Twilight Vale


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Twilight Vale

ColoursOrange (#F66530) & White (#ffffff)
Founded ByConri Church & Naniko D'Angelo
Founded On10 April 2008
Defunct On26 August 2008

Past Leadership

Former Leaders Conri Church, Naniko D'Angelo
Former Subleaders Lucifer Sawtooth

Pack History

Succeeded byCrimson Dreams

Twilight Vale was originally founded by Conri Church and Naniko D'Angelo on April 10, 2008.

We live in a big house, y0.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early History (2008)
    2.   1.2  Recent History (2008-Current)
  2.   2.  Territory
    1.   2.1  Haven Manor
    2.   2.2  Rabbit Lake
    3.   2.3  Syemv Beach
    4.   2.4  The Meeting Area
  3.   3.  Culture
    1.   3.1  Laws
    2.   3.2  Customs
    3.   3.3  Traditions
  4.   4.  Perceived Culture
  5.   5.  External Links

1.  History

1.1  Early History (2008)

Yay founded.

1.2  Recent History (2008-Current)

All this stuff happendz.

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2.  Territory

Map of Twilight Vale, by Amber?

The lands of Twilight Vale begin right where the waters of Rabbit Lake touch the east bank, extending thirty miles east. The lands around the lake are lush with vegetation, often tempting prey to come out of hiding for a fresh drink. Beyond the lake and deeper into the territory rests a large house, referred to as Haven Manor, and the center point of the Twilight Vale pack lands. The house is surrounded by a large white picket fence with renewed gardens lining either side. Just southeast of the house the lands extend down to the coast, a private beach of sorts, lined with soft golden sands and dotted with massive rock formations. The territory as a whole seems to have been fashioned to be almost paradise-like for the pack that inhabits it.

2.1  Haven Manor

Just east of Rabbit Lake sits a large house, known as Haven Manor. This house was previously a plantation house, surrounded by fields and gardens, long since grown over. Surrounded by a white picket fence, the outside of the manor is less than appealing, having been constructed in the early 1920's, it's appearance has degraded over time. Despite it's looks on the outside, Haven Manor was built with a sturdy foundation and still stands strong in present day. Very little has changed on the inside since the time of the humans, only a large cumulation of dust and dirt.

2.2  Rabbit Lake

The picturesque nature of Rabbit Lake is one which instigated its protection by humans prior to the virus. Now, the land has continued to flourish, and the lake is pristine and clear. Rolling hardwood hills surround the lake and other, smaller lakes nearby. Few trees dot the hills, and much of the land is home to white-footed moose, the common shrew, short-tailed shrew, and red-backed vole. The surrounding area was once subject to a wildfire, and only recently have the lands begun to recover. Low shrubs and black spruce trees are more plentiful than other plants, but white and red oak trees are slowly beginning to grow. Farther to the south of the lake, the land was less affected by the fire, and has more densely-populated woodlands.

2.3  Syemv Beach

Syemv Beach is in the southeastern part of the pack is lined in golden sand. Rocks mark the separation from the lush green grass to the beach front. The area was named in honor of the seven original members that joined after the fire to start the pack, Twilight Vale. The name also came from the old pack that lived on the beach front in Bleeding Souls, hoping that the generation to come will never forget the charred lands that came before 'Souls.

2.4  The Meeting Area

Deep in the heart of Twilight Vale, past the house and to the northwest, is a thick forest area. Upon finding the path and reaching the end, there is an area of about one hundred feet, designed specifically for pack gatherings. Rounded logs sit in three rows, all angled around the fire pit in the middle, made of stones, built up about three feet tall to make a ring for fires, a prime place for gatherings and celebrations. In front is an old tree trunk that has been carved and cut in to the shape of a chair, to either side of the chair are stones on the ground about the same size in width.

3.  Culture

  • YAR

3.1  Laws


3.2  Customs

  • No excise tax! I mean...

3.3  Traditions

  • Wolves howl at the moon, yo.
  • And pee on trees.

4.  Perceived Culture

  • Culture as others see it!
  • Aka, Inferni is a mafia. But Clouded Tears was one first, so there.

5.  External Links

  • Link to the website if applicable
  • Or the forum!


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