The Mogotsi Family

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  1.   1.  Packs
  2.   2.  First Generation
  3.   3.  Second Generation
    1.   3.1  Other Mogotsi
  4.   4.  Non-Blood "Family"

Mogotsi Family Statistics

Total Members—14
Surviving Members—12
Active Members—0

Mogotsi Family Foundation

First Member Location—Inferni
First Member Date—~ 2004
First Member Name—Segodi Mogotsi
First Birth Location—Inferni
Founding Parents—Kidorah Talik & Segodi Mogotsi
Founding Birth Children—Nyika Mogotsi, Tedros Talik, {-Ramla Mogotsi?, Hadiya Mogotsi?
Founding Birth Date—27 August 2005

Mogotsi Family Extinction

Last Members —Jesile Mogotsi
Extinction Date —~2008

Mogotsi Family Tree

The Mogotsi family was a family of coyotes around from a period of roughly 2005 up until 2008, concentrated in 2005 and 2006. Segodi Mogotsi led Inferni for some time, and he had children with the previous leader of the clan, Kidorah Talik.

1.  Packs

  • Inferni — Well, they're coyotes, what do you expect? ;P

The parent that contributes the Mogotsi genes is bolded.

2.  First Generation

3.  Second Generation

3.1  Other Mogotsi

4.  Non-Blood "Family"

Segodi Mogotsi adopted Hybrid Holocaust and Faolin Mogotsi from their abusive parents. Faolin took his name, and later went on to have two litters, the second of whom carry on the name: Talitha de le Poer and Ezekiel de le Poer, then Sylvia Odessa Mogotsi and Niklaus Gabriel Mogotsi?. Faolin's grandchildren Priest de le Poer, Vermilion Massacre Ulrich, and Cernunnos Winters thus far have not carried the Mogotsi name, and may be unaware of the family tie.

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