The Haskel Family

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Family Statistics

Created by—Meghann
Total Members—17
Living Members—15
Active Members—02
Location—Cour des Miracles, Dahlia de Mai, Salsola

Family Foundation

First Member Location—Alaska/Northwestern Canada
First Member Date—June 2009
First Member Name—Vigilante Haskel
First Birth Location—Kaktowik
Founding Parents—Lyra and Valter Haskel
Founding Birth Children—Vigilante Haskel and Martyr Haskel

Family Tree

The majority of the Haskel family lives far away from the area of 'Souls, in a northern part of the region that was once Alaska and Canada. The pack is called Kaktowik. The original pack had very strange ideals, though they had a hierarchy common to older wolf packs, with the exception of a group of members called collectively as The Elders (both young and old, despite the misleading name), who passed down legends and determined the fate of nearly everyone in the pack.

The first member of the Haskel family to come to 'Souls was Vigilante Haskel in June of 2009. The last known living individual with the Haskel surname was Skoll Haskel, who later passed this name to his children.

1.  About

1.1  Available Adoptables

None at the moment! ;)

1.2  Pack Influences

  • Cour des Miracles—After leaving Kaktowik, Vigilante Haskel travelled across the entire continent to put distance between himself and his past, joining Cour des Miracles on June 3rd, 2009. He was later promoted to Constable on November 17th, 2009. He sired two litters by Ayita Catori, totaling five children, and was the King until his death on October 30, 2012. His youngest, Charlotte Haskel, became his successor and, briefly, Queen before her assumed death in 2014. Vigilante's son Skoll Haskel remains highly ranked in the Court.
  • Dahlia de Mai—A second generation member, Lolita Monroe joined Dahlia de Mai after her brother, Pello Haskel, chased her away from Kaktowik. Later, Lolita conceived children by Niro Takekuro and gave birth to five puppies (one was stillborn, one died a few days after birth, and three lived). This expanded the Haskel family and also created a base for the Monroe family.
  • Salsola—Third generation members Magnolia Takekuro and Foxglove Monroe joined Salsola. Later, Magnolia conceived children by Denver Mathis and gave birth to three puppies.

1.3  Family Influences

2.  Members

2.1  First Generation

  • Lyra Haskel x Valter Haskel — Born February 3rd, 2006.

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

3.  Features

3.1  Physical

3.2  Mental, Behavior, and Religion

  • Mental Conditions
    • Lolita Monroe suffers from what is called Cotard's Delusion, or Walking Corpse Syndrome. She is the only member known to date to have this, but it is presumable that the gene is present in the family somewhere.
  • Religion
    • There is no common religion in this family, as Kaktowik was a pack that followed no religion. Some members have found their own religion, however.
      • Vigilante Haskel follows agnostic beliefs, finding it very unlikely that there is a God anywhere, but he is fascinated by Catholicism and Christianity and also believes that his vigilante ways are for the greater good.
      • Skoll Haskel follows a brand of religion influenced by Catholicism due to his mother Ayita's teachings.
  • Incest
    • While it is frowned upon, there has been one instance of incest in the Haskel family. Lolita Monroe and her sister, Pippa Haskel, were lovers until their brother, Pello Haskel, found them together and attacked Lolita Monroe. The attack made her leave the pack and travel to the 'Souls area, and it also triggered her Cotard's Delusion into full effect. She believes that her brother killed her.
  • Shifting
    • All members of the Haskel family are Luperci by birth, but in Kaktowik it is not common to shift at all. Therefore, the majority of the founding members prefer using their Lupus forms, however there are some exceptions in preference.
      • Vigilante Haskel used his Optime form when on missions, so it became normal for him to use. He can easily and comfortably shift between the three forms, however, he does prefer the Secui and Lupus forms.
      • Lolita Monroe does not shift out of her Optime form ever because of her belief that she is dead. She fears that it will render her body completely unusable and that she physically cannot shift.
      • Pippa Haskel prefers the Optime form, as well, so that she can be with Lolita Monroe if she were to return to her.
      • Skoll Haskel uses each of his forms equally, showing no preference for being on four legs or two.
  • Literacy and Languages
    • Most members cannot read or write.
    • The language common in the family is English, however some members have picked up various languages over time.
      • Vigilante Haskel knows a bit of Gaelic, from time spent studying a pack that spoke that language near ???. He has also learned a tiny amount of French from his mate.
      • Lolita Monroe fluently speaks Hungarian, presumably from spending a bit of time with a Hungarian-speaking pack during her travels.
      • Skoll Haskel, Hati Catori, and Charlotte Haskel (the second litter between Vigilante and Ayita Catori) know how to read, write, and speak French from their mother.
  • Drug Use
    • Drug, cigarette, and alcohol use are not common for members of this family.
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