Aro Marino

Aro Marino is the son of former mates Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. He was born and raised in Crimson Dreams, then moved to Casa di Cavalieri with most of his immediate family. He is the father of Ayden Flynn Marino. Aro is very centered around the family. He stays in Casa di Cavalieri because he believes that he needs to keep the family together (even more so now that Jazper Rhiannon-Knight has left). Since Ayden Flynn Marino has vanished, Aro has put the energy that would be looking after Ayden Flynn Marino into looking after and "protecting" aka fatherly, his sister Sophia Knight. Fearing that she will slip back into a deep bout of depression.

Aro Marino

PlayerAdam, Alley
Date of BirthNovember 3, 2009
Subspecies50% Canis lupus
50% Canis lupus italicus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCrimson Dreams
Current packCasa di Cavalieri
Souls ProfileArchive Profile

Previous Pack

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateNovember 3, 2009
SignificanceBirthpack, member


Aro was born to Ghita Marino and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight along with his sister Sophia Knight. When he was older and deemed ready by his father he was gifted with a sword of his choice, the sword was handsomely crafted, and he was proud to have been gifted such weaponry. He had practiced with sticks many a time, wanting to be like his father. To have a real sword was a treat and Aro treated it as a prized possession, still does to this day.

Aro had disappeared with his mother back to the old world after their parents seperation. He had many times hesitated, but he wanted to ensure his mom settled in nicely. He too, almost settled there with her, meeting a beautiful dame and exploring the relationship. Things fell apart for him, and knowing that his mother was settled he came back in search of his father. He knew his father had plans to start a new pack, it was after all one of the things that caused his father and mother to bicker and become upset with one another. Still, he did side with his father on the pack idea. He hoped his father had got it running, and hoped he had a place within it.

He was happy to find a place within his father's pack, he explores much of the land, but stays always near to his pack. On one of these travels he'd come across a woman by the name of Amy Sunders. With her he'd noticed a slave man, soon finding this woman had cut the man's tongue out. Aro then made it a point to obtain this man in any way possible; to rescue him. He went about it in a none violent manner, not wanting to resort to violence. He won out and now has the man at his side.

On another one of his travels he'd come across another woman, Sidra Phoenix. He was almost attacked by the woman, but sensed her. She was quite fascinating (still is ;) ). She was without a family or pack to call her own. After aquiring a meal...and 'pet', he offered her a home in Casa with him. She didn't take it right away, but was convinced later by two other Casa members. A joyous day it was for him....


Aro is a very confident male, almost overly confident. He is confident in his feelings, skills, and his looks. He doesn't gloat about his looks at all, but his behavior says he definitely isn't shy about his looks. His skills on the other hand... he sometimes gets a little 'show-boaty'.

He is very loyal to his pack, family, and friends. Lovers, that is a different story. Aro will do anything for his pack, family, and friends. He is also loyal to his personal code, and as long as his pack, family, and friends stay within that personal code, they will have his loyalty. He doesn't see there ever being a problem with it though, as his pack was built around the same code his father instilled within him. His lovers, though, not considered lovers to him, as he's been around a little, he has no loyalty to a single one, as he considers most flings or one night stands..

Noble. Aro is all about nobility. He stands with a high sense of social status and political influence. He knows his pack is about keeping the peace, but if a fight were to break down, they would be there for their allies. Being the son of Knight also gives him a sense of nobility. Also, he hopes to become part of his father's Brotherhood. He will one day join his younger siblings....for now, he's sort of enjoying his 'freedom'.

Aro is a very loving and caring male...its his how he ends up with females half the time...but also how he can sometimes end up with a deer or slave. It's a curse and a blessing...He has a lot of empathy that ends up leading him into fights, and taking on others problems, or even helping them with an urge...


Member of the Marino, Knight, and Damaichu families.