ColoursGray (#808080)
Founded ByThavardo
Founded On25 September 2004
Defunct OnJanuary 2005

Past Leadership

Past LeadersThavardo

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1.  History

This strange clan was founded by the religious fanatic Thavardo in the fall of 2004 [1] . She and her followers are part of a strict religious reform--they believe the end of the world is coming, and true salvation lies in the teachings of their leader. Many lone wolves who formerly ran amok joined the new clan, eager to prove their worth and be a part of something. Among those were Ravyn Stormbringer. At one point, they attacked and attempted to castrated Salvaged Eternity [2], though this failed. Azathoth was officially ended the day Thavardo was shot by Damian de le Poer.[3]

1.1  Characters Involved

2.  Culture

2.1  Azathoth

Azathoth was more then just a name—he was, and is, an elder god [4] At Ahren de le Poer's birth, his mother Thavardo promised him to the being, which accepted her offer. Since that time, a second darkness has lived in Ahren. This demon is the cause of many of Ahren's actions; he manipulates him through his influence, which has caused Ahren to black out. These sunspots in his memory are times where the demon has taken control, often for a violent purpose. Until the day before his death, Ahren was unaware of his presence. Matinee D'Angelo-Dukker, Jasper de le Poer, and Laruku Tears are the only ones who have ever glimpsed him—and at those times, he referred to himself as “The Lord of All Things” and “The Whisperer in the Darkness”. Laruku's own demon has seen him twice: in a form very similar to Ahren, and a black dragon with red-gold eyes.

2.2  Families

3.  Pack Relationships

3.1  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

3.2  Bleeding Souls Packs


Thavardo yelled at Stormy Blackwolf and Nirupama Rashmi for being lesbians. :[

Clouded Tears


Jaded Shadows

Azathoth probably really didn't like Jaded Shadows, as it harbored Salvaged Eternity and Azathoth really didn't like him.


Damian de le Poer impregnated Thavardo, the leader of Azathoth, and she bore one son: Ahren de le Poer.


I think they ignored each other for the most part.


Syemv and Azathoth only existed concurrently for a very short time, and there was no interaction between any clanmembers.

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