Khaden Aatte

Khaden, by James?
Name OriginI dunno, Amber made it up.
Date of BirthAugust 15, 2007
Age1 year
Subspeciescanis lupus ortus secui optime luperci Souls thing.
Birth placeClouded Tears
Current packEsper Hollow
Current rankHunter
Current co-rankApothecary
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This is Khaden.

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    2.   1.2  Life on the Road
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  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Initially
    2.   2.2  Later
    3.   2.3  Currently
  3.   3.  Relationships
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    2.   3.2  Name of character
    3.   3.3  Name of character
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    5.   3.5  All Friends
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    7.   3.7  Love Interests
  4.   4.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   4.1  Strengths
    2.   4.2  Weaknesses
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   5.2  Stature
    3.   5.3  Eyes
    4.   5.4  Scars
  6.   6.  Notable Threads
    1.   6.1  Bleeding Souls threads
    2.   6.2  'Souls threads

1.  History

1.1  Bleeding Souls

Khaden was born to Soran Aatte and Hollow Nothing

His mom hated him because he was a rape baby, and was she was drunk. She ran away, and came back, then ran away again. Phasma Kiles took care of him for a while, then Khaden's brother Conri Church with his mate Naniko D'Angelo

Krysti never roleplayed out this part so she makes this stuff up. Lalala.

1.2  Life on the Road

He ran away with Dhalia Nothing, his twin sister, who was brainwashed by this one guy whose name I can't spell. He ran away from that and lived most of his life on the road. Lalala.

1.3  'Souls

Twilight Vale

Twilight Vale

Joining dateJuly 15th, 2008
RankCorvus, Delphinus

Khaden came back to see Conri. He lived in Twilight Vale for a while. He met tons of people. He became hunter. He met Ember while still in Twilight Vale. Yay.


''Khaden was a loner for a while. Sadness. He stalked Ember, before finally getting the courage to purpose mateship to her. They decided to go to Esper Hollow.

Esper Hollow

Esper Hollow

Joining dateAugust 27th, 2008

Khaden + Ember = FOREVER. So they go find Laurel and ask to be apart of the pack. FUN STUFF.

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

Talk about how your character changed as your roleplayed them (if applicable).

2.2  Later

Personality as your character developed

2.3  Currently

How your character is right now! What are they like? What do they like? Dislike? Check the 'Souls rp guide if you're stuck!

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Name of character

Talk about your character's relationship with this other character, whoooh ;D

3.3  Name of character

3.4  Name of character

3.5  All Friends

Organized alphabetically by last name; a strikethrough implies death

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  • Character name
  • Character name
  • Character name
  • Character name

3.6  All enemies

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  • Character name
  • Character name
  • Character name
  • Character name
  • Character name

3.7  Love Interests

Current Mate

Current Crush

Past Mates

Past Crushes

4.  Abilities, talents and skills

List your characters abilities, talents, skills, and any knowledge they have!

4.1  Strengths

  • Strength1
  • Strength2
  • Strength3

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Weakness1
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  • Weakness3

5.  Appearance

Overall appearance

5.1  Luperci Forms

Text about forms. Eg: which they prefer.


  • Height
  • Weight
  • Length

Basic information, appearance, etc.


  • Height
  • Weight
  • Length

Basic information, appearance, etc.


  • Height
  • Weight

Basic information, appearance, etc.

5.2  Stature

5.3  Eyes

5.4  Scars

6.  Notable Threads

6.1  Bleeding Souls threads

6.2  'Souls threads

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