This is her... honest... That's why it takes her so long to type... paws are hard to type with...
Birthday10th April
Join Date8th (?) October 2005
Rejoin Date6th July 2011
LocationBehind her laptop usually...

Maddi is a player who has been playing here on and off for the last six years, she loves it here a lot and has played various characters over the years, she has left a few times but the lure of 'Souls has always dragged her back. Soran Aatte is her primary character, she had played her ever since she joined and is very attached to her. Maddi is English and also enjoys reading other people's writing as well as her own :) She also enjoys sleeping, reading, writing, drinking, horse riding, drinking some more, stage managing stuff, sleeping some more, swimming and amateur dramatics... oh and sleeping, had she mentioned that?


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