Jesile Mogotsi

Jesile Mogotsi

Jesile by Manda?

PronunciationJES-ahyl muh-GOT-see
Birthdate4 June 2007
Age1 year
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus

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Joined?? 2008

Jesile is made of fail. :|


Staggeringly tall in comparison to the average coyote, but quite lean, making his physique ultimately unimpressive. Typical coyote fur patterns of rich bronze, tawny and gray with an off-white underbelly, and inquisitive — though weary — champagne-coloured eyes. Jesile bears no scarring, able to escape his foes with convenient agility and astonishing dexterity. His features are strikingly similar to his father and he could potentially be mistaken for him from a distance despite obviously differing scent. In Ortus form, careless ash-blonde hair falls to his jawline.


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