Esper Hollow


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Esper Hollow

Colours(#5E8F77) & (#D2D376)
Founded ByLaurel Booth & Nikita Eirisa
Founded OnJuly 21 2008
Defunct Onc. October 28 2008

Past Leadership

Former LeadersLaurel Booth, Nikita Eirisa

Esper Hollow is that retarded pack that doesn't have ranks unlike the rest of Souls and no one will join it because it's full of mostly the crusty old folks and some other crap I totally forgot while I started to write this. They are the gypsy pack and probably nothing more than a bunch of closet gays and drunks. The end.

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  3.   3.  History
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    2.   3.2  Distemper
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1.  Territory

Nestled between the hills, trees, meadows, and the ghastly fog of the central forests, Esper Hollow lays claim to one particular lake exclusive to Dans l‘Obscurité within Ethereal Eclipse. Deep within the territory one would find an assortment of anything from lean-tos to tents and maybe even the occasional well built cabin. Like the nature of the gypsy band who inhabit the forest, it has a sense about it that is light and airy, almost carefree. At the same time it possesses something eerie as well, more than likely harbouring its own unspoken secrets.

2.  Members

2.1  Previous Members

3.  History

3.1  Pre-founding & Early History

Esper Hollow's history stems from two different histories that converged into one. Laurel Booth spent a good many years travelling across various countries in ruin in one gypsy band or another. Occasionally he ended up in a pack of some sort and it was during little stints like that in which he met Laurent Nakado. The two genuinely hit it off and befriended one another, hoping and halfway promising that they would one day meet again. Some time down the road in another gypsy band he came across the fiery and young Nikita Eirisa and over the next year formed quite a bond with her. When he eventually grew tired of the banter of the troupe he was with, Laurel went on his way and Nikita followed and the pair set out on a whim to the north. Eventually that wandering led them to Halifax and there on one of its many city streets, the two crossed paths with Laurent again.

But a couple of days prior to the two old friends meeting up, Laurel and Nikita scoped out just where they would be settling for the time being; a lake nestled in the hills and trees, resting on the cusp between the meadows and mountains of the eastern coast. The forest, overgrown from decades of being left alone by man had taken on an eerie, almost ethereal and ghastly feel to it. Occasionally dense with fog, there was something intimate about the place that left a sense of a temporary home and thus gained the name of Esper Hollow.

So with the two friends reunited, Laurel did not hesitated to inform Laurent of his plans once he discovered that his old friend was not settled anywhere in particular. From there, Jasper de le Poer was introduced into the mix only hours later, as was Zephyr le Bach?, who stumbled across the now four-canine troupe briefly discussing their options and what needed to be done. He too was wrapped up into the mix and once returning to the dark wood of the forest, the birth of Esper Hollow finalized itself into the history of ‘Souls. [1][2][3]

3.2  Distemper

The short version of this is that Jasper de le Poer got into some funky water, which for whatever reason gave him a mutated version of distemper. Jasper made some stew using this water, and shared this with Laruku Tears. And then Jasper got sick, and then Laruku got sick. Ahren de le Poer, took his son to Esper Hollow and made racket for Laurel Booth to come help at which point they dumped them in Laurent Nakado's shack. Not long after this, Ahren de le Poer began showing signs of the sickness, and was confined against his will in the tool shed of the shack [4]. Eventually everyone got better, though Laruku was blinded by his illness and it is likely the fever drove Ahren mad.

3.3  Disbanding

Following the illness, a general lack of membership contributed to the downfall of Esper Hollow; canines were wary of the place, as they believed it had made the other canines ill. As most of the canines living in Esper were pretty nomadic to begin with, following the illness everyone pretty much just up and left. Months after this, Ahren de le Poer returned to the old territory and burnt the shack which had confined the sick to the ground. [5].

4.  Culture

Esper Hollow was really laid-back. They didn't have ranks or something and they were pretty humanized.

4.1  Important Families

5.  Pack Relationships


— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

5.1  Active Packs


As Laurel Booth and Nikita Eirisa were coyotes and Ahren de le Poer spent some time there, these packs entertained a pretty good relationship with one another. Ahren de le Poer was technically a member of Esper Hollow when he fought alongside Inferni in the First Dahlian War. As Esper Hollow was pretty coyote and hybrid friendly, following the demise of the pack, Vexx headed to Inferni. Later, Jasper de le Poer becomes an Inferni member despite being a wolf; he is Gabriel de le Poer's half-brother.

Crimson Dreams

Crimson Dreams and Esper Hollow were only around simultaneously for about a month? :O

Dahlia de Mai

Dahlia de Mai and Esper Hollow rarely communicated. However, during the First Dahlian War, Ahren de le Poer joined Inferniā€™s side temporarily in one of the great battles. While some might have cared back then, no one does now.

Phoenix Valley

Esper Hollow didn't mind Phoenix Valley—while they weren't pretty close, Esper Hollow's laid-back nature didn't give rise to conflict.

5.2  Inactive — 'Souls


Nothing to see here — the packs never had anything to do with each other and Insieme was one of the short lived packs that struggled to bloom after the fire.

Shadowed Sun

Esper Hollow and Shadowed Sun got along just fine—while they weren't pretty close, Esper Hollow's laid-back nature didn't give rise to conflict.

Twilight Vale

These two packs were only around at the same time for a short while; nothing really happened between them.

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