Nyika Mogotsi

Nyika Mogotsi

Nyika Mogotsi, by Sace
Name Meaning"Earth"
Name OriginEgyptian
Date of Birth27 August 2005
Age> 3 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeHell's Coast
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Previous Pack


Joining date27 August 2005
Previous RanksPuppy, Novem, Imperium
SignificancePuppy, Member

Nyika Mogotsi is the daughter of Kidorah Talik and Segodi Mogotsi and was born alongside her siblings, Hadiya, Ramla, and Tedros in Hell's Coast.

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  2.   2.  Personality
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    2.   2.2  Dislikes
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  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  History

Nyika was born in Inferni I. She grew up surrounded by her family, going on adventures with her brother, Tedros, and learning things from her parents. Soon, Hybrid Holocaust joins the family as an adopted son. She meets Phasma Kiles, someone that she will eventually come to look up to as a role model and an almost motherly figure. Zorish and her begin a rather philosophical friendship, one that has a profound effect on the way that Nyika thinks.

Kidorah leaves Inferni, and Segodi is left as leader. Nyika is struck fairly deep by her mother's departure, and runs to find Phasma, who consoles her and takes her mind off the frustration the young coyote feels. Both Tedros and Nyika meet Atlas, and their adopted sister, Faolin Mogotsi.

Before teaching Nyika how to shift, Segodi gives her a crystal necklace that she wears to this day.

For two months, Nyika disappears before returning to Inferni. She returns and finds her father, brother, and, to her surprise, her mother. After such a long time, Nyika finds Zorish, who is at the time planting a garden. The two canines share a few tender moments and their usual thoughts as they work together to plant some flowers in a few haphazard rows.

Faolin returns to Inferni, and is found by Nyika on the borders of Inferni.

A wolf named Phoenix, who has telepathic powers, gives Zorish a few moments of sight, and Nyika meets them and Phasma on the beach. The blind wolf sees Nyika for the first time (and last), an event that is forever imprinted on the girl's mind. It is Zorish that she runs to two months later, when she accepts that Tedros and Segodi are gone, and is greatly consoled.

Kaena, taking over Inferni leadership for Segodi, makes it clear that she will get back the land that Kidorah had given to Syemv. Nyika worries for Phasma and Zorish. Faolin leaves again, while Tedros returns. The two siblings bake a cake, and Nyika takes part of it to the Syemv house, hoping to find one of her friends. Zorish is there, and she tells him about Kaena's plans. They sit together and completely forget about the cake.

Nyika does not rejoin Inferni after the fire. Where did she go?

2.  Personality

As a young coyote, Nyika was optimistic and eager to please. She enjoyed exploring and learning things, but what she found truly valuable was the relationships she formed, especially within her family. Nyika struggled to make relationships work, and was hurt when relationships were not the way she imagined they should be.


sunrise, morning, the ocean.

2.2  Dislikes

dragonflies, conflict, tension, violence,

2.3  Favorite haunts

Lightning Bay, Inferni I

3.  Relationships


  • parents
    • Kidorah Talik (f, unknown)
    • Segodi Mogotsi (m, unknown)
  • littermates
    • Tedros Talik (m, alive)
    • Hadiya Mogotsi (f, stillborn)
    • Ramla Mogotsi (f, stillborn)
  • half siblings — Empathy Havazik
    • Moscow Havazik (m, alive)
    • Sicily Havazik (f, alive)
    • Vienna Havazik (f, alive)
  • adopted siblings — Asphyxia Holocaust
    • Faolin Mogotsi (f, alive)
    • Hybrid Holocaust (m, alive)
  • family
  • Mogotsi


Nyika's closest friend was likely her brother, Tedros. However, when both Tedros and Segodi disappeared from Inferni, she found great solace in the presence of Zorish Russo, someone she would consider a great friend and would admit having feelings for.

Tedros Talik, Segodi Mogotsi, Kidorah Talik, Zorish Russo, Atlas, Gale, Faol Mogotsi, Conway de le Poer, Phasma Kiles


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4.  Skills

Kidorah taught Nyika how to fish, and Segodi taught her how to read. She practiced these skills, and learned a few things from the human books to be found in the Concrete Jungle.

5.  Appearance

Fur: color tawny coat, speckled with dark browns and reds. creamy chin, chest and underbelly.

Eye color: soft caramel.

Size: slender & relatively small.

Jewlery: a crystal necklace given to her by Segodi (06/10/06).

Tattoo: a small rune symbol, pointing downwards, on the inside of her right hind leg. (image&meaning)