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Kaktowik Statistics

Name Meaning?
Name Origin?
Date of Founding~1888
Primary SpeciesCanis familiaris
Luperci dominantYes; lupus form most common

Kaktowik Creator

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1.  Description

A description of the territory goes here. Don't get into too much super-crazy detail--remember, people aren't playing these territores. Information about the climate and general area will suffice if you don't want to go too deeply into it. For example, one might say that 'Souls is mostly deciduous forest in a temperate climate zone, with low mountains and a lot of coastline. If your area is a city, you can include particularly important areas that most citizens of the area would know--like Halifax in 'Souls. Not many canines live there, but pretty much everyone knows the human ruins, right? XD

2.  Culture

The original pack had very strange ideals, though they had a hierarchy common to older wolf packs.

2.1  Government

  • A group of members called collectively as The Elders (both young and old, despite the misleading name), who passed down legends and determined the fate of nearly everyone in the pack.

2.2  History

History here.

3.  Significant Characters

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