Soran Aatte

Soran Aatte

Soran, by ShannonLucifer
Name OriginMy mind.
Date of Birth19th August 2003
Subspecies100% Canis lupus crassodon (Vancouver Island Wolf)
LuperciYes, Ortus.
Birth placeAmberRose pack
Current packNew Dawn

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Current Pack

New Dawn

Joining DateSeptember 28th 2012
Most Recent RankSubordinate

Previous Packs

New Dawn

Joining DateJanuary 2012
Most Recent RankBeta

Crimson Dreams

Joining DateNov 18 2008/ Jul 26 2011
Most Recent RankCensor

Twilight Vale

Joining DateJuly 15 2008
Most Recent RankDelphinus?


Most Recent RankGamma


Most Recent RankAltersterin

Soran Aatte was a previous member of Syemv and Aremys in Bleeding Souls, as well as Twilight Vale and is now a current member of Crimson Dreams in 'Souls. She is the matriarch of the Aatte family, being the first of the line to come to 'Souls and then breeding like a bunny.

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1.  Personality

  • Soul Grade: Neutral-Neutral

Soran is an easy going wolf, she is very friendly and intelligent, she has a great respect for those who tell the truth. At the moment she feels rather lost, often off in her own thoughts, she is hoping to gain forgiveness from her children/grandchildren and is trying to gain a relationship with her family after abandoning them. She dislikes wolves being dishonest, cruel to others (even small animals) and the like, she is a big reader and plays the flute and can be easily engaged in conversation on both, she is always looking for new things to learn. She used to be fairly confident and outgoing, now she is more enclosed, not giving away all of her feelings at once. But she often sees the best in others and tries to get past initial hostility. She is uneasy around coyotes, because she remembers Inferni attacking Aremys, also Hollow was half coyote and was very horrible to her. This does not mean she would not get on with a coyote, she's just nervous around them initially.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Friends

2.3  Enemies

2.4  Current Mate

2.5  Previous Lovers

2.6  Previous Mates

3.  Appearance

  • Pelt colour: Black with a very few grey specks along her facial scar line.
  • Eye colour: Green
  • Scars: One across right eye, from ear to muzzle and another that runs from elbow to paw on left foreleg. Four parallel scars that run from her right shoulder to the bottom of her ribcage on her left hand side, across her chest.
  • Tattoos: A tribal butterfly with "Hope" written underneath all in red on her upper right arm.
  • Piercings: Two silver hoops in the tip of her left ear.
  • Jewelry: She wears a piece of flint on a thin leather band around her neck, the leather band is adorned with brightly coloured beads and feathers. She also wears a silver pentagram on a thin silver chain (again around her neck), this was a gift from Deuce.
  • Mane: In her Optime form Soran's mane is long and wavy/ curled, it is jet black but with the beginnings of what will be a white streak at her left temple.
  • Other: Soran has taken to wearing two brightly coloured feathers in her mane when it is loose, they are attached with thin strips of leather on the left hand side of her face. When her mane is braided she ties it with leather strips and adorns those with brightly coloured feathers and beads.

3.1  Luperci Forms

Soran is Lupus Ortus, but she did not know this until she spoke to Skoll and found out about her history.


  • Height: 32"


  • Height: 6'11"
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Length: 64"

4.  History

A long time ago VoidFane visited a small pack named AmberRose, he murdered as he went. Including a pair of wolves named Basim and Anica, they had a pup, just one named Thanatos, who saw all of this happen before his eyes. Thanatos from this day belived that all black wolves were the omens of evil and death, that they were all murderous. As there were only grey wolves in the pack there was no reference to prove this idea wrong. Thanatos grew up, he trained and became a powerful warrior. When he reached 2 years of age he became the Alpha of AmberRose and soon his beliefs were accepted as fact.

Meanwhile a young grey she-wolf, who went by the name of Tahti was playing outside her parent's den. She had 3 siblings, all brothers and they were off exploring, leaving her to play alone. Her mother, Blossom watched over her, the ebony fae watchful of her young daughter. Then she saw it, a large wildcat, there it came, stalking over the horizon with a head in it's mouth, the head of a wolf, one of Blossom's other pups. Blossom screamed for Tahti to run, the small wolf did not need telling twice and hurtled away. The young fae did not ever find out what happened to her mother, or her other brothers as she lost her path back to the den. This was probably for the best as she did not see the bloody scene that the wildcat had created.

2 years passed and the playful young pup turned into a beautiful adult, able to fend for herself. She was exploring a new piece of land that she had never seen before, it was a dense forest. She heard a noise, a male rabbit was crouched not to far away from her, but as she sprang to get it a large grey male wolf sprang from the bushes, killing it with one blow. Tahti made a noise of annoyance and the grey male turned to look at her, he paused, stunned by her beauty then asked her why she was on AmberRose land. She replied that she had not known that she was in AmberRose territory, then asked what AmberRose was. He explained to her that it was a pack, and that he was the Alphaand that his name was Thanatos, then he extended the offer of joining to Tahti. She agreed to join the pack, soon she was Alpha fea, having fallen in love with Thanatos.

Soon after their first litter of pups were born, 5 in total, the four grey ones were all still born, dead at birth, but the fifth a little black fae fought to survive. Tahti was relieved that one pup had survived and that she looked so much like her ebony Grandmother, she named her daughter Soran. When Thanatos realised that each of the dead pups were grey and that the only surviving pup was a black one he flew into a grief stricken rage. He blamed Tahti for the death of the four, purely for carrying the black pup in her womb, as his beliefs about black wolves had only strengthened over the years, as had his madness. No longer feeling love for his mate, as he now saw her as a traitor to the pack, he slaughtered her on the spot. He rounded on the new-born Soran, ready to kill his daughter, who was barely an hour old. Luckily as he was about to deliver a fatal blow to the youngster, a young wolf, Becca snatched her away from him. She was Lehrer of the pack, and had had a litter herself to boost numbers. She snapped at Thanatos, before taking the tiny black pup back with her to her own litter,who were a week older than Soran, to care for her.

Becca was a grey fae, and her mate was white so all of the pups were pale, Soran stood out a mile. This made her the object of her litter-mates teasing, Becca tried to prevent this, but her mate, Katne encouraged it, sharing Thanatos' belief that black wolves were evil. Becca forced him to leave the pack because of this, driving him away because of his prejudices. Soran loved Becca as she would a mother, though Becca always made sure to tell her about her real mother. Soran was still ridiculed by the other pups despite their mother's chastising, all except one pup. He was named Iikka and was pure white with one grey eye and one blue, Soran and him soon became the best of friends, doing everything together. He lept into a river one day and hit a rock, causing his nose to be crooked, this was one of Soran's fondest thoughts of him.

When Soran and Iikka were six months old Becca told them the truth about what had happened to Tahti, not describing the murder, but giving enough detail to let Soran know that her father was evil. Thanatos overheard this tale and heard Soran say he was evil and lunged at her, trying to kill his daughter. Becca lunged at him and tore his ear off, this made him leave his child alone for a while at least. Because of this Becca left the pack, knowing that she could not take care of all the pups she left them in the care of her sister, Rae, but she took Soran with her, and Iikka as both pups refused to do anything without the other being involved. So Soran, Iikka and Becca found a place away from AmberRose to live, not too far as Becca still wanted to be able to see her other pups, but far enough away to be protected from Thanatos, or so they thought.

One night, when Soran was eight months old, a grey figure slunk into the den that the group had found themselves. Once again he lunged at his daughter, but Becca woke and fought him, the sounds of the struggle awoke the pups and Becca screamed for them to run. They did so, but only after witnessing Thanatos tearing out Becca's throat. After that the pups wandered in a daze for a long time. Hunting small game, fishing if they found a stream, going around in circles, full of grief. In time the grief began to pass and the pair began to enjoy themselves more, hunting and passing the time swapping stories, exploring and having adventures.

Becca had trained Iikka to be a warrior and he enjoyed showing off his skills. One night he even fought and killed a wildcat that had entered the den that they had been sleeping in. In the morning they found the skeletal remains of a female wolf, it looked like this had been her den and her broken neck indicated that hse had been in a fight. They did not stay there again, as the skeleton creeped them out (little did they know that that was the remains of Soran's grandmother). Iikka had to use his fighting skills again, soon after this as Thanatos had been tracking the pups. The fight was short and brutal, Thanatos catching Soran across the face with one of his large claws, across her eyelid. Iikka flew at him for that, Thanatos caught his jugular with his large teeth and Iikka died instantly, Soran ran then, half blinded away from the maddened creature that had been her father.

So Soran was left alone, brief and violent encounters with her father were many as she aged. The final one happening at a river, where he ambushed Soran, he cut her foreleg deeply and she fell onto her back exposing her unprotected stomach. As he lept at her to finish her of Soran kicked out with her hind legs, catching him in the stomach in mid leap and causing him to fall against a rock. She scrambled to her feet and looked over at the beast that had been her father, he was stumbling away, walking along the river bed, water lapping at his ankles, throwing curses at her as he went. Then he stopped, he coughed and the water turned red as the blood he was coughing up hit it, he collapsed, breathing growing increasingly more shallow until it stopped compleatly. Soran knew he was dead, but still did not dare to go near the body, instead she ran as fast as her injury would let her. Her run turned into a walk, and that into a plod as the blood she was loosing from her leg weakened her. Finally after travelling maybe two good miles, she reached an inhabited place where she could find help. A place which seemed distinctly full of pirates.

She soon found herself at home with these pirates and moved up the ranks. Though she had a feud with a pale femme named Deuce (which was eventually resolved after Soran helped to deliver Deuce's pups), she was very much at home on Syemv land. She enjoyed exploring the lands and happened upon a beautiful pale femme called Summer on one of these excursions. She became Summer's mate and fell in love with her totally. Then not too long after this Summer was murdered by Hollow leaving Soran, Lucifer and Charm (Summer's pups) alone in the world. Shortly after this Soran fell into a pit of dark depression and attempted suicide, discovering that alcohol and heroin were a better cure for grief she turned to them.

On one of her drunken rambles, she travelled to a church where she met Hollow again, she had befriended him once and so sought comfort in him, unaware of him murdering her mate. She slept with him in a drunken lapse of sense. Later after a meeting with Lucifer she discovered that Hollow had murdered Summer and so tried to kill herself again, failing. Soon after this she had a conversation with Deuce (who Soran was developing feelings for) and discovered that she was pregnant with Hollow's pups. This caused her to kick her herion habit. Her pups were born with Deuce there, as Soran had been for her. She gave birth to five pups, 3 females and 2 males. Only two of these pups were alive when they were born, a little black fae and a reddish male, Soran named this pair Conri and Maeve, unfortunately Maeve die within an hour of being born.

All this while Soran had been developing feelings for Deuce, even daring to consider that she loved her. Finally after Deuce attempted to kill herself Soran finally admitted her feelings for the pale femme. The became mates, Deuce giving her new lover a pentagram pendant which Soran never takes off. However Dierdre (Deuce's daughter) could not accept her mother's new lover, feeling that Deuce should be with Thanos, Dierdre's father. This caused Deuce much heartache, and not too long after this Akumu found Deuce's diary and seeing how often the pale fae had tried to kill herself banished her from the pack. Deuce left in the night, leaving Soran a note of apology and explination. This broek Soran's heart, but she could not fall apart because she had to stay strong for Conri.

Soran nurtured Conri, looking after him and teaching him as much as she could. She even managed to stay strong after being raped by Azizi because of her son. Conri soon grew to be an intellegant and thoughtful young pup, but soon found the lure of adevnture with his father too much to resist. He left in the night, leaving Soran a note. This caused the dark fae to fall into a pit of despair, she started to drink again, meeting Virendra and Blank (Hollow's brother) whilst in this pit of despair. Luckily this misery did not last long as Hollow decided that he could not look after him and brought him back in the dead of night.

Soon after this Soran wandered out of the packlands and discovered Deuce to be living under the name of Leilani, the fae had lost her memory and was mated to a black male named Eric. Though Soran tried she could not get Deuce to remember who she was and so fled back to Syemv. Soon though Deuce arrived in Syemv with Eric and Soran resumed attempting to remind her who she was, suceeding when she showed Deuce her diary and letter to her. After this the packs of Chimera and Syemv joined to become one pack named Aremys, something which did not bother Soran too much. However, not too long into the Aremys' pack formation, a group of the Inferni coyotes attacked the lands, driving the wolves back into the Moaning Woods, leaving Soran with a slight disposition to hate the coyotes she meets. Then, in the dead of night Soran ran into Hollow, they fought and he ended up raping her, something which left her beaten and pathetic. Conri discovered her and went after Hollow, accidentally killing him, causing Soran to feel deep guilt as she felt that it was her fault she had been raped and therefore her fault that Conri was so torn up. This caused the ebony lady to start drinking again, not too long after this she discovered that she was pregnant with her second litter of pups, once again she hated being pregnant and did everything in her power to rid herself of them, drinking herself into oblivion frequently.

Soran does not remember the day that the pups were born, having been inebriated when she had gone into labour, however, what transpired was that she had gone to Phasma to help. Four pups had been born that day, three male and one female, she had named them all, three living and well, one living and sick from what seemed to be alcohol poisoning (barely alive and hardly moving) and one dead. Soran had gotten up quickly and said that she would take the "dead ones" to bury them, she had gathered up the dead pup and the ill one and had taken them away from Phasma. The dead one was buried quickly, but the ill one, the pup who looked identical to his father in every way, had it's neck snapped and was then thrown in beside his dead brother and buried. Upon returning to her living pups, Dhalia and Khaden, the dark lady had not wanted to be anywhere near them, them being a physical reminder of the brutal rape, in the middle of the night Soran had dissapeared, leaving Bleeding Souls behind her and her pups in Phasma's care.

Soran spent a fair amount of time away from Bleeding Souls, wandering aimlessly at first, but an incident in which she saved a pup who looked like her childhood friend from drowning, she was accepted into a small pack not too far from the Bleeding Souls lands. Here was where she recieved her green lines that intertwine her predominentally red tattoo and her piercings, this was also where her physical injuries were healed and her alcoholism restrained. When she felt she was able, she returned to Bleeding Souls, only to discover her young pups now several months old and living with Conri, but again she found herself unable to stay, the guilt too much and retreated back to the other pack.

Eventually she again managed to return to 'Souls and hopes to rebuild her life, though her youngest pups are nowhere to be found. After several weeks of living in the packlands again Soran resolved to go and find her pups. When the search was fruitless she decided to stay away, soon she found herself another male to love, Akiro. The pair were together for some time, they lived in relative bliss until Soran lost their pups one morning, after that their relationship degenerated, resulting in Akiro persuing Soran through the lands where she lived, attempting to kill her much like her father had done, blaming her for the wrongs in his life. Eventually he attempted to drown her after they had a vicious fight and the ebony lady had ended up crushing his skull with a rock and drowning him. After this the dark female had left those lands and tried to return to Bleeding Souls, only to discover that the lands had burned to the ground, finally Soran visited Phasma's grave, before wandering aimlessly for days assuming that all the wolves she had ever cared about were dead. Finally though she managed to catch Conri's scent, chasing it across the lands until she found him, finding he was the head of the new pack of Twilight Vale, she joined him, intending to find other loved ones who were alive and to make amends with her children, all of whom were living in the 'Souls lands now.

Despite having her family around her, relations were rocky, a lot had happened to Conri in the past that Soran had missed and she had not forgiven herself for that. Khaden was unsure how to cope with having a mother he had never really known, seeming cold and distant towards her due to this. And Dhalia, Dhalia had too much of her father in her, she was psychotic and cruel. And throughout her time living within Twilight Vale the ebony lady had been plagued by the same dreams, odd and seemingly without meaning. But one night when the lady decided to steal away from the lands, to visit her old friend Phasma's grave, and then she realised what had happened on the night of the birth of her second litter, why she had left, why she was feeling guilty. She had killed Rokus, killed him for looking too much like Soran and Hollow combined, he was too big a reminder of the rape that Soran had suffered and so she had snapped his neck.

The ebony lady had been unable to go back to the lands, wracked with guilt and pain, she remained in the old Bleeding Soul's lands, hiding amongst the charred buildings and the ashes, drinking her pain away, until she found herself with the desperate need to go home. She did so quickly, meeting Naniko and her grandson at the borders, it was a shock to her to find that she had four grandchildren and that Conri was not helping to raise them. The toll of what had happened to her once again took over her mind and she fled the lands again, unable to cope with her son begging her to kill him.

The ebony lady had left the lands in February 2009, wandering aimlessly for a while, before meeting a male, Pavle Itzal in January 2010, having a one night stand with him before the pair of them parted ways. It was not until several weeks later that she discovered she was pregnant, luckily she soon found help and shelter for her unborn pups, falling in love with a female named Dayna who was the leader of a small pack to the west of the old Bleeding Souls' lands, Soran herself was never really a member of the pack, more of an honourary member as the lover of the leader. Though the pups were made members of the pack once they were born, as Dayna's unoffcial children. Soran had three live pups and one dead pup, she named two of them after their father, feeling that it would be unfair not to, even though he had never known them, perhaps one day they would meet him and then they would at least bear his name. Once Dayna decided she wanted to have pups, to find a surrogate to father them and raise them with Soran the dark lady became very reclusive, refusing to discuss the topic, as she had had all the pups she wanted, she had her children now and that was that. Dayna and Soran's relationship broke down quickly after that, so Soran had gone back into the old Bleeding Souls' lands, leaving her yearling pups there as they had decide that they wanted to stay, at least for a little while, but leaving them with a map of where she was going to, including the route to the new 'Souls lands, just in case they wanted to find her. She stopped at The old Bleeding Soul's lands, visiting her pup's graves, mourning them, crying over their grave, realising her mistake, that she had left and so she made her way back to the 'Souls' lands, following her feet, hoping to find her lost family. To make amends.

She returned to the 'Souls lands and has so far had many interesting experiences, discovering that she was in fact a great grandmother now and seeing her grandchildren again for the first time since they had been exceptionally small. Her granddaughter Mati took a while to warm to her, but the pair began to rebuild a relationship when Soran rejoined Crimson Dreams. She also met a male named Zalen who she taught to read and write and developed a motherly affection for. Soon after rejoining Crimsion Dreams, Soran became involved with a female named Charm, but this was derailed when Deuce, her former mate returned to the pack and the pair soon realised how much they still loved one another. Then the war between Aniwaya and Crimson Dreams came, forcing the sable female to become the warrior she had once been in her youth once again. During this period of war Soran's daughters, Rain and Kiwi arrived in the Crimson Dreams lands and chose to stay with their mother. During the war Robin Aatte was almost kidnapped by a male named Wematin, an Aniwayan guardian, she was playing too close to the Aniwaya borders and he believed her to be a spy, Soran saw the ensuing fight and leapt to her great granddaughter's rescue, receiving a knife in her arm for her efforts, luckily thanks to Robin's mare Scarlett they were able to escape. Soran took Robin home and made her promise never to be so foolish again, this regained some of the trust that Haven had lost for his grandmother.

The war was soon over and in this time a young female named Titania came to the lands seeking refuge, Soran took pity on her and allowed her to stay with her. Soon after this Zalen, Soran's student and adopted son came to collect Titania, explaining that she was his mate and that together they were going to form a new pack, they asked for Soran's help and she happily agreed. Not much longer after this did Soran and Deuce pack up there things and head North for the new pack, which was named New Dawn, of which Soran became the Beta.

Soon enough though Soran's adopted daughter, Blind was killed by a bear, when Soran heard of this she fell into a grief stricken rage. She stole away from the New Dawn lands and sought out the bear, the trek taking her two weeks to find the bear itself, she barely stopped on her way, save for when she found an abandoned fire station, she took an axe from there and continued on her mission. When she found the bear's cave it was littered with corpses of wolves and other animals, Soran was furious, she could not find Blind among the dead though. The fight with the bear was brief but vicious, she killed the bear by burying the axe in it's skull but received four wounds on her chest, long parallel cuts from the bear's claws that ran from her right shoulder to the base of her rib cage on her left hand side. She ignored this though and picked up the nearest wolf corpse, slinging it across her shoulders and heading back to New Dawn, hoping to be able to give at least one murdered wolf a proper burial in Blind's name.

Unfortunately for the dark female the wounds became infected as she walked, she ignored everything, her hunger, her injuries, simply being focused on getting home once again. Soon enough she found herself walking in circles, too delirious to know where she was going any longer. She collapsed in the wilderness and fell into fits and starts of hallucinations, imagining she could see friends and enemies, living and dead all visiting her, trapped in what seemed to be an endless nightmare, crying and whimpering, her eyes rolling in her skull as she fell further and further into delirium. The sable female was certain to die, but she was found by her youngest son, Flavian, who lifted her and carried her back to her old pack, somehow she had ended up nearby in her aimless, directionless wandering. Her former mate and Alphess agreed to let her stay and heal and for days on end she slipped in and out of unconsciousness, delirious whenever she was awake, in no way was she lucid. Eventually she woke up to find that her wounds had been tended to and were on their way to healing, her children and even her former mate were overjoyed to see her alive and healing. She stayed with them on their insistence until she was fully healed. She even celebrated her birthday with them before returning back to New Dawn, a journey that took her a great deal of time.

When she did arrive home she was welcomed with open arms and returned to the pack as a subordinate, finding the lands very changed from when she had left. A hurricane had ravaged the lands and Titania had lost Zalen's pups and then her memory, leaving New Dawn. The other alarming occourance was that Deuce, Soran's mate had gone missing, something which troubled the dark female greatly. So she began searching the lands for her, staying as a member of New Dawn but travelling to other packs to see if they had seen her beloved, never giving up hope that she was alive and well.