Ahren de le Poer

Ahren de le Poer

by Huskie




Date of Birth

August 29th, 2004

Date of Death

December 1st, 2008




Chaotic Evil







of the poor





de le Poer

Birth place

Appalachian Mountains




50% Great Plains Wolf 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf




Pack Ranks
Sept 25 2004 - ??
?? - ??
Puppy, Lehrling
?? - ??
Nov 7 2005 - October 1 2006
Alpha Male
Clouded Tears
Oct 9 2007 - April 1 2008
Esper Hollow
Aug 4 2008 - November 2008

Ahren de le Poer was the son of Damian de le Poer and Thavardo. Of all of the figureheads of Chimera, Ahren was perhaps the most notorious. He abandoned his post after nearly one full year without any explanation. When he returned to Canada well over a year later, he displayed an unstable personality and violent tendencies.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family: de le Poer
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Callow Arc
    2.   4.2  Chimera Arc (Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace)
    3.   4.3  Europe Arc
    4.   4.4  Reconstruction Arc
    5.   4.5  Balefire Arc

1.  Appearance


  • Yuma (#CEC291): primary pelt color.
  • Peat (#716B56): saddle, nape of neck, ear tips, low-lights.
  • Spring Wood (#F8F6F1): underside, arms and legs, tail-tip
  • El Paso (#1E1708): skin.
  • Guardsman Red (#BA0101): eyes.

Though small for a wolf, Ahren was compact and well muscled, even though he leaned towards the skinnier side of healthy. He was an average looking wolf though had a very light coat and teeth that tended to snaggle over his lower lip.

While his coat followed the timber pattern, it was a light blonde and its defining features were the “saddle” pattern on his back, white tipped tail, and dark tipped ears. Another oddity was the fine and nearly translucent guard hair that gives, in the right light, a halo sort of glow. As his Optime form remains constant, Ahren also maintains a crop of hair; shoulder-length and dirty blonde with a black streakin his bangs. His eyes were both red, though the left became blind [1] from an injury. Both his ears and tongue were pierced, and he bore Hastur's sigil [2] tattooed on his chest in faded yellow.

  • Scars
    • Arms: Deep overlaying scars from Iskata Sadira and Noah Sawtoothson.
    • Chest: Combination of jagged crossing scars and brand (tattooed over), courtesy of Iskata Sadira and Misery D'Angelo.
    • Face: Small horizontal scar above left eye caused in a fall.
    • Right Palm: "XII" carved when he was younger.

2.  Personality

A psychopathic, multiple-murdering, schizophrenic with a bizarre sense of humor.

It is likely he suffered from manic depression and schizophrenia, as these traits have been seen in many of his family members. Ahren himself believed he shared his body with an elder god named Azathoth.

3.  Family: de le Poer

4.  History

4.1  Callow Arc

Early childhood

Ahren was born into the cult-pack of Azathoth, which was led by his mother Thavardo. He spent the first three months of his life with the predominantly female group, usually either with his mother, his babysitter Ravyn Stormbringer, or his only playmate, Lillith Stormbringer. Being slightly mad, his mother often displayed conflicting personalities to her son—she would be genuinely caring one moment and then go into a rage the next, often speaking to people who were not there. Despite this, she did her best to raise the boy, and educated him on a wide range of subjects. Her plan was to one day use Ahren to make Azathoth a legitimate pack, and to kill his father. Those plans came crashing down when Damian broke into the church, attacked Ravyn, and made off with the boy.


The man that had kidnapped Ahren claimed to be his father, and having descriptions from his mother, Ahren assumed this was truth. He was given the man’s surname, and kept in hiding for the majority of his first few weeks in the pack. During this time, his father began displaying erratic and often violent outbursts. In one such instance, he struck Ahren so hard that it caused him to become partially colorblind. Despite this, the boy was resilient, and did not show the effects the abuse was having on him—at least, not intentionally. He would appear to be a normal, happy child, and only now and again slip into a stranger, darker personality. As he grew up, Ahren learned to suppress this, and also began showing a knack for political dealings.

In April of 2005, the young man came to his mother’s church, led by what he believed to be a ghost. There, he took his mother’s necklace and crushed her skull. Witness to all of this was Kaena Lykoi, who approached the boy with interest. She was drunk, and Ahren was starting to fall apart at the seams. The two ended up having a masochistic encounter, becoming lovers [3]. On his way back from this, Ahren passed through Nirvana and witnessed Misery kill one of her children, though kept this a secret. A little over a month later, intent on confronting his father about his mother’s murder, Ahren was shocked to find that Damian and Misery had been sleeping together. The two began to argue, and Damian reacted with violence. He beat him to the ground then exiled him, claiming that had he been given the chance, he would have killed Ahren as a boy. Ahren fled Chimera. [4]

For the next two months, Ahren lived in his mother’s church. He began experimenting with alcohol and drugs, developing dangerous addictions to both. One night, while intoxicated on both, a young woman came into the church. Ahren harassed her, and then, realizing who she was, raped her [5]. He continued to show violent tendencies by tormenting strangers, setting cars on fire, and destroying books and furniture in the church. At the end of July, Kaena hit Ahren with a bombshell—she was pregnant.


Kidorah Talik, the then leader of Inferni, did not trust the wolf. She wanted to be certain of his loyalties, and after a discussion on how this should happen, they decide to strike at Chimera’s heart. The three made their way through the city, taking his mother’s bones to mark the scene of the crime, and then Ahren burnt Damian’s most precious cabin to the ground [6]. Only then did Kidorah allow Ahren to stay within the clan, though he was advised that the other members of Inferni might not take so kindly to him. In truth, most of his time was spent away from the shore; Ahren went to find Aiji and tried to convince her to let him be a part of their daughter’s life. She refused, and furious, Ahren took his anger out on a complete stranger—Colibri Soul, who was so upset by his threats that she left the area for a time. He continued to encounter strangers he was connected to, including Kerberos, Chael, and Iskata Sadira.

On August 31st, Kaena gave birth to eight children. Ahren became devoted to them, though more out of necessity then want. He was still filled with internal conflict, and seeing Misery pregnant with his father’s children didn’t help; following this encounter, Ahren broke down crying and carved “XII” into his right palm. Still, he did not allow this to show. Not even when he encountered Misery the following month and she told him his father was dead. While they dreamed up conspiracies, something else was coming to a head. Kaena and Ahren finally ended their relationship in October, though Ahren remained with Inferni in order to help raise their children. Less then a week later, Iskata returned, and this time Ahren almost killed her.

In November, a lone wolf wandered into Inferni. He attacked and killed one of Ahren’s sons, and when Segodi found the blonde with the body, he suspected the worse. Once again, Ahren was exiled from his home. He went to the city, where his cousin, Mab de le Poer, found him. She explained that he was the one that needed to take Chimera, and handed him Damian’s necklace with her blessing, claiming she couldn’t find a better man [7].

4.2  Chimera Arc (Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace)

On November 7th, Ahren returned to Chimera [8]. He explained what had happened, and then laid out his past to let the pack know what they were getting into. The reactions were various, from outright fury to understanding. After this meeting, Ahren spoke to Misery and length about how she needed to react, just to sell their conspiracy. Two days later, Noah Sawtooth came after Ahren. By principle, he hated all rapists, and saw Ahren unfit to lead the pack. The two fought, though before either of the two could kill each other they were broken up.

However, this only set precedence for Ahren’s personal life. He met with Aiji and their daughter, though the two began arguing and in doing so, revealed the truth of their daughter’s conception. His next encounter with one of his offspring was more fruitful—Corona decided to come and live in Chimera. A little more then a week later, Misery tried to kill herself. When Ahren caught her, he took her knife and turned it on himself. The two ended up talking, and Ahren left Chimera temporarily. He took up residence in his mother’s church, and began drinking heavily.

That same night, Segodi wandered into the church. In a fit, Ahren attacked him and would have killed him if not for the coyote explaining he had children. The wolf wandered back upstairs and passed out, though continued with his binge for the next two weeks. It was not until a confrontation with Laruku that Ahren realized he had to go back to Chimera.

After sobering up, the blonde held the first pack meeting since his arrival, though ended it in a huff. A few days after, Ceres Sadira called the leaders of all the packs together, and they spoke about the issues plaguing the land, though it dissolved into an argument before any solution was really reached—Ahren, however, suggested that the packs take up their own laws in order to keep the peace [9]. This idea was accepted, and later put into motion.

Ahren and Aiji attempted to make up, and in doing so wound up having sex. However, their plan to go talk to their daughter was never put into place, and remained unresolved. Slowly, Ahren began to sort out his life, though odd patterns continued. After playing music for his daughter and walking around an art gallery, he set a car on fire.

Slowly, Ahren began to even out. He settled into a pattern, and adapted well to the politician he had been born to be. In February of 2006, a lone wolf attempted to kidnap his daughter. In a fury, Ahren chased him down and beat him nearly to death. His daughter, it seemed, had poor luck—later that same month Ahren’s half-sister, Meth, attacked her. In response, Ahren smacked her around, and nearly strangled her while the two spoke to each other like lunatics while Misery and Corona stood by.

Several days later, Misery killed Adder for attacking her son. Ahren, driven by The Sight, came to her. He agreed to cast a blind eye to the matter. Five days later, Ahren killed for the first time—the man who had slaughtered his son. He ripped out the wolf’s jawbone and carried it with him for over a week before giving it to Kaena, who told him that another of their children had died. Upset, Ahren retreated back to the Concrete Jungle, and to his mother’s church. When Corona found him several weeks later, the two got into a fight regarding Kaena, their family, and then Ahren claimed he had never wanted children. Corona, crushed, ran away to Inferni. Ahren returned to Chimera, and found soon afterwards that his son Conway had killed Ahren’s half-brother, Jude.

After Kaena and Misery found out about Ahren and Corona’s fight, the two came to Ahren separately, though when Misery came she brought Corona back and forced Ahren to apologize. Though their relationship was repaired, Ahren and his daughter would never be as close as they once were.

At the end of April, Mab and her new mate, Bowie, returned to Chimera and gave the pack a horse. This brought the pack together again, and they built a barn. Chimera had taken a step in another unique direction, though Ahren continued to roam far and wide. One such incident took him out to the abandoned highway, where he fell asleep in a truck and then met Akumu, the leader of Syemv. He also pierced a child-hood friend, Konane.

It was the 21st that changed everything. Meth de le Poer, driven mad by her own blood, kidnapped her mother and planned to kill her. Ahren and Corona went after the two, and found that Meth intended to burn Misery alive. While Ahren rescued Misery, Corona winded up fighting with Meth—and locked her in the burning house . Thus, another of Ahren’s half-siblings left the world.

The next day, to clear his head, Ahren went riding on the beach. It was here he met Matinee D’Angelo, a gypsy who offered to read his fortune. When the two saw each other next, he invited her to stay in Chimera, which she accepted. In July, they began a romantic relationship. A week later, they attempted to hold a séance—this backfired, and in doing so, Matinee awoke the demon that lived within Ahern. She never told him about the incident.

When a vicious storm struck, Ahren and Revlis wound up going to his den to talk. Ahren chastised him for having an infected paw, taught him how to make fire, and then promoted him to gamma.

In August, Ahren found that his son, Gabriel, whom had been presumed dead, was alive. They spoke at length, and then parted. Not too long after, Jade, a young woman in the pack, got into an argument with Ahren who bluntly told her to take it or leave it, and she chose to leave. That same night, Ahren found a completely smashed Laruku wandering through Chimera. He helped him back to Clouded Tears, though in doing so, the two stumbled and Tsunami, Laruku’s then-lover, caught them in a precarious pose and assumed the worst.

For the remainder of the month, Ahren spent his time with his children and packmates, and the horses. On the anniversary of Damian’s death (perhaps to spite him) Ahren and Matinee became mates. A week later, he found Misery had brought another relative into the pack—a young boy named Gin, who only knew how to speak German. Though annoyed, he knew she had made the right decision.

Ahren held one final meeting for Chimera. Then, on the first of October, he and his family left Chimera. He said goodbye to Revlis, promoted him to alpha, and headed off for reasons he did not explain.

4.3  Europe Arc

The de le Poer's and their in-laws traveled to France, where they moved into a castle known as Exham Priory. The first few months they settled into the place, establishing themselves in the area and beginning to raise the children that Ahren and Matinee had just brought into the world. Things remained happy and content as the children grew, despite minor scraps they had. Everything changed, however, as Jasper de le Poer one night came into his parents' bedroom and began to play with Ahren's matches. He accidentally set their bed on fire (while they were in it), and furious, Ahren struck his son hard enough to hurl him across the room. This infuriated Matinee, and the two broke into a vicious argument before she grabbed some of her things and left.

Ahren sunk into a depression, and began drinking heavily once more. One by one, his children began to leave the castle until only one remained--Draco, who had begun to see his father for what he truly was. As the alcohol took hold of him, Ahren grew increasingly erratic and violent. Eventually, his cousin confronted him and told him that he had to leave. She gave him a skeleton key, symbolizing that the castle would be open to him should he reform his ways. Ahren took off, and wandered Western Europe for several weeks, slipping in and out of awareness of his own actions. Ahren killed eight men while going from town to town, and eventually got a job on a ship. It was here he got his hair dread-locked, by a hybrid named Vienna Havazik. When the ship docked in a French port town, Ahren found a familiar face--Misery D'Angelo, whom had since had several children. Before the ship left port, Misery made her way onboard and convinced Ahren that they should return to Bleeding Souls. Reluctantly, he agreed.

4.4  Reconstruction Arc

After more then a year, Ahren and Misery returned to Bleeding Souls. Laruku greeted them, though his split personality, Ryoujoku, had taken over. He mocked the two, but accepted them into the pack. Now older, and grumpier, the two then built themselves a small shack in Clouded Tears while complaining about what they had seen in the area—specifically, that Chimera had folded under without their presence.

Ten days later, Jasper appeared in Clouded Tears. He elected to live away from his father, and built a tree-house for himself. Later on, Ahren found Laruku and spoke to him, finding that his friend had indeed developed a split personality as he had assumed. Jasper, Ahren soon found, was not the only person who had crossed over the sea—Poe, who had been separated from the group when they went to France, had returned to Bleeding Souls after a year of piracy (on the same ship Ahren later sailed on himself).

Ahren began to try and reconcile a relationship with Laruku, and they spoke as they used to, though this time it was Laruku who was sinking into depression. At the same point, Misery seemed to be losing her mind, and soon vanished without a trace. Not long after this, Ahren found Gabriel, and found that Kaena had left the lands once more. They spoke about this, their family, their own relationship and Ahren reminded his son that if he needed anything, he would be there.

At the same point, Ahren was attempting to develop a relationship with his other son, Jasper. He soon realized that he was not the only one with younger kids running around—Laruku, as it turned out, had three children with Kaena. The same day he met one of these children, Arkham, his own daughter, Corona, appeared in the lands. Their relationship was still far from healed.

Depression began to sink in, and Ahren fell back into old habits. He returned to his mother’s church and shot up heroin for the first time in months. Laruku, drunk, found him and the two ended up falling asleep next to each other. A few days later, Laruku called a pack meeting to talk about the previous year—and when Ahren turns the question back on Laruku after becoming defensive, it results in Rachias, Laruku’s daughter, becoming upset when her father says nothing important occurred. Ahren went after her, and offered her a temporary home.

A week later, Poe and Ahren found each other by the ocean and spoke a little and made love. The following day, Laruku and Ahren spoke though the conversation made the latter uncomfortable and caused him to leave. For the rest of the month, Ahren began to use heavily again, and in February, hit a breaking point [10]. He attempted to kill himself, but Laruku stopped him. The next day, he returned to his mother’s church, cut off his dreadlocks, and burnt the place to the ground [11]. Laruku found him, and the two spent the rest of the night drinking before they slept together. The morning after Ahren was distant and seemed remarkably disturbed by the incident.

For the next month, Ahren met stranger and some people who were not so unfamiliar-namely, his daughter Anya and Anathra, a former packmember. One night, while he and Laruku were speaking, the two ended up falling asleep. When this happened, their minds once again crossed, and Ahren’s personal demon came out of the dream—and attempted to kill his friend. This perturbed Laruku, who left that night.

On April 1st, Ahren’s son Gabriel started a fire that consumed Bleeding Souls whole. As Ahren attempted to flee Clouded Tears, he found Laruku awaiting his death. Unwilling to let this happen, he dragged him out—and in doing so, damaged his left eye and lost sight in it. Ahren found Jasper and they loaded Laruku into the boy’s wagon, made their way through a tunnel and to the other side of the mountain [12].

4.5  Balefire Arc

The trio cut through a tunnel they found in the mountain, a place that was full of stale air and cramped cars. They reached the other side long before the fire burnt out, and long before the others began to cross down the mountain. For nearly two weeks they remained near the mountain, and it was during this time that Laruku finally heard the demon inside of Ahren speak. Shortly after this, the small group moved further into the lands, seeking a place to stay. Ahren found his first daughter, Anya, and saved her from a ferocious cougar attack (though in doing so, gained several scars on his chest and shoulders).

Realizing then he was unable to protect himself in such situations, Ahren went out hunting for a crossbow to replace the one he had lost in the fire. After getting lost in the city, Poe D’Angelo found him and the two were trilled to be reunited. For the rest of the month, Ahren busied himself with exploring and settling into the area. In June, Jasper came to his father and revealed that he had been raped not once, but twice. Furious, Ahren went after the people responsible. He threatened Lucifer, and then attacked and broken Deuce’s arm. Something was changing in him, even though he did not fully realize it then.

The next two meetings Ahren had were both enlightening—the first was with Jasper’s boyfriend, Laurent Nanako, and the second with his second cousin, Anselm de le Poer. Not three days later did Ahren begin to sink into depression, and found his comfort in Laruku. For more then two weeks after the fact, Ahren travelled the highway in the southwest. He got into fights with strangers, killing two of them, and returned without explanation.

On his way back home, Ahren stopped in the city. It was here he came across Conri Church, whom he recognized as Hollow Nothing’s son. After talking briefly, Ahren convinced the boy that violence was the best course of action and armed him with a baseball bat. When he returned to the Dampwoods, it became apparent that something was desperately wrong with his son. With no where else to take him, Ahren went to Esper Hollow, where Laurent was staying. He left his son there and returned to gather a few of his things, only to find that Laruku was sick as well. After carrying him back to Esper Hollow, Ahren stayed there for three days before the disease took hold of him as well. He attacked Laurel, the leader of the pack, and was so violent that Laurel was forced to lock him in a storage shed. For the next several weeks, Ahren slipped in and out of reality, displaying the same violent tenancies. By the time his daughter, Corona, managed to find a cure, the disease had helped warp the blonde's mind further. In early August, Deuce came to Esper Hollow, unaware that her attacker was a residence. When Ahren found her, he chased her down and attempted to kill her. She escaped, and Ahren resumed living as if nothing had ever happened. Despite these outbreaks, Ahren seemed sane around his friends and family.

Esper Hollow disbanded in November, leaving Ahren homeless once again. He began to realize that something had broken and could not be fixed. Without any real explanation, he burnt down both cabins in the former Esper Hollow territory [13]. This mania did not end there; Corona was another witness to a separate incident. After one final meeting with Poe, whom managed to say goodbye without ever vocalizing these words, Ahren understood what he had to do. Returning to the the Dampwoods revealed that Laruku had been just barely surviving. Quietly, Ahren told the hybrid he had come to the cabin to kill him. Laruku did not object. Ahren traveled to the city and took morphine from the hospital, and on his way back came across Iskata. Realizing, suddenly, the truth of Azathoth's existence, Ahren cornered her in a bear cave. She was mauled viciously as he fled, willing to accept this as revenge [14].

It was snowing by the time Ahren returned to the cabin. He settled inside and shot Laruku up with the morphine, effectively causing him to overdose [15]. After doing this, he committed suicide and set the cabin to burn [16].