Maeryn Lykoi

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Played by Sie, sort of. She was never independently roleplayed, but she was a NPC for almost eight months?! Maeryn was the spitting image of her mother and was thought to be Kaena when her body was found outside of Inferni's borders.

When Kaena seemingly returned from the dead, she offered no explanation for her daughter's death, though she knew damn well how Maeryn had died--it was Kaena who killed her. She had suffered a fit of madness brought on by Zulifer Yfel's death and Yasu Zarah's departure, and sought to leave on her own--only Maeryn had attempted to follow, and her mother slaughtered her.

Maeryn Lykoi

Maeryn Lykoi, by Sie
Name Origin:Celtic ("bitter"), Greek ("wolf")
Date of Birth:December 11, 2003
Date of Death:June 28, 2004
Subspecies:50% Eastern Timber Wolf, 25% coyote, 12.5% red wolf, 12.5% dog
Birth place:Inferni

Previous Packs Inferni

Joining Date:11 December 2003

1.  Family

The Lykoi family was puny in Maeryn's day—it was really just Kaena, Maeryn, and Kerberos. Officially? Yeah, Maeryn has a massive family. But they were almost all born after she was already long dead and buried, so I'm not going to bother listing them here. Obviously, all children of Kaena are Maeryn's half-siblings, excepting her obvious whole-blood sibling, Kerberos.

2.  History

Born into Inferni, Maeryn and her brother Kerberos were abandoned by their mother Kaena along the Jaded Shadows border shortly after their birth, as the death of the childrens' father, Zulifer, made Kaena all cray-cray so she dumped them there. Shortly after this, Yasu Zarah convinced Kae to go back to the pack to reclaim her children—only Maeryn was recovered, while Kerberos remained in the Shadows pack. Maeryn grew up a little estranged from her mother; Kaena didn't take very good care of the girl, so she was usually pretty hungry and sadpants. When Kae left Inferni, Maeryn followed for some reason, and ended up dead. The end!

3.  Appearance

Maeryn was essentially the spitting image of her mother; she was to be larger than her mother when fully grown. Her eyes were the brilliant yellow-gold characteristic of many Lykoi children. The primary difference between her coloration and her mothers would be the red muzzle splash and the dark hints--Maeryn's red splash did not extend as far up onto the forehead as Kaena's, and she was much darker than her mother, with a larger black saddle along her back, and shades of gray darker.

4.  More Information