Adreon Ka'im

Adreon Ka'im

Date of Birth5 July
Birth placeAurora Plains
Current packNone

Previous Pack


Joining date?
Joining RankAlpha Male

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1.  History

Adreon was born in the summer into a pack called Aurora Plains. His parents- Ka'im and Amara- were the Gammas at the time. Amara's older brother Ray was the Alpha male, who ruled alongside his mate, Cara. Ray and Amara's mother still lived with the pack as Beta female, although her mate had died long ago. Another blood relative in the pack was Nitro, the son of Ray and Cara. Nitro was Beta male before he left the pack in search of something more, for despite the location Aurora Plains was always relatively peaceful, happy... and uneventful. There were famines, of course, but things never got so bad to the point of fighting. Truly, a hierarchy probably wasn't necessary in such a pack, for it was like a family unit, even for the few members who were not related by blood or mate-ship.

To entertain themselves, perhaps, the wolves busied themselves with reading human texts. The pack was on the fringe of an old human military city, located in the barren Arctic possibly for some sort of strategy. There was a library there, however, and this is where the Plains' wolves found a goldmine. It is unknown which generation originally started the "trend," but most adults were rather proficient in the art. Furthermore, they understood what the books told them- about stars and plants and the past (both of the humans and the earth) and weather and chemistry... anything you could think of. They also stumbled upon a variety of other texts, some horror stories, the Bible, tales of other Gods, and fantasies. They came to accept such works as fiction, and never was the distinction blurred.

As none of the members had ever seen a werewolf before, and there was not such tainted blood running through their veins, however, very few of them could grasp the concept of writing. Some of the older members could scratch things into rocks or the dirt or snow with a claw, but that was the extent of it. However, nobody despaired greatly... it just meant all the more time could be devoted to the study of the human books. The knowledge acquired from the books was also passed along to the children in the pack, and they all began a sort of informal education at an early age. It was very scientific; there was no room for spirits or religion of any sort, although one wolf in the pack, Jualih, maintained some beliefs that differed from the others'.

Dre and Nitro were almost the same age, with Nitro his senior by only a month or so. Although friends, they were naturally something of rivals, but it seemed that Adreon was destined to excel in everything. However, because Nitro had seniority, it was understood he would gain the higher rank. Not concerned with the system, but wanting to see more, Adreon left the pack maybe a moon before his mother was due to have more pups. At the time, then, he was only at the ripe young age of nine months. He spent several months as a loner, learning to fend for himself, before stumbling upon another pack. However, there is another event that merits mention during this time.

One day in his travels, at maybe thirteen months of age, Dre stumbled upon a creature that was not like any he had seen before. It resembled a wolf, in that it had fur and the same head shape, but it roamed across the earth on two legs instead of four. It somehow seemed powerful, and it demanded respect: Adreon quickly assessed the situation, realised his weakness, and ran for his life. The other chased after him a good while, but fortunately the young wolf had remarkable endurance. He ran many miles with the other at his heels, until at one point the aggressor lost energy and was forced to transform into something that was a hybrid of a wolf and were. Adreon realised he could only run so long, and the two fought in a bloody battle.

His opponent was not even half a year his elder, and that was probably the only reason Adreon stood a chance. Yet at the end, after much blood had been spilled by the light of the moon, one of the wolves could walk away and the other could not. However, the young wolf was left with a number of scars to remind him of that night- one gash on his left side, and another on his right shoulder. He was also left with something else- the ability to shift as his crazed nemesis had done. He continued to live in solitude for another three months, soaking up information when he could. For a long time he lived in an old city, abandoned by humans and never inhabited by wolves. He read the books, developed his "strength" as a werewolf, and generally regarded that time as "training."

But what was he training for? Even he was not sure at the time. Now at a year and a half of age, he encountered the mysterious Vaezik. Vae was a strange wolf with stranger ideals, and although not at all interested in the queer male's plots Dre wound up following him to a pack called Dark Horizon. He entered at the rank of member, although he quickly proved himself to be alert and judicious, and was promoted to the rank of Scout. The Alphas of Dark Horizon were kind enough to him, and ruled the lands in a courtly manner. However, Vaezik, who'd come to regard Adreon as something of a companion, seemed to despise them. It quickly became clear to Dre that his "pal" was simply insane, probably schizophrenic.

A number of months later, he was granted the honour of "Guardian;" a relatively high rank to hold. Vae, who had been a member much longer, grew jealous and resentful, and plotted to overthrow the leaders of the pack. He managed to kill the Alpha male in his sleep, though the female, Alica, managed to escape and find Dre. In a far less bloody battle than his first, Adreon came out victorious, now wiser with experience. Alica, although the rightful Alpha female, decided to let Dre assume control of the pack. She was simply too distressed over the death of her mate.

Unfortunately, the pack on the whole was pretty disjointed and broken. Dre had originally joined for his own amusement above all else- now he realised that the odds of rebellion and chaos were high. Surely enough, Vaezik's twisted thoughts had poisoned a lot of the other members already, and upon overhearing two or three of them talking once, he decided to leave. He was not concerned about a fight, but he didn't want to bother. They were all a bunch of lunatics anyway. Thus, the now two year old struck out to live on his own once more, never looking back to Dark Horizon physically or mentally. Not far outside of the lands, he stumbled upon Alica's body, throat slashed wide open. That was the last he heard or saw any of them.

For half a year longer, he lived alone. Occasionally he would encounter others in his travels, but the idea of joining another pack never appealed to him... until one snowy evening, he came to Bleeding Souls. A particular scent drew him in, although he could not realise why at the time. Greeted by a black female with eyes greatly like his own, Rain, Adreon learned that the borders of the pack were closed at the time. Still, Rain called for the Alpha of Storm, who oddly enough turned out to be Adreon's younger brother, Zero. An exception was made, and Dre was given a place in the pack.

The next month turned out to be incredibly eventful for the white wolf. He experienced many things, and learned a lot as well. Much time was spent with his sibling as the two caught up on past times, and even though they'd never seen each other before this it was as though they'd never been apart at all. Furthermore, Zero had been going through rough times, so it seemed that Adreon arrived at a pivotal point. Zero explained to Adreon the history of the Storm pack, including how he came to be in power, and also why he didn't feel right in his current position. Adreon also got a tour and learned the layout of the Souls lands rather quickly.

2.  Personality

A progedy of sorts, it seems like Dre was born to excel in anything and everything thrown his way. Typically diplomatic in his interactions with others, although it can sometimes be perceived as cold. Can be incredibly blunt, and won't hesitate to point out the "wrongs" of society, although raised to be respectful of different opinions and lifestyles. Generally content with life, and tries not to let thoughts of the past or future bother him. Logical thinker, but seldom forgets the "faces behind the numbers." Can morph to suit the situation.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Ka'im
  • Father: Amara
  • Siblings: Zero

4.  Appearance

Arctic wolf with vivid, icy blue eyes that are very expressive. Pure ivory coat, save for a blue-grey birthmark in the form of an "x" on his left flank. Scar on his right shoulder only visible in his shifted form. Four parallel scars barely visible above the birthmark on his flank. Masculine build; well muscled with a thick coat, but not bulky. Stature on the smaller size for an Arctic male, he was one of the shorter males in his original pack, and medium for the species on the whole- in a word, compact. Graceful and noble in his movements.

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