muzzle are a darker, muddy shade of brown. Outside these earthern colors his eyes are a vibrant chartreuse. His muscles are very flexible and reactive. They are only prominent around his shoulders and haunches. He is not built for strength or endurance and an attempt at either will quickly wear him down. His ribs are starkly apparent; not for lack of nutrition, but for bodily experience that energy is best spent elsewhere. Brown, bronze highlights, darker brown towards his extremities like a Siamese cat wolf. Chartreuse eyes.

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