Tobin de le Poer

Tobin de le Poer spent very little of his time in Bleeding Souls. He lived mostly in Spain with his pet Katka. Played by Sonia.

Tobin de le Poer

Tobin, by Kiri
BirthdayNovember 1, 2007
Subspecies100% Canis lupus nubilus
Birth placeExham Priory, France


Reference Image by Kiri A mixture of hues, Tobin has naturally abandoned the golden sand color of his youth. He is a mix of ambers and golds, topped with black. Born with darker areas around his eyes, the boy gives off a mystic, alluring appearance. His eyes are a deep garnet, and are very seldom warm and friendly.


Born to a pair of runaway lovers, Tobin was quickly forgotten among his many siblings. When his mother left and his father abandoned them, Tobin attempted to run away using a pair of horses his family had bred. He was caught by his aunt Crypt, who took him to Spain where he finished growing up. Stemming from his mother's utter failure as a caregiver, Tobin has a certain dislike of females and views them as inferior to males. The only exceptions are his own sisters, and the lovely Katka, the most ironic point of his life.

When he left his Aunt in Spain, leaving her to rule her pack, he discovered a large village of sophisticated shifters. He lived there, in Belleza, he found an infatuation in the young Baronesa who had inherited the estate from her father at his death. They wed, and he became the Baron, or Vizconde. He did not love his wife though, and was still to young to father any children by her. Eventually, she left the court and he assumed Spain, only furthering his disappointment in females.

The only redemption he has found at all is in his pet Katka. Katka and her sister Mariska came to him as an treat from a diplomat. Tobin was so enamored by Katka's precision at carrying out his orders that he sold Mariska, her sister, in order to buy Katka's collar. That tied them together, Master and Pet, for eternity. Or at least, until Tobin chose otherwise.

The two lived happily until Tobin finally decided to chase down his demons. With enough money though his title and also from offering Katka to local royalties, the two set out to return to France where his family had settled and he had been born. When no sign of his parents could be found he decided to take Katka to America and find his family's roots.


Please see the D'Angelo or de le Poer family pages for more information.





He has always been strict and in general, unloving, thanks largely to the abandonment he suffered from his parents. He does not trust women especially because of his mother and his wife leaving him. When he was offered two Russian women as slaves he accepted them, eventually selling off one of the girls to raise enough profit to purchase the binding collar for Katka. She became his pet exclusively, and though he is very fond of her and finds her beautiful, he keeps his emotions in check. He loves her in a certain way, but not so much as a romantic soul mate. The collar he chose for her is beautiful and delicate black pearls suspended from a glistening silver set with rhinestones. Since collaring Katka he has not taken another pet, but does not abstain from the pet trade. He does train and sell slaves, and takes pride in having others request that Katka teaches their girls how to properly behave.

Reference Image, Katka, by Kiri

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