Zulifer Yfel

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Zulifer Yfel

Zulifer Yfel, by Sie
Name Origin:Greek: "Burn scar" & "wolf"
Date of Birth:December 18, 1998
Date of Death:December 09, 2003
Subspecies:Luperci, 50% Canis latrans ortus
25% Canis lupus lupus
25% Canis lupus familiaris
Birth place:Maine
Current pack:Inferni
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs Inferni

Joining Date:~2003

1.  Family

2.  History

Zulifer was born in the Damaichu pack with his three siblings, but during some kind of traumatic event, he was separated and picked up by this crazy old man who taught him to fight. This crazy trainer guy did stuff to him and put him in rings (how he got all those scars on his face). Zulifer got knocked around too much and ended up forgetting his family and everything. Eventually he went really nuts and kills the crazy fighter guy and left.

He ends up at Bleeding Souls somehow. He hung around there, skulking about and being a jerk, until he realized one day some packs formed on the land too. He was not happy and he was all "I OWN EVERYTHING GTFO" but Fireside Ruby Wolf recognized him and called him for what he was—her brother. He stopped the charade and went to go live in Silent Dawn for a while, trying to get accustomed to pack life and his sister. When she left, he followed, though they were almost immediately separated, and Zulifer ended up going the opposite way of his sibling.

He met Kaena Lykoi, they had sex, and Zulifer went on his merry way for a while. He returned a year later, after picking up and dropping the search for his sister, deciding to look again in her last home—Silent Dawn. He didn't find her, but he did find Kaena. He whisked the coyote up and promptly impregnated her and moved to Inferni, only to be killed just before his children were to be born by Salvaged Eternity, setting in motion a blood war between Kaena and Salvaged that would last nearly half a decade.

3.  Appearance

Zulifer was a jet black, hulking wolf, his face criss-crossed by a large number of scars. He had brilliant, blood-red eyes, just shades lighter than the "flawed eyes" of the de le Poer family (hence the whole reasoning behind Kaena's immediate infatuation with Ahren! Haha). Scary-looking!

4.  More Information