Liam Catori

Liam Catori is the son of Ayita Catori and Vigilante Haskel, born in Cour des Miracles on December 28th 2010.[1] He resided in Cour des Miracles for over 2 years with his daugher Valencia Catori and adoptive children, Caroline Catori and Aithne Marino.

He left the Court around January 2014, traveling to Greenwood to be with Amaranth Catori and her children.

Liam Catori

Liam by Nat
PlayerKit Marie
Name OriginGerman
Name MeaningWill, desire and helmet, protection.
Date of BirthDecember 28, 2010
Subspecies50% Canis lupus familiaris
50% Canis lupus lycaon
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCour des Miracles
Current packNone

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Current Pack


Joining date--
Current Rank--
Past Ranks--

Previous Packs

Cour des Miracles

Joining date30 August 2012
Past RanksDuke, Chevalier, Prince
Significancebirthplace, son of Vigilante, aspiring Apothecary


Joining date4 June 2012
Significancefound Caroline here

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1.  History

1.1  Early Life

Liam Catori is the second born son of Vigilante Haskel and Ayita Catori of Cour des Miracles, born after his brother Noah Haskel. A younger sister named Ame Haskel came along stillborn shortly thereafter. His childhood was spent exploring the pack lands with his brother as well as learning many different things, including reading, writing, French and some low speech. All the while, he even managed to stay clear of trouble - for the most part anyway. Liam was always very curious and that in itself often got him into some minor trouble here and there but nothing he couldn't get himself out of.

Not too long after being weened, Noah left the pack with no explanation and a brief goodbye.[2] Liam never did find out what happened for Noah to leave so suddenly but his brother's departure deeply troubled Liam, suddenly finding his whole world turned upside down. He had always been very close to his family, wanting to protect them to the best of his capabilities, and all of a sudden his brother was gone and there really wasn't much Liam could do. For the first time the young mutt was angry at his brother - and not just the anger small and playful scuffles had brought him as a young puppy but actual anger.

Ever since his brother's departure in July 2011, Liam got more and more involved in different activities around the kingdom, wanting to make his mind forget about Noah. He reinforced his low speech and French skills, reading books and practicing his writing whenever he could. All the while, Liam grew more and more and soon was closer to his father's size. He was slowly ridding his mind of Noah, but the sudden news that he would be a big brother triggered the bitter memories once again.

1.2  Liam, Big Brother

When Liam learned of Ayita's pregnancy he was, at first, a little scared that he wouldn't get to see his mother much or that she wouldn't have time for him anymore. As the end of her pregnancy neared however he grew anxious and excited; he was going to have baby brothers and sisters. He had always wanted a sister - of course he had 'Mara but she'd been an adult when he'd been born and he had never really been close to her.

On September 12th 2011, just a few months before Liam's first birthday, Skoll Haskel, Hati Catori and Lottie Haskel were born.[3] Instantly, Liam took on the protective big brother role, practically obsessing about the three little things for their first month of life. Around that same time, his father was growing more and more scarce, what with the whole ordeal with Aniwaya. Liam wanted to make up for his father's absences, so he stuck around the house a lot and helped his mother as much as possible.

1.3  AniWaya: War of 2011

On October 3rd the Cour des Miracles King, Liam's father, brought the entire pack together so that they could finally discuss the recent happenings with AniWaya and Crimson Dreams.[4] It was the first time Liam heard of the brewing war and it was also the first time he really got to be part of it. Call it his pride, his hero complex or the will to be as great as his father, Liam joined the ranks of fighters during the Cour Des Miracles Raid[5] and then again during the second raid[6] alongside Crimson Dreamers and others from different packs. Throughout and after the entire mess Liam also helped his mother at Chien Hotel with the healing of injured members. He soon found himself with quite a talent in that field and the idea of pursuing a co-rank in healing briefly crossed his mind.

2.  Personality

To sum up Liam Catori in a nutshell, he is a loving, down to earth wolf with a naturally curious personality and a desire to learn all kinds of new things. This aspect is perhaps what makes him so intelligent, but it also happens to be what gets him in trouble most of the time. He is too curious for his own good. He is also very stubborn and persistent, almost never taking 'no' for an answer. He is ambitious and trusting, not to mention independent. The young Catori is generally a kind-hearted wolf with a heart of gold and strong family values.

In the period of time where his older brother Noah left the pack, Liam grew even more protective of his family and is even more afraid of losing those he is closest to. Not only does he have abandonment issues, he also has a bit of a 'hero complex' so to speak, always wanting to save everyone, even if he physically doesn't have the capabilities to do such a thing.

When first meeting strangers, Liam keeps somewhat of an emotional wall up while he cautiously tests the waters. During this short period of time he will act friendly and be polite, but his trust is slim until he gets to know the individual better. It usually takes very little time for him to warm up to another however, no matter the age or gender. When it comes to personality, he will get along better with wolves that are easy-going and are more on the submissive side. Liam himself is a bit of an alpha, perhaps due to his father's position as King of the Cour des Miracles pack.

He is very close to his family and develops very strong bonds with people he has known for a long period of time. Due to his abandonment issues, Liam doesn't take betrayal very well and always seems to over-analyze the wrong things people do sometimes and why they do it. He does not necessarily hold grudges, but he will need an apology before he can forgive. He never forgets however, so when you have crossed him once it will be difficult to gain his trust once more.

  • Fears: Isolation, ostracism, mockery, failure
  • Motivations: acceptance, duty
  • Alignment: Law Neutral


  • New things / experiences
  • His Optime form
  • Reading
  • The color orange
  • Chasing things
  • Learning
  • Hunting


  • War
  • Betrayal
  • Strangers

2.1  Skills

  • High and Low Speech
  • French
  • Reading and writing

2.2  Strengths

  • His desire to learn
  • Physically fit
  • Quick-witted
  • Independent
  • Strong family values
  • Loyalty

2.3  Weaknesses

  • Has abandonment issues
  • Is very stubborn
  • Obsessive
  • Cares too much
  • Romantically-awkward

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Catori + Haskel

For more information, please see the Catori and Haskel families.

3.2  Lovers

3.3  Friends

3.4  Acquaintances

3.5  Allies


3.6  Enemies


Note: Beside each name is the link to the thread in which Liam first met these characters. Only characters he has spoken to will count. NPC's do not count.

4.  Appearance

Liam's Forms

The following are Liam's heights and weights when in his different wolf forms. Note; these are his height and weight as a fully grown adult.

    • 2'5ft. (31")
    • 121lbs.
    • 3'6ft. (43")
    • 187lbs.
    • 7'4ft.
    • 239lbs.

Liam prefers his Optime form. However, when it comes to hunting, fighting and running he will be in his Lupus form. He will rarely, if ever, be in his Secui form.

Liam is built somewhat on the larger side than the average wolf his age with toned muscles that stems from an active lifestyle and some of his father's genes. He appears even bulkier, but that is only due to his exceedingly thick fur, which seems to increase in thickness during the winter time. This is yet another physical trait he has inherited from his father. As a pup he was always bigger than average and upon developing the ability to shift into his Optime form, it was discovered that he was just as tall with visible muscles in his arms and legs with broad shoulders.

He has a wolf-esque coat color consisting of different shades of grays, browns, tans and creams. However, due to his Malamute ancestry, Liam has a fluffy curled tail. He also has some German Shepherd ancestry from his father. In his Optime form, Liam has a semi-long mane of dark brown hair that seems to forever appear unkempt, hanging a little past his shoulders.

His right eye is blue like his mother Ayita's, while his left eye is green just like his father Vigilante. His eyes easily transfer his emotions; especially the negative ones such as pain, hate or sadness.

While Liam is almost always seen sporting a leather string with a bone pendant (a bone from his first kill) he does not like clothing, finding it extremely uncomfortable. On occasion he may wear a belt with tools and weapons (accessories in general aren't that bad) but rarely, if ever, will he actually sport pants and a shirt.