BirthdayApril 29th, 1986
LocationOttawa, Ontario
OccupationProfessional Volunteer
Hippie Hobo

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1.  About

Hannah was born under a dull little rock on the Canadian Shield. She grew up telling herself that there were much cooler things out there than this rock, and constructed a wild fantasy world in her head to keep up her hopes of such things. Twenty-two years later, and several wild, vivid adventures far away from this rock, she is still kind of attached to this fantasy world, which explains why she has spent so much of her life roleplaying.

Hannah is also legally blind (due to genetic Optic Nerve Atrophy) and recovering from five years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her body hates her, but she tries to love it up with healthy yummies and yoga anyway.

In early December 2008, Hannah will be moving to the Central American rainforests and leaving 'Souls forever, which kind of sucks monkey butt. But it's been far too wonderful a stint to complain, so she tries not to.

2.  Contact

  • AIM: PaperSlinky
  • deviantART: Pixae

3.  Roleplaying

Hannah began roleplaying at Bleeding Souls in June 2005 with Poe D'Angelo, due to Kahilli's nagging. Due to excruciatingly slow post-rates and a fear of commitment, Hannah has never tried having two characters at once.

3.1  Active Characters

3.2  Inative Characters

4.  Artistic

In the tide of artistic fits and spurts, Hannah has drawn a number of 'Souls characters. For those interested in requesting something for their own character, please use the 'Souls personal messenger to ask Hannah about it. Be aware that there are many varying factors to a reply and result, including how well she knows the inquirer, how many requests she has piled up, and how visually unique your character is. The atmospheric pressure and current sea levels are just as likely to get her going to make her stall though, so be patient regardless.