Blind, by Kiri

Name Meaningunable to see, sightless
Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthJune 20, 2010
Date of Death2012
Age< 2 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus lycaon

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

New Dawn

Joining dateFeburary 11, 2012

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateSeptember 21, 2011

Blind was a previous member of Crimson Dreams before she traveled outside of 'Souls, returning in the new year to join New Dawn. She was the adoptive daughter of Soran Aatte and a notable friend of Vesper. She was killed by a bear while hunting.


Blind knows nothing of her birth and very little of what followed because her past was hidden by her mother Rhia's shame and resentment toward her father. Her parents were both loners - that she did know - having met and mated by the generosity of Fate. They had four puppies; all but Blind died at a young age. Unfortunately, this is all Blind's mother would tell her about her supposed siblings. The question of her father, Limp, was answered with a short "He was crazy," and nothing more. Wandering from land to land, silence soon drove a wedge between the pup and her mother.

As time went on, Blind's mother grew to care less and less about herself, and eventually starved to death. At first Blind thought it was her fault, that maybe she had taken too much food during each meal. But it soon became apparent that Rhia was purposefully eating less and less. The young wolf wandered the borders of Nova Scotia, growing stronger as a result of the daily test of being a nomad and constantly wondering about who she is and where she came from, in addition to what might have become of her father.

Since arriving at ‘Souls, Blind found a loving home in the Crimson Dreams pack, where she met her ‘adoptive mother’, Soran Aatte. Ever since they met, they had a tight bond that very few former wanderers know, and they remain close.

However, as much as Blind loved being around Soran, she couldn’t shake her desire for wandering and being out on her own, which led her to explore the neutral territories of ‘Souls for many weeks. On this journey, she met a funky luperci by the name of Cherry LeHill; they became fast friends, and she taught Blind a lot of things about the luperci world. Cherry was very skilled in the expressive arts, specifically hair coloring, piercing, and tattooing. Because of Blind’s easily-persuadable nature, it didn’t take long before Cherry had coerced her into completely changing her hair, as well as allowing her to give Blind a tattoo on her belly to signify her newfound personality and freedom. But still, Blind felt rather guilty for leaving the home that had been so quick to take her in, so after a painful goodbye, Blind travelled back toward Crimson Dreams with the question in her mind of whether or not that was where she truly belonged. On a whim, she began to head north in search for the place in which she knew she should be.

She joined New Dawn after meeting a few of its members, such as Augustus. However, a strange depression had overtaken her, leaving her listless. She was killed by a bear while hunting with Cerberus Antum, who brings news of her death to New Dawn and to her friend Vesper, a fellow former wanderer who shared a very close bond with the sweet she-wolf.


Once a timid and insecure wolf, Blind now revels in the freedom of the wild, and you’ll often find her exploring and fraternizing with strangers. Her past has become exactly what it was intended to be: behind her. She no longer wishes to unfold its secrets, because she believes that although it was a ‘stepping stone’ necessary to get her where she is today, it is not something that needs to be dwelled on. She’s developed somewhat of a rebellious streak because of this, claiming that “no one can hold [her] down, not even [her] family.” But that’s what happens when you spend time around the lot that she does; you change. Nonetheless, some would say this is a welcome change for her, because it has provided her with a lightness and bubbly attitude that is rather…contagious.

However, though she may come off as rough and carefree now, she’s still managed to hang on to her tender heart. As it has always been, Blind cannot stand to see another creature hurt, and she will do anything in her power to aid them in their struggles. Even if it means putting her own needs and safety aside, she won’t hesitate to help anyone out.

As far as relationships go, Blind is a little…well, oblivious, DESPITE her being a flirt. She’ll tease and play ‘till her heart’s content, but no one has been able to claim her…yet. Being a fairly attractive wolf (and one who has come to know it), she is very much aware of those that have sought her attention, but as far as she’s concerned, acquiring a mate is not on her ‘to-do’ list. She would never admit, however, that this might be due to her lack of faith in relationships, or her innate fear of men in general.



  • Parents — Rhia & Limp
  • Adoptive ParentSoran Aatte


Vesper, Augustus


Caspa Al-Fateh, Yiska Perethpaw, Ehno Marino, Terra



Blind could easily be mistaken for a black wolf, when in truth her pelt is actually a warm, dark brown. Bearing a distinct resemblance to her mother, Blind wears her monochromatic coat proudly, the sun and moonlight providing the only (and very slight) variations in color. Her eyes make up for this, however, being multi-colored: the left is a bone-chilling blue, while the right is a shimmering, golden yellow. The cause for this is unknown - both of her parents had brown eyes, as did her grandparents. But, in addition to her unusually affectionate demeanor, this makes Blind stand out in a crowd.

If you look close enough, you might notice that Blind's left hind leg is a little shorter than her right in her lupus form. Though it's a minor physical oddity, it makes vigorous activity quite difficult for her. Her mother tried to be patient with her and teach her to target the weakest and slowest prey as a pup, but it wasn't long before big animals such as elk became too arduous to chase, her aching hips forcing her to revert to hunting smaller creatures. However, this is exactly how Blind discovered her insatiable appetite for rabbit, and she hasn't eaten much else since.

Also, since receiving a blood transfer from her dear foster mother, Blind has been able to take on the shifting capabilities so familiar to the bi-pedal wolves of 'Souls. Standing about 5 foot 10 inches, Blind is a thin yet curvy luperci with a much more confident air than the lupus Blind. The change helped lengthen out her awkward legs, causing her to walk infinitely more normal than she used to, and resulted in her love of her optime form being far greater than that of her lupus. A journey spent exploring the neutral territories of 'Souls resulted in a friendship with a funky luperci skilled in the arts of dying, tattooing, and piercing, as well as a brand new haircut. Her mane, once long and unruly, now frames her face in a white-blonde A-line with fiery red bangs hanging above her bi-colored eyes. Because of this, in her lupus form the usually dark-pelted wolf now has what appears to be a white-blonde and red tuft of fur on top of her head. And, though it may not be visible at first, a closer look reveals the tattoo of a sparrow encasing her navel.