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Name OriginMy mind.
Date of Birth20th March 2010
Subspecies50% Vancouver Island wolf (Canis lupus crassodon), 50% Interior Alaskan Wolf (Canis lupus pambasileus)
LuperciYes, Ortus.
Birth placeA pack that Maddi has yet to name :D
Current packCrimson Dreams

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Crimson Dreams

Joining Date16th September 2011
Most Recent RankPlebian (NPC)

Mysterious Unnamed pack...

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Kiwi Aatte is a current member of Crimson Dreams in 'Souls. She is the daughter of Soran Aatte and Pavle Itzal, and is her sister, Rain Aatte's NPC companion within the lands.

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1.  Personality

  • Soul Grade: Neutral-Neutral

Kiwi is rather shy and timid, but has a strong thirst for knowledge. She is often quiet and retiring, although once she gets to know someone she is far more chatty and friendly, although her shyness often gets in the way of her making friends at first, she is very close to her family, especially her older sister (Rain, the eldest of the four) who she sees as her protector and closest companion. She is rather the opposite of her sister when you first meet her, being drowned out by her sister's loud and outgoing nature. Kiwi is a very patient and calm creature, having a very long fuse when it comes to her temper, although she is a very accomplished hand to hand fighter this is a skill that no-one would see.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Kiwi is a lot shorter than her siblings and her mother, somehow not inheriting her mother or father's height. She does however have her mother's build, being light boned and slender, muscles barely being apparent underneath her soft fur. She stands about 6 foot and 2 inches in her Optime form, her shortness being obvious. She too has inherited her mother's dark pelt, her fur is a little longer than her sister's and her mother's though, when she is in her Optime form her mane is elbow length and exceptionally curly, she often wears it down rather than attempting to tame it into any style. Her eyes are the same bright green as her mother's, being her shorter mirror image in reality.

4.  History

Kiwi was born in a small pack not too far away from 'Souls, her siblings and herself being the product of a one night stand between her mother and a male named Pavle Itzal, they had parted company before their mother discovered that she was pregnant and there is no ill will between the two, although Pavle does not know the pups exist. Soran did indeed tell her four youngest children about their father should they ever want to meet him in the future. Kiwi is the youngest of the four pups, being 10 minutes younger than her youngest sister and around 5 minutes younger than her twin siblings, who were born in the same sack. They lived a happy life in the pack with their mother and their mother's mate Dayna who was the Alphess of the pack that they were born in.

As the pups grew up they were taught many skills by both their mothers, Soran teaching them to read and write, to hunt and getting them interested in music. Dayna teaching them hand to hand combat and basic swordsmanship, they all now have a competant level in this, although Kiwi is often too timid to show her skills. When they were about a year and three months old their mother decided that it was time to leave, following the break down of her relationship with Dayna.

For a time the family lived happily within the pack, they had not minded when their mother had left, having all written her letters and promising to come and visit her when they had a chance. They all intended to fulfil this promise, but not as soon as Rain ended up doing it, it was a tradition within the pack for the members when they reached their "adult age" to have a piercing or a tattoo, although Rain was more than happy to have the piercing done, opting for a silver stud in her upper lip. Kiwi however did not want any modifications, being rather timid and afraid of the needle they were using to do it, when she refused Dayna tried to convince her to have it done, causing an argument with Rain, who leapt to defend her sister. Although the argument was settled and Dayna apolgised Rain decided that it was time to leave and go and see their real mother. This ended in the sisters packing up a little hand cart and leaving, leaving the twins behind. They took the cart and one of the maps that their mother had drawn them of the 'Souls lands and set off towards the Crimson Dreams lands, to find their mother.

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