Kable Catori

Kable Catori is a current loner. He is the son of Ayita Catori and Leroy, and was born in Cour des Miracles's first litter.

Kable Catori

Kable, by Kiri
Date of Birth17 Oct 2009
Subspecies50% Husky-malamute mix
50% Eastern Timber Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeShattered Coast
Current packLoner
'Souls Profile
Archive Profile

Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateOct 17 2009
Joining RankInfante
Most Recent RankSeigneur

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    1.   3.1  Family: Catori + L Brothers
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1.  History

On October 17th 2009 Kable Catori was born in Cour Des Miracles by his mother Ayita and father Leroy, alongside his sister Amaranth. Leroy only slept with Ayita to rebound from a bad breakup, and did not want to raise puppies or have a relationship with her. He left the pack for good, but ended up bringing his son with him. Leaving 'Souls, Kable spent a year and half traveling about the United States with Leroy and on his own agenda. Feeling contempt with the things he had the chance to experience and the time he’d spent away, he decided to return home where he belonged to reunite with his sister and mother.

Once back in CDM, Kable quickly learned of events and going-ons of things that happened during his absent status in the kingdom. He watched his sister's pups Tasha and Heiro grow up, and was present at his mother's deathbed, something that changed him profoundly. He moved into the Catori-Haskel home to be closer to his family, specifically his half-brother Liam after Amaranth leaves. He was present for the birth of Liam's daughter, Valencia, and began to feel like he was stagnating. He decides to leave Cour Des Miracles and travel on his own again to search for his true purpose.[1]

2.  Personality

  • Happy
  • Kind
  • Goofy
  • Pacifistic
  • Understanding
  • Smart

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Catori + L Brothers

Maternal Ancestry

  • Grandmother: -- Othinia Fitzroy
  • Grandfather: -- Terigon Catori
  • Uncles: -- Zafier Catori

Paternal Ancestry



4.  Appearance

Being half Husky and half Timber Wolf, Kable shows physical signs of a combination between the two. The primary coat that covers the majority of his body is the color of coal. On the male’s back and the end of his tail the fur is a shade of black. Around his eyes and running from his muzzle down to his tail along his underneath the mix’s fur is a light gray. The Catori male’s eye color is a strong red. Kable’s hair is black when he is in Optime form.

5.  Postlog

5.1  Active

5.2  Archived