Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira

Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira

Anyanka, by Phoenix
Name OriginAnyanka, after the patron saint of scorned women in Buffy; Halfrek, after the vengeance demon for children wronged by their guardians; de Sadira from the joining of the surnames de le Poer and Sadira.
Date of Birth3 August 2005
Age5 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus arctos
25% Canis lupus nubilus
25% Canis lupus occidentalis
Birth placeSouth of 'Souls
Current packLoner
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining date01 April 2008

Previous Pack

Clouded Tears

Joining date02 March 2008


Joining date01 January 2006

Clouded Tears

Joining date22 December 2005


Joining date15 August 2005
NotesNPC to Aiji Sadira


Joining date3 August 2005
RankLoner (with Aiji Sadira)

Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira, also known as Anka de Sadira is the daughter of Aiji Sadira and Ahren de le Poer. She was a member of Clouded Tears, her mother's birthpack, on and off throughout her life; after the fire, she was a loner, traveling the world outside of Souls for a number of years, picking up skills and experience along the way.

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    1.   1.1  Conception
    2.   1.2  Childhood
    3.   1.3  Aiji's Death
    4.   1.4  First Return to 'Souls
    5.   1.5  Children with Ryubi ne Pasar
    6.   1.6  Motherhood and Travels
  2.   2.  Relationships
    1.   2.1  Family

1.  History

[WARNING: History possibly retconned. The continuity of Anyanka's history was blurry at best, given the state of disarray of the old board where the majority of her early life took place. If this backstory interferes with your character's backstory for any reason, please contact me with the correct details. Thank you.]

1.1  Conception

In June of 2005, a very naive Aiji Sadira wandered a bit too far from her home in Chimera. She found herself in an old church, trapped at the mercy of Ahren de le Poer, the exiled son of her Alpha. Ahren was a young male whom she had met once already, as a pup, and pitied deeply, being the perfect little princess that she had been, and he the product of his mother's rape by his father. That pity was turned upon herself when he took her and raped her, leaving her alive but wishing that he had not. Aiji fled home to her birthpack of Clouded Tears, where she sought out her mother, but left before she could bring herself to reveal what had happened to her. Instead, she fled once again, this time to a cave shortly outside of the Souls borders, where she spent the remainder of her pregnancy shifting between depression and aggression. She continued her apothecarial studies, gearing them more toward self-medication than healing, as well as practicing her reading and writing as a distraction from her memories.
That fall, her only daughter was born, and she called her Anyanka Halfrek, giving her not her own surname, which she couldn't stand to give to a rapechild, nor that of her father, which seemed unfitting, as Ahren would never be a father to Anya. Anyanka was born with her mother's black coat and developed her father's red eyes, giving her an appearance not unlike that of her grandfather, Damian de le Poer.

1.2  Childhood

After her birth, Aiji brought her young daughter back to Souls, rejoining Chimera. She was soon confronted by Ahren, who desperately tried to convince her to allow him to play a part in their daughter's life. Aiji refused, choosing instead to shelter her daughter from the truth, and Anya heard little of her father's desire to know her. Instead, Aiji simply opted not to talk about it, leaving Anya full of unanswered questions and pent-up rage at being kept out of her own life.
This rage boiled over when a loud argument between Aiji and Ahren sprung up that winter, giving Anya shattered pieces of her history, including the truth of her conception. A bright but emotionally overwrought pup, Anya took off, spending a few days doing reasonable damage to her own body with her claws. Overcome with feelings of worthlessness, betrayal and angst, she initially intended to vanish and die, but instead was found by her maternal grandmother, Ceres Sadira, who nursed the girl back to health and allowed her to stay in Clouded Tears, under her supervision.
Anya's stay in Clouded Tears was brief; in her absence, Aiji had slept with multiple people, including Ahren, and now wished to escape Souls before anything extensive was expected of her. Having already endorsed Ahren's leadership and granted him forgiveness, she kidnapped her daughter and once again fled to the cave where Anya had been born, the place where she would live out the better part of the remainder of her life.

1.3  Aiji's Death

Anyanka lived outside of Souls' borders with her mother until her death in 2008. The first of Anya's murders, this one might have been called a mercy killing. Aiji had spiralled into madness, self-medicating extensively, and suffering extreme mood swings and emotional instability. Anya stayed out of a mixture of fear and pity; she was all that her mother had, and she dared not leave, if only because her mother might come after her and kill her in a rage. Aiji's flashbacks of the rape leading to Anya's conception scarred the young woman, and her mother often attacked her, leaving her with two slashes across her left eye and many scars beneath her fur.
In one fit, Aiji lashed out at Anya, and in self-defense, Anya threw her mother against the stone wall of the cave, cracking her skull fatally, but leaving her alive and in excruciating pain. Anya administered a lethal dose of the medication that Aiji had often abused and held her mother as she died, then buried her under a tree nearby the cave, marking the grave only with a cross carved into the tree bark.
After that, she set off back toward Souls, hoping to get answers to the questions that her mother's combination of cryptic hints, violent outbursts, and stubborn silence had left her with. To that end, she sought her father.

1.4  First Return to 'Souls

Anyanka returned to 'Souls in late 2008 to be greeted first by her half-brother, Jasper de le Poer. After Anya took a bad fall and injured her shoulder, Jasper went for help, leaving Anya to wait while he searched for Ahren. However, Ahren found Anya first, and the two began a dialogue. Their conversation swiftly turned into an argument when Anya's lifetime of being subjected to her mother's insanity tainted her reactions, forfeiting her final chance to get answers from Ahren by pushing him away, spewing abuse and anger at him for having created the miserable life that she'd led.
She went on to spend only a short period of time becoming reacquainted with other family members before fleeing once more, unable to handle the pressure so soon after her mother's death. She couldn't bring herself to return to the cave, though, so she took her knapsack and begins to wander.

1.5  Children with Ryubi ne Pasar

In progress... eventually.

1.6  Motherhood and Travels

In progress... eventually.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Please see the Sadira or de le Poer family pages for more information.