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October 31 2001



Misery D'Angelo


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Of the angels






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Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf




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Current rank Omega lol


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Chimera (I)
Dawn of time till doom

Misery D'Angelo is a former member of Chimera and the head of the gigantic D'Angelo name. She currently reigns as a kind of living God over the Khalif, and has begun sending her descendants into the world, specifically to Salsola, for various reasons. She is plotting something on the sacred mountain of the Khalif, and intents to herald great changes before her impending death.

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1.  Simple Appearance

Ghost white, quite thin, gold green eyes. Numerous scars on her hands and a large one on her right leg, a triskele brand of malachite on her left shoulder.

2.  Detailed Appearance

Misery is incredibly short for a luperci, standing only 5ft tall, and underweight. Her mane is messy and short, giving her a distinctly unkempt appearance. The female's features are quite sharp, there is nothing soft or round about her. Misery looks quite frail, and while she is slow on the move, she has quite a bit of upper body strength. Misery's teeth are faintly yellowed and dull, her face is free of any scars and her ears remain undamaged. A silver necklace is always present - the necklace has an inverted cross with slightly rounded/melted edges. The necklace belonged to one Damian de le Poer, and Misery removed it from his neck while he was burning on his funeral pyre.

Misery's right leg is heavily scarred by a long, continuous gash going from her ankle to her upper thigh, running along the inside of the leg. A few sparse burns also litter the leg but they are harder to see due to the growth of fur around them. The scar was given to her by her daughter, Meth de le Poer, who was planning to steal Misery's eyes for her own.

The palms of Misery's hands are also heavily scarred from a madness induced game of catch she played with an open switchblade. Her left hand also has a deep burn mark in the shape of the inverted cross around her neck - she used that hand to snag the necklace from Damian's burning body.

Misery has one tattoo - a mix of scarification and branding in the shape of Chimera's symbol, the triskele, and it rests on her left shoulder.

Misery suffers from a nonspecific genetic defect from generations of inbreeding that causes her to see swarms of grey dots in her vision, though this comes and goes without warning, lasting for months at a time or as briefly as a few days.

2.1  Forms

  • Lupus: She is a tiny lupus, weighing 40lbs and standing 26 inches high and 4.5ft long. Her movements are markedly skittish, rarely seeking to draw attention to herself.
  • Secui: In secui, she bulks up to an unimpressive 32 inches high by 5ft and 95lbs.

2.2  Accessories

  • Walking Staff — Misery's walking staff is a gift from one of the elder priests of Tak in Khalif. The wood has been dyed black, and is intricately carved with runes and symbols important to the Khalif, namely the Eye of Tak (Crescent Moon), Rah'khir's Wisdom (An arrow), and Ankh's Glory (A sun). The head of the staff is a howling wolf head, with roughly hewn garnet's for eyes. The staff is used primarily for walking by the D'Angelo matriarch, though it could function as a weapon.
  • Cloak — Misery has a cloak dyed black, made of leather with a woolen inside that she uses to keep her skin and bones self from becoming a wolfsicle.
  • Switchblade — A dulled blade given to her outside of Chimera, long since kept on the female, it is useless for most ordinary purposes and is kept only to remind herself of her friendship with Skoll.
  • Cross Necklace — An inverted silver cross worn on a thin leather strip, this is her most prized possession, and once belonged to Damian de le Poer.
  • Medicine Bag — Misery carries a leather satchel full of herbs, both medicinal and semi-recreational (marijuana), along with the occasional bit of liquor she finds. The satchel also contains needle and thread along with her rudimentary tattooing instruments.
  • Rum — Rum is a horse, that serves as Misery's steed. He's a middle aged stallion with an effortlessly patient disposition, and is a varnish roan color. He wears a simple head halter made out of tanned leather.

2.3  Companion

War D'Angelo — War is a mostly silent boy, with a pale silver pelt with black markings on the tips of his ears and the top of his muzzle. He has black bands tattooed around his wrists, and the marks of Ankh tattooed in pale gold upon the backs of his hands. The mark of Rah'khir is tattooed on his back (a golden arrow)His mane is long and silver, tied back in a loose ponytail. War's eyes are the same brilliant yellow-green of his mother. He speaks very rarely, and seems quite content to serve and protect his mother. He wears a longsword slung over his back, and a simple leather kilt around his waist. He takes care of Rum and Misery's belongings, as well as providing her food and care. He is six years old.

3.  Personality

Misery is a highly intelligent individual plagued by mental illness and a less than righteous heart. Her loyalty and devotion are often misguided, attaching herself to figures that rarely want the best for her, or that are no longer available (Damian de le Poer). She is unstable and prone to self destructive behavior, often valuing the well being of whoever she is currently fixated or attached to far above herself. Her relationships with her family are often strained, a source of depression for the female, that leads to her current trend of keeping most family at a distance. She is driven above all else by her sense of love, though often perversely obsessive, the female is without a doubt driven by her feelings for the long obsessed Damian de le Poer.

Misery is rarely forgetful of events, though her attention to other luperci can be spotty at best. Due to her transformation from being black to white, she has the unspoken idea that she has been chosen by her Gods for some divine purpose. Misery has distinctly low self esteem, though she rarely speaks of it. She is highly curious, though slightly antisocial. Due to long periods of solitude, combined with mental illness and her own intense desire to see him again, she hears Damian's voice in her head. Whether this is a natural manifestation of her mental illness or just wishful thinking is unclear.

The female has long been prone to auditory and visual hallucinations, normally triggered by periods of intense stress.

4.  Relationships

Misery has been intricately tied with the now defunct Chimera, and the de le Poer early generations, namely Damian de le Poer, his son Ahren, and Mab de le Poer. She recently sent her favorite grandchild, Bane D'Angelo, to souls to prepare for her coming.

5.  Family

She is the origination of the D'Angelo family on the board, though few are her actual descendants, instead most are nieces and nephews of varying degrees.

Immediate Family

6.  History

Misery was born to the then leaders of the Khalif pack, a brother and sister team named Sukan and Kylie D'Angelo. She was born alongside a white furred twin, who was named Ankh, and Misery was named for what she was, a misery unto the family. Black wolves in Khalif are treated with only the utmost disdain, and being a dark furred wolf born to two pale wolves was a mark of shame. She grew up as many of the children of Tak, the god of the dark furred wolves did — made to live and work in the cold caves of the mountains of Khalif. Misery showed potential as a priestess of Tak, and recieved informal training. She was abused by Sukan, and bore him a litter of stillborns in her third year. Shortly after turning four Misery was selected to be burned to appease Tak's wrath, and she was saved by Ankh's interference, and left the pack with the intention to never return. Misery arrived in souls and immediately joined the Chimera pack. It was there she made her steadiest home and her greatest impact, through her many more D'Angelo's came to the lands of souls and quickly became almost half of the pack. Misery never obtained leadership in the pack, though she often found herself quite close to the de le Poer leadership. The death of Damian de le Poer marked the end of her major stable period, and she began a rapid decline from that point onward. The loss of Ahren de le Poer seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back though, and it was only through Larkspur D'Angelo that the female once more found some stable sanity. Her exploits in souls resulted in two litters of children, none of which are currently known to be alive.

After leaving souls she has wandered as far as France and England, returning to spend most of her time in Khalif. After seeing her transformation from black and white, she is hailed as a semi messiah, and is the current leader of the pack. She has left it in the care of Wicca de le Poer previously, but rules at the moment. During her roaming exploits she's had multiple litters that have almost exclusively been abandoned with their respective fathers, and it is only recently she has gotten to know many of them.

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