Alyssum de Fonte

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Alyssum de Fonte was born as an illegitimate child between a coyote mother and hybrid father. After being disowned by her traditionalist pack for harboring human artifacts, she spent her youth wandering. She briefly stayed in Inferni, her first home before moving on to cross across many Canadian-American territories and fighting in more conflicts than she could count.

In the spring of 2012, Alyssum had placed her roots in Casa di Cavalieri where she grew to become an alphess and mate to its founder, Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. She bore him three children before her mythical father appeared to summon her to her ailing mother in Europe. Unable to ignore the call, she abandoned her family and pack to reunite with her parents.

However, her return was not as swift as she had promised. Figments of past wars resurfaced and for years Alyssum lived life on the run. After four long winters, the ghosts were put down, and the weary wanderer made her way home.




NPC Info

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  • Date of Birth: 31 December 2009
  • Human Age: 56 Years
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: --
  • Family: de Fonte
  • Birthplace: Georgia, USA
  • Species: Coywolf
    • 75% Coyote, 25% Wolf
  • cNPC: --
  • Minor NPCs:
    • --

OOC Assumptions

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations, including greetings, chats about interests, news, etc. Specific conversations, including arguments, revelations, etc. should be PMed for discussion.
  • Seeing Alyssum around Inferni, esp. around the D'Neville Mansion, the borders, the moors, etc.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


Alyssum is an brozen-colored coywolf with green-blue eyes.

Made bulky by hardship and survival, Alyssum appears distinctly hybrid. Long ears and pointed facial features suggest coyote heritage, while her square and sturdy body heralds wolf blood.

Signs of aging has touched her from her graying muzzle and mane to the myriad of scars that covers her body. She is weather-worn and her indifference to grooming makes her appear older.


Art by Nat



Crete (#7D6A37)
Black Marlin (#3B321B)
Mongoose (#AD9E75)

Eyes, Skin, Leathers

Sea Foam (#03FCAA)
Cod Gray (#151414)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Gruff and heavily accented, obvious signs of damage from smoking. Alyssum tends to speak casually, employing as many compliments as she does sarcastic remarks.
  • Scent: Smoke, ash, tobacco, meadowsweet.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Always seems to be moving her hands, i.e. rubbing her fingers or fiddling with a cigarette.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Alyssum has a lax air around her, neither vying for dominance or giving submission. She is confident and holds herself openly.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  History

3.1  Threads


  1. A New Home? (November)
    Inferni, with Gabriel de le Poer and Sepirah Lykoi.
  2. A Sky-High Dream (November)
    Halifax, with Clover Love Lykoi.
  3. A Call for Help (November)
    Seabreeze Brink, with Niro Takekuro.
  4. Kem Du NĂ¥ Va (November)
    Inferni, with Halo Lykoi.
  5. You Need What You've Already Got (November)
    Inferni, with Silas Agata and Sepirah Lykoi.
  6. Deck the Halls (December)
    Inferni, with Layla Nishant
  7. Another Century Spent Pointing Guns (December)
    Inferni, with Kaena Lykoi and Kesho Maisha.


  1. Treading Farther (January)
    Halifax, with Tala Djose
  2. Good Book Hunting (January)
    Halifax, with Kesho Maisha.
  3. AW (January)
    Inferni, with Itzal.
  4. The Black Parade (January)
    Inferni, with Toklo.
  5. Hunting Trip (January)
    Inferni, with Itzal.
  6. Run, Forrest, Run (September)
    Sticks and Stones, with Loviere Dinabalo.


  1. One Mile to Every Inch (May)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  2. We Were Free Like Water (May)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Adelle Vilhelmsen.
  3. Stepping Up on the High Horse (May)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Wayne McCoy.
  4. Meet in the Barn (May)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Hadley.
  5. I Thought I Saw The Sun Rose In Your Eyes (May)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  6. One Less Shadow (May)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Neela Garcia.
  7. A Spark and a Bit of Sulfur (May)
    Seabreeze Brink, with Skoll Haskel.
  8. The Horse Games (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Coeus.
  9. Birds of a Feather (June)
    Sticks and Stones, with Vesper.
  10. Family Ties (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  11. United Together We Stand (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  12. I Was Hoping That Song Would Never Be Over (June)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight
  13. I Need Another Story, Something to Get Off My Chest (July)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Coeus.
  14. Vertical Horizons (July)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jiva Takekuro.
  15. Prey Can't Run Far (July)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Adelle Vilhelmsen.
  16. The Path Which Only You Know (July)
    Casa di Cavalieri, Ivy Havoc.
  17. The Fall of a Comrade (July)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  1. Summer Solace (July)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  2. Straight and Narrow (July)
    Sticks and Stones, with Heiro Catori.
  3. Jaded Anger (August)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  4. The Words Are My Praises (August)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  5. Change (August)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  6. Returning a Gesture (August)
    Inferni, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight and Myrika Tears.
  7. Memento Mori (August)
    Seabreeze Brink, with Kaitriona Aibreann.
  8. Confessions (August)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  9. In This World It's Hard to Get It Right (Try to Make Your Heart Fit Like A Glove) (August)
    Cercatori d'Arte, with Skye Collins.
  10. It's Fine by Me If You Never Leave (And We Can Lay Like This Forever) (August)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  11. It's Been Here All Along, Somewhere I Belong (August)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Alister Callow and Ismeme.
  12. Time Finally Caught Up With Me (September)
    Sticks and Stones, with Wraith Creed.
  13. Tonight We'll Set The World On Fire (September)
    Sticks and Stones, with Vesper.
  14. Wake Me Up When September Ends (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Adelle Vilhelmsen.
  15. Petals Surround Her Beauty (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  16. Join Me My Friends (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  17. Can't Stand It (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Raoth.
  1. Cold Shot (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri, Tony Marino-Knight.
  2. I Got Enough on My Mind (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri, Lorenzo Knight.
  3. A Storm of Fear (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  4. Batten Down the Hatches (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Neela Garcia.
  5. Night Nights of Matter (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  6. Slipping Away (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  7. A Sudden Sadness (September)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  8. Am I Welcome Here? (October)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Calla Scott, Hadley, and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight.
  9. Rebuilding the Ruins (October)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Felony Axel Devereaux.
  10. Fire Within (October)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Eclipse Soulstorm.
  11. The Future is Upon Us (October)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  12. These Little Wonders, These Twists and Turns of Fate (November)
    Casa di Cavalieri
  13. Snowfall (December)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Amatha Partnere.
  14. Removing Wrath (December)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Raoth.
  15. Morning Eyes (December)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Rio Marino.
  16. At the Borders (December)
    Casa di Cavalieri, with Adela.
  17. Gifts for the Loyal (December)
    Casa di Cavalieri

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