Sophia Knight

Sophia Knight

Sophia by Vannah
Date of BirthNovember 3, 2009
Subspecies50% Canis lupus lupus
50% Canis lupus italicus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCrimson Dreams
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

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Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date22 Oct 2014
RankBracciante Prima
Previous Rank(s)Prova
SignificanceFather's pack

Previous Pack Cercatori d'Arte

Joining date29 Mar 2013
Final Rank--
Previous Rank(s)--
SignificanceTal Tlvdatsi pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date18 Aug 2012
Final RankBracciante Seconda
Previous Rank(s)Prova
SignificanceFather's pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining date3 Nov 2009
RankNever left the pup ranks.

Sophia Knight is the eldest living daughter of Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Ghita Marino. She is a current member of Cercatori d'Arte, formerly of Casa di Cavalieri and Crimson Dreams.



Sophia is the rebel of the Marino-Knight Clan. She is full of spunk and personality, always ready to have some fun. As a pup she left the "duty and honor" notions to her brother Aro while she played and looked for trouble. She is very kindhearted despite her spunky demeanor and knows when a situation is sensitive.

She holds family very dear to her but was drawn to Halifax in her youth in order to meet new canines and do some partying.



Member of the Marino, Knight, and Damaichu families.





Lines by Kiri, colored by Melissa

By Ariel

By Sunny

By Westy

Sophia is not as large are her siblings but is in no means tiny. She is a curvy wolfess and knows how to use her good looks to get her what she wants. The majority of her coat is a burned orange, almost leaning towards a dull shade of red. However, white lines her belly, front and runs into her cheeks and muzzle, as well as all of her legs. Emerald green eyes, much like her Aunt Savina's make for a striking contrast to her coat.

Approx Optime height: 6"7