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Family Statistics

Total Members—6
Living Members—4
Active Members—0
Location—Cour des Miracles and Dahlia de Mai

Family Foundation

First Member Location—Dahlia de Mai[
First Member Date—September 2009
First Member Name—Lolita Monroe
First Birth Location—Dahlia de Mai
Founding Parents—Lolita Monroe and Niro Takekuro
Founding Birth Children—Poppy Monroe, Magnolia Monroe, Orchid Monroe, Foxglove Monroe, Iris Monroe

Family Tree

1.  About

The Monroe family is a subunit of the Haskel family, beginning with Lolita Monroe (formerly Haskel), who changed her surname when she left her birth pack after her death (for more information, see Lolita's page).

1.1  Pack Influences

1.2  Family Influences

2.  Features

2.1  Physical

Coming. See Haskel.

2.2  Mental, Behavior, and Religion

  • Mental Conditions
    • Lolita Monroe suffers from what is called Cotard's Delusion, or Walking Corpse Syndrome. She is the only member known to date to have this, but it is presumable that the gene is present in the family somewhere.
    • Foxglove Monroe appeared to have similar symptoms to her mother's condition.

3.  Members

3.1  First Generation

3.2  Second Generation

3.3  Third Generation

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