Draco de le Poer

Draco de le Poer

Draco, by Mel
BirthdayNovember 1, 2007
Subspecies100% Canis lupus nubilus
Birth placeExham Priory, France

The first-born of Ahren de le Poer and Matinee D'Angelo-Dukker's litter, Draco was the only one of this group to remain with his aunt, Mab de le Poer. After being sent on a coming-of-age right of passage to 'Souls, he returned to France where he resides in Exham Priory with his family.

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1.  History

Draco spent his childhood in France, where he and his siblings were raised. As they aged, his aunt, Mab, soon saw that the boy had potential and began training him herself. For a while, at least, things were easy and content. That was shattered the day that Jasper de le Poer accidentally set his parents' bed on fire. After an ensuing fight, Matinee vanished. Over the next few weeks, the rest of his siblings did the same. Ahren, destroyed by the loss of his wife, began drinking heavily. His actions became so unpredictable and violent that Mab was forced to send him off.

For the next several months, Draco trained with Mab and Bowie, her mate, and learned swiftly a number of skills. In June 2008, Mab sent Draco off to complete a coming-of-age mission. He traveled for a month on a ship and came to Bleeding Souls, only to find that it was burnt to the ground. Puzzled, he soon found life on the other side of the mountain, and there met Firefly Sadira, and during their conversation gave his name as Ladon--the guise he had been using during his travels oversea [1]. After leaving her, he continued down the mountain, and there suffered a fall that led to a broken rib [2].

Unsure of his surroundings, Draco continued to travel. He came across a peculiar fellow whom had disguised himself, and the two spoke at length about their masks [3], as well as his brother, asper. This incident, however, left him shaken [4]. After this, Draco continued his search, and after nearly a month on the continent came across his half-sister, Corona Lykoi, who directed him to his father. It was here that Draco finally managed to do what he had been sent to do--talk to his father and offer him an ultimatum. When Ahren admitted he was not going to return to France, Draco left. [5].

Draco caught the next ship out of North America, and returned to France. Upon seeing he had set out what he had needed to do (and grown up, more or less), Mab granted him a title. Since then, he has been busy assisting her with her two boys, and romancing a local girl from a well-to-do family.

2.  Family

Please see the D'Angelo or de le Poer family pages for more information.