Vienna Havazik

Vienna Havazik

by Hannah




Date of Birth

August 22 2005




Neutral Evil





Bécsi (her name in Hungarian)


Capital of Austria






Birth place





50% Northeastern Coyote
50% Tundra Wolf




Pack Ranks
Syemv Puppy
Inferni ??

Vienna "Bécsi" Havazik was born into Syemv, but later ran away to become a pirate. She returned and joined Inferni briefly, but later left after partnering up with a pirate named Zachary Moran?. They are currently sailing regular trips between the African coast and Mediterranean.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Family: Mogotsi
  4.   4.  History

1.  Appearance


  • Arrowtown (#948771): primary pelt color.
  • Driftwood (#AF8751): accents.
  • Akaroa (#D4C4A8): underside, legs.
  • Shadow (#837050): hair.
  • Gothic (#6D92A1): eyes.

Large like her mother, Vienna was on the upper-end of the coyote charts. She was none the less thin and very leggy, though well muscled. One rarely found Vienna in any shape save her Optime, as her dreadlocks did not suit shifting. Overall, though, Vienna is a very well blended mix of wolf and coyote and could reasonably pass for either species.

2.  Personality

Vienna spent the first half of her life believing her mother had abandoned her, convincing herself of this fact when even her father did not accept her. She became very cold because of this, though such a temper served her well while sailing. Extremely disciplined, Vienna is business first and relaxation later...though once she lets her hair down, she's got a hundred-thousand stories to tell and loves doing such a thing.

3.  Family: Mogotsi

4.  History

Vienna was born into Syemv, and spent her childhood there. Her mother abandoned the pack and (presumably) took her two siblings with her, leaving the young girl to grapple with abandonment. After becoming convinced no one wanted her, Vienna left the area and found her way south. She convinced a Captain to allow her passage on his ship, hoping to get to Europe and try and track down her mother.

Instead, Vienna fell in love with the sea. She worked on the ship and spent several months traveling up and down the Western coast of Africa, even venturing into the interior and having a few, admittedly, frightful encounters there. When she did make it into Europe, she failed miserably at tracking down her mother but picked up on her native Hungarian.

She returned to Inferni to find her father, and remained there for a time. Eventually, though, her wanderlust was rekindled thanks to a chance meeting. A man named Zachary Moran? spoke of his own ship and crew and Vienna, smitten, decided to join him. The two had a whirlwind romance while on the run from representatives of the British "Law", but eventually eliminated these accusers and began acting as privateers.

Vienna had two children that also work on the ship, though she believes they might one day seek out her birthplace out of curiosity.

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