Lolita Monroe

Lolita Monroe

Lolita, by Kiri
Date of BirthApril 10, 2008
Age> 2 years
Subspecies25% German Shepherd, 25% Alaskan Malamute, and 50% Wolf (She looks most like her shepherd heritage)
Current packDahlia de Mai
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateSeptember 22, 2009[1]
Previous RanksGazon, Jager
Most Recent RankJager Fuhrer

Lolita Monroe is a former member of Dahlia de Mai and is afflicted with Cotard Delusion/Walking Corpse Syndrome.


The litter was born into a pack of insane elders with crazy ideas about what was right and what was wrong. The generation above them included their mother, Martyr, and their uncle, Vigilante. Because of their fur patterns and the fact that three pups in the litter were stillborn, the Elders decided that fate had brought them the pups for their purposes, hence their overly descriptive names. Vigilante and Martyr were raised away from the rest of the pack of dogs, and then were taught their "purposes." Vigilante was trained to kill those that did anything wrong, and Martyr was taught to be kind, gentle, and compassionate. When the Elders decided it was time, they called for a wolf named Donovan to impregnate Martyr, and on April 10th, she gave birth to four pups: Pello, Pippa, Rashelle, and Lolita. All were given the surname of Haskel, since Donovan was not meant to play any part in their lives.

From the beginning, Pello was a dominating puppy, Pippa was passionate about anything an everything, Rashelle was very obliging and followed her brother willingly anywhere, and Lolita was different. She constantly complained about feeling wrong, like all of her blood was gone or that part of her was missing, but she couldn't explain what. Pello became very violent over the first six months of their lives, particularly towards his sisters. Eventually, on February 3rd, 2009, Vigilante was instructed by the Elders to kill his sister to stop Pello's behavior. He did so (Martyr was very compliant, and gave herself up willingly), then fled in the middle of the night, coming to this area and joining Cour des Miracles.

Shortly after their mother's death, Lolita and Pippa had a lesbian, incestuous encounter that was very rudely interrupted by their brother's rage. Since Lolita had always been the different one, he blamed her, and took out his anger on her, leaving her for dead in the middle of nowhere. This attack sparked her mental illness, and since then (this was likely March 5th, though she is not sure on the date), she has been dead, taking to wandering alone with her drugs to stay alive, finally coming to this area and coming across Dahlia de Mai's borders curiously.


Lolita is a pot-smoking, sex-loving, Hungarian-speaking dead girl.



  • Parents: Martyr Haskel and Donovan (Unknown to her)
  • Sisters: Pippa Haskel and Roshelle Haskel
  • Brother: Pello Haskel
  • Uncle: Vigilante Haskel
  • Nieces: Faith Haskel, Ebony Charm, River Haskel
  • Nephew: Kalev Charm
  • Grandmother: Lyra Haskel (maternal)
  • Grandfather: Valter Haskel (maternal)




Lolita does not use her lupus form or her secui form ever, choosing to stay in her optime form due to her mental issues. Thus, it is not necessary to give a description of her lupus form, only her optime form. She was born the runt of her litter, considerably smaller than any of her siblings, and now stands at a very short 5'7" and weighs in at just under 120 pounds, too thin even for her own small body. She is a mix of German Shepherd Dog and Alaskan Malamute on her mother's side, and a wolf on her father's side, but she seems to have the lithe frame of a shepherd with a creamy-colored coat. She learned to work with tattoos and dyes, and dyes her long, tangled mane a shocking red color, giving her a feral appearance. Like her uncle, she had green eyes, though they are significantly darker than his. A distinguishing feature is that bright red tattoo she has on her forehead, an Egyptian Amenta, the symbol often associated with death. The two tails run between her eyes. She runs as a naked, feral woman, with only one article of "clothing;" a very large, faded brown leather sidebag containing her paraphanalia.