Edgar Hoden

Edgar Hoden

Edgar, by Maddi?
Name MeaningEdgar(After Edgar Allen Poe) Hoden (Norse mythology)
Name OriginPoet, Norse mythology
Date of Birth3 June 2003
Subspecies75% Canis lupus arctos (Arctic wolf.) 25% Canis lupus hudsonicus(Hudson Bay wolf.)

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Previous Pack

Jaded Shadows

Previous RanksSpaher, Wahrer

Edgar Hoden was a former member of Jaded Shadows in 2006


Sweet and caring. This male is not bitter about losing his eyesight, on the contrary it has taught him to live life to the full. Though he is taunted by the inner demons of guilt and grief for having to leave his pups with his unfaithful mate, and is only just realising that he is not the useless waste of space Lilja told him he was.
Soul grade: Neutral-Neutral
Likes: Pups, the scent of morning, talking to intelligent wolves.
Dislikes:Wolves who cheat on their partners, wolves who make jokes about his blindness.



See Rhiannon.

Mother: Svana Hoden [living]
Father: Tryggvi Hoden [unknown]
Previous Litters: Unnur (f) [living], Þór (m) [deceased]
Same Litter: Vilhjalmur (m) [living], Svanhildur (f) [living], Sindri (m) [unknown], Unamed (m) [deceased].
Post Litters: Snorri (m) [living], Hinrik (m) [living]
Abaddon Adamo (half-brother{Tryggvi X Abelle Adamo}) [living], Gotzon Adamo (half-brother {Tryggvi X Abelle Adamo}) [living], Deuce Rhiannon (half sister {Tryggvi X ---})
Dierdre Rhiannon (Niece {Deuce Rhiannon X Thanos})
Concieved with Lilja: Brynja (f) [living], Aðalsteinn (m) [living], Hjördís (f) [living]


Fur color: White \\ Fur pattern: None
Eye color: White (misted over)
Tattoos: None
Piercings: One gold hoop through left ear.
Scars: Pretty much all over scarred skin from chemical burns, hidden by his fur which luckily grew back.
Height (shifted): 7 feet 6 inches.
Weight (shifted): 208 pounds
Length: 6 feet long from nose to tip of tail.
Height (unshifted): 2 feet 9 inches.
Weight (unshifted): 185 pounds.
Physique: Medium build, slender but muscled.

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