Poe D'Angelo

Poe D'Angelo

Poe D'Angelo, by Hannah
Date of BirthApril 1st, 2005
Date of DeathDecember 26th, 2008
Subspecies75% Canis lupus occidentalis ortus
25% Canis lupus columbianus ortus
Birth placeChimera, Bleeding Souls
'Souls Profile

Poe is a ho.

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    2.   3.2  Platonic Friendships
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  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms

1.  History

Poe's history is long, rambly, and often off-board. This is in progress now, though. :

1.1  Early childhood

Born in Chimera to Misery D'Angelo, Poe was the youngest of her small litter, following Rune and Samhain D'Angelo. The three were conceived by rape, inflicted by the notorious Salvaged Eternity whom Rune had a strong phsyical resemblance to, leading Misery to kill him before almost anyone was aware he existed at all. Despite the dark roots that she stemmed from, and the fact that she was sickly small, Poe had a pleasant and loving early childhood in the haunted woods. Accompanied by her remaining brother, and often her older cousin, Roman D'Angelo, Poe grew up sheltered and blissfully naive in a world of imagination and play.

In the summer following their birth, the training wheels came off and Misery explained their origins to the two pups, as well as her recent mateship to the pack's alpha, Damian de le Poer?[1]. The ripples that were caused in the conversation's wake were still going strong by the time that Damian passed away, and Misery announced that she was pregnant, leading Poe to distance herself from the family and test the bounderies that she had been protected from before. This led her to nearly drown twice[2][3], and later, to fall down a small cliff to lay unconscious for two weeks[4]. Distraught with the unwilled changes and uncertain of herself, Poe was generally just really angsty for the months that led up to an encounter with her grandfather that would prove that she had had little to complain about.

1.2  Khalif stuffs

In search of Misery, Sukan D'Angelo?, her father, came across Poe on the western borders of Chimera. After a scuffle, he kidnapped Poe instead of Misery, and led her across Canada to British Columbia, the home of the Khalif pack. This deeply religious pack, based on a light/dark theme that led to the sacrifice of black-furred members, planned on burning Poe in the same fashion that they had intended for Misery before her escape years before. Poe too managed to escape the fate with the assistance of a sympathetic pack member with whom Poe planned on returning to Chimera with. Their plan went awry though, leading to Poe's rape and the disappearance and likely death of her savior.

Wounded and frightened, Poe took refuge with a small, nomadic pack. There, she became intimate friends with their apprentice apothecary. But her old home and family kept her moving eastward, to another nomadic pack in which she befriended several interesting characters, many of which were musically or alcoholically inclined, budding an appreciation for both within the growing D'Angelo. Eventually all paths led to Bleeding Souls again, but it wasn't long before she hit the road again.

1.3  Elsewhere

Shortly after returning to Chimera, the closest ties that she carried there decided to leave the lands. Family won over familiarity, and she followed the clan south where they briefly settled before their sights were set overseas to France. But as the boat was being loaded, Poe had a freak accident that kept her from boarding. In the hustle and bustle of the group's boarding, her disappearance went unnoticed until it was too late, and she was left behind to find her own means of transportation. Determined not to lose those she had travelled the continent for, Poe boarded the next available oceanbound ship, captained by Zachary Moran?. Destined for Africa, Poe transfered to a ship of mutts in Senegal that were supposedly destined for western Europe. This did not prove to be entirely the case, and Poe was instead taken through the Mediterranean until she left for foot in Italy. With a small deviation with an enchanting astronomer, Poe finally made her way to France, only to find that the tightly knit group she had been perusing had unravelled. A little worse for wear, but enlightened no matter, Poe finally boarded one final boat and returned to Bleeding Souls for the last time.

1.4  Back to Bleeding Souls

It took little time before Poe vividly saw that a great deal had changed on these lands during her month abroad. In the forefront of this was the death of her friend Hollow Nothing. Tipping back and forth on the pillar of her world-gained confidence while spending all too much time alone for the socially oriented personality she had, Poe took to drinking a great deal and spending more time walking through the cityscape. But when Luz Cresceno, the dreamy, wise-eyed astronomer of her past returned to these lands, Poe fell heavily into her arms. A romance began to bloom, only to be unceremoniously abandoned by the commitment-phobe the night that she admitted the swelling emotions. After weeks of stubborn and distraught solitude, it became clear that she thoroughly stomped out hope for either one of them, leaving Luz to move on in nomadic grace.

The alcohol-dampened and removed lifestyle that grew out of the love-lost was interrupted by a single night of sensual comfort with her old friend, Ahren de le Poer?. The piece of solid ground that she found in this friendship remained Poe's sole tie to the land before a fire swallowed everything up, and forced her, like all others, to flee to the west.

1.5  Bleeding on to 'Souls

Strange dreams of her deceased friend Hollow found a regularity and bizarre vividness shortly after Poe settled into the new lands. Conversations and impossible glimpses into the past insisted that these were more than just dreams, and so, deeply rooted fears and habits created denial and distractions from the insightful hauntings.

2.  Personality

Poe takes great pleasure out of being sinful and tantalizing the senses at every given opportunity. She believes in living for yourself, drinking in as much of the good as possible, and peacefully moving on when time is up. This can be destructive, despite her belief that it is pure awesome and has always worked for her (PS - it hasn't). But it keeps her chipper and cheerful, all except for her angsty inner child, but who needs them?

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family Members

For the full cluster of 'Souls characters that Poe is related to, view the family tree, or see the D'Angelo or Eternity family pages for more information.

The Chimeran D'Angelo Family; October 2006

Poe, Samhain, Rift, Misery, Jude, Roman, Meth

Once a Momma's Girl, when Poe took off her rose-coloured glasses, she struggled to maintain a consistent or smooth relationship with her mother. Bitterness and self-resentment riddle their rare conversations, but time and space helped to sooth those old wounds, and left them just a little disconnected, but caring of one another no less.
Inseperable in early youth, the twins had a very yin-yang fit with each other, although it was never quite clear who was the yin and who was the yang, with secret thoughts and wishes hidden below both contrasting surfaces. After Poe was kidnapped by their grandfather, their lives made a drastic split away from each other, never to fully collide again.
Murdered by their mother shortly after birth for his paternal resemblance, Rune was a littermate to Samhain and Poe. Due to some lingering awareness of this second brother, or a bond unbroken by a life too thin to see its beginning or end, Poe maintained a very quiet belief in his ongoing presence on the periphery of her life.
With a bond more like a big brother to Poe, this cousin was a warm and constant presence in her childhood, indulging her fantastic stories and adventures throughout Chimera. As time and events passed, their bond loosened and eventually faded into a mere memory.
Believing Poe to be little more (or perhaps less) than the clone of his daughter, Misery, Sukan abused and ridiculed Poe over the journey to his evangelical pack. Such treatment was a first for Poe, and while she played the defiant child with him for so long, it was only a matter of time before she learned that the painful and humiliating consequences were not worth the role she tried on.
Although Poe did not once meet her father during her lifetime, she sustained a morbid, secretive fascination for him despite the atrocity that gave them any connection whatsoever.

3.2  Platonic Friendships

Her first friend beyond blood relations, Poe and Physe found a connection through some ray of cheerfulness in the ghastly forests that they shared once as Chimeran wolves.
Quirky in a way that Poe had yet to encounter before the colourful-haired girl came along, Poe was immediately, although innocently (enough) smitten with Ana. They enjoyed many afternoons of girly chattering, mild flirting, and plenty of wine.
His outlandishness proved to be something of admiration to Poe from the first of their sporadic encounters over the years. The comfort (even cockiness) that he led his steps wih was undoubtedly an inspiration for her own stride.
Quiet and hard, Nikita was both a challenge and a joy for Poe to try to 'break into'. Not to mention that her music could enchant a siren herself.
Gregarious and independent, Laurel made both the perfect friend and leader in Poe's eyes. His flirtations, musical talent and stash of alcohol only happened to be delightful cherries on top of the cake.

3.3  Romantic Friendships

  • Willa Marian
The soft-natured healer of a nomadic pack, Poe found the most genuine kindness that she had known in Willa's care. Whether it was Poe's broken, youthful vulnerability or the gentle, consuming nature of Willa, lingering touches and long, whispering nights helped Poe come out of the broken shell that she had come to hide under, and find a steady foot both figuratively and literally.
  • Jeck Proof
Wild and cheeky, Jeck subscribed to the more 'modernized' lifestyle, with a great appreciation for all things human. A bit of an alcoholic, but all the more a musician in his moments, he brought laughter into Poe's belly and a talent to her hands in the form of a blue-painted fiddle. He also showed her, very casually, other things that human-shaped hands and bodies could play.
Sailors of the
  • Tango Ridgeback

4.  Skills

  • Lobster-fishing
  • Sewing
  • Hoing it up
  • Fiddling, once upon a time
  • Dancing
  • Working with human stuffs

5.  Appearance

Black fur, yellow-green eyes, short and big-bummed.

5.1  Luperci Forms


Poe was traumatized and then humanized. This is all she uses, and it is usually clothed.

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