Shadowed Stars

Shadowed Stars

ColoursWhite (#ffffff) & Gray (#808080)
Founded ByMoondust Wolfen
Founded On18 November 2001
Defunct On20 March 2002

Past Leadership

Past LeadersMoondust Wolfen, Omoi, Mordulin Aika
Past SubleadersOmoi

Pack History

Followed byJaded Shadows

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Shadowed Stars was one of the three founding packs, and from the start it was not as prosperous as either Storm or Silent Dawn, though the pack had a few dedicated members—Krystine Dragmire worked her way up quite high in the ranks before she was asked to head to Clouded Tears by the founding alphas Nirupama Rashmi and Argent Noirci. Another male, Delate Kliminawhit, joined up with Shadowed Stars and eventually became the Altester rank of the pack. Of course, Omoi was the one to take over the pack following Moondust's disappearance, and her daughter Mordulin was the one to save them by transporting the pack to Ashen Mountain and refounding it as Jaded Shadows.

1.  History

1.1  Written History

Shadowed Stars was the third pack formed in the Bleeding Souls territory, by Moondust Wolfen, just above Storm. From the start, Shadowed Stars was the least prosperous of the three packs. Fewer joiners went to the northern pack than either of the southern packs, and Moondust became disinterested and wandered off often. An older she-wolf of the pack worked her way up to Beta, and then took Alpha during one of Moony's extended absences. Her name was Omoi. Unfortunately, shortly after her ascension to power, Omoi died, leaving the pack to her daughter, Mordulin Aika. Mordulin moved the pack to Ashen Mountain, where it became known as Jaded Shadows. There really isn't a whole lot of history in the pack as it was very short-lived.

1.2  Timeline

2.  Trivia

  • Along with Silent Dawn and Celestial Hollow, this is the only other pack to lack an icon. Shadowed Stars was around prior to the implementation of pack icons.

3.  Pack Relationships

3.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

3.2  Bleeding Souls Packs


Moondust Wolfen and Stormy Blackwolf were very good friends; when Moondust returns to the lands later she rejoins Storm. During Shadowed Stars's existence and Moon's reign, the two packs were probably pretty close with one another.

Clouded Tears

Shadowed Stars and Clouded Tears may or may not have been around concurrently, but if they were, they were probably totally neutral toward one another.

Silent Dawn

These two more or less ignored one another; Shadowed Stars never really did anything but they weren't really particularly close with this pack either.

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