Ares Knight

Ares Knight is the son of leaders Skye Collins and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. And is brother to Esmeralda Collins?

Ares Knight

by Sunny


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Date of Birth

21 August 2012




Birth place

Cercatori d'Arte



87.5% Canis lupus (Wolf)
12.5% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


50% Common Gray Wolf
15% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Baffin Island Wolf
12.5% Dog
10% Great Plains Wolf






Mates Elsie Hennamin
Cercatori d'Arte (Aug 2012 - November 2014)
Midnight Shores (November 2014 - December 2016)

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family: Knight + Collins + Damaichu
    2.   3.2  Relations
  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  Forms
  5.   5.  Skills and Inventory
    1.   5.1  Abilities
    2.   5.2  Inventory

1.  History

In the summer of 2012, Ares was born alongside his sister, Esmeralda. He had a fairly uneventful childhood in Cercatori D'Arte, and spent most of his time daydreaming about being a strong fighter for his pack. Since birth, he has resided in his home-pack, and he is now ranked as a soldier so that he can defend it.

Though in the Fall of 2014 after multiple incidents within the D'Arte territory and deaths of fellow packmates the Artisan pack was disbanded and quit their home and the new pack Midnight Shores was born after the long trip to Prince Edward Island in search of a new home and lives.

In the latter part of 2016 after a long struggle with his health Jazper Rhiannon-Knight dies, the Shores leaders amongst a handful of others escort his remains to Casa for burial. They never return, leaving the remainder of the pack in turmoil before finally being forced to disband and go their separate ways. Ares is now wandering the lands as a loner, his goals now uncertain.

In the early part of 2018 along with a group of fellow loners Ares joined them in forming Mistfell Vale and once more settle into the life of a pack.

2.  Personality

Overall, he is very good-natured. He can be a bit rebellious at times, but has a very strong desire to please others. Ares will live out the majority of his life being very headstrong, adventurous, and curious, and will only calm down a bit around the time of his death. His love for hunting and defending his home will completely outshine his love for music, so he will be more of a fighter than anything else.

Though as a result of the sad events of the later half of 2016 a change has come over Ares, where before he was generally carefree and otherwise cheery has since been replaced with a sadness and anger that may prove to be an issue in the future for him - whatever that future holds for Ares.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Knight + Collins + Damaichu

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Esmeralda Collins Ares littermate and best friend. It's not an uncommen thing to see these two spend more time with each other than most others, even when such things as their own little families or other things get in the way they will often find time to spend with each other.
  • Characters

Positive Relations

  • Elsie Hennamin - originally a good friend of Ares, they were mated briefly before parting ways due to her great aunt Esther reaching an age where she had little time left to spend visiting family that resided away from Souls'
  • Characters

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations


  • Arte:

- Adult Stallion

- Abilities: Rider-trained, very strong, high endurance.

- Personality: Arte is very aggressive towards unfamiliar canines, and will try to be dominant over other horses.

- Description: Arte is splotched brown and light grey, and is well-muscled and strong. He is able to go long distances without tiring.

4.  Appearance

by Sunny
  • Thick grey pelt
  • Triangular white patch of fur on his throat
  • White underbelly
  • White-tipped feet and tail
  • Olive green eyes
  • Lanky, but very well-muscled
  • Large paws

4.1  Forms

Lupus (Hardly ever in this form) Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg) Height: 40 in (102 cm)

Secui (Doesn't use this form often either) Weight: 260 lbs (118 kg) Height: 48 in (122 cm)

Optime (Usually in this form) Weight: 275 lbs (125 kg) Height: 7 ft 2 in (218 cm)

5.  Skills and Inventory

5.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning:
  • Archery (Master): From a young age Ares has spent much of his time learning and near perfecting the use of his bow & arrows, as a result this has become his favored weapon and in turn willing to teach / help others to learn.
  • Reading / Writing (Master): Has been taught from a young age to do both of these and on many occasion when exploring has proven useful especially when finding items when exploring that require such skills.


  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

5.2  Inventory

  • Bow & Arrows / Daggers - Ares' two main weapons of choice aside from his teeth and claws, he is proficient in the use of each.
  • Various books - found during occasions when old human settlements were explored, the most notable is one including details of concocting alcohol.
  • Banjo
  • Quartz arrowhead necklace - received during a trade with Maelyx Nocturne having offered the witch female an antler bone knife with decorative markings upon the handle.


  • Offering: Antler daggers, hooks [also open to requests.]
  • Accepting: anything that may be willing to offer.