Hati Catori

Hati Catori is the son of Ayita Catori and Vigilante Haskel. He always resided in Cour des Miracles as a member of their royal family, and is currently working as a stablehand. After the tragic loss of his parents in the fall of 2012, Hati rediscovered his purpose as the guardian of his half-sister, Esperanza Catori.

Hati Catori

by Alaine



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12 Sept 2011





Catori + Haskel

Birth place

Cour des Miracles



50% Canis lupus (Wolf)
50% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)


50% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Alaskan Malamute
25% German Shepherd




Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Freiherr
Co-rank Page


Cour des Miracles (2011 - present)
Prince, Squire


Lineart by Nat


  • Eyes: Jordy Blue (#89CFF0)
  • Fur:
    • Bright Grey (#3D4051) base coat, visible on sides, tail, hindquarters.
    • Abbey (#4A4B51) faded underbelly, cheeks, joints.
    • Shark (#2C2E35) back saddle, facial mask.
    • Woodsmoke (#0A0A0E) darkest points of saddle (less visible in Lupus), Optime hair.
    • Iron (#D5D5D8) front paws, muzzle underside.

Hati's features are well-balanced between his dog sire and his wolf dam. The Catori side of the family contributed his blue eyes, a mirror of his mother's. From birth he had unusual coloring - his grey fur carried a sheen of midnight blue akin to a night sky. After two years, time has greyed his pelt somewhat, and there are now darker shadows visible in a semblance of a faded mask over his face -- a trait more common to the Haskel lineage. His underbelly is a dull stone grey, and his periwinkle markings are less defined along his hands and muzzle. His coat is darkest along his spine in a wolfish pattern, which darkens still as he shifts up to his Optime form.

His fur is long, thick, and feathery, especially on his tail and his ruff -- signs of his Alaskan Malamute heritage, particularly visible with his winter coat. His black Optime mane is cropped fairly short, and he meticulously combs it back from his face, letting it curl up before it reaches his narrow shoulders. His posture is generally subtle, as he expresses himself with a quiet acquiescence and never challenges dominance. Hati is tall and slender in all forms, with long legs and an elegant gait. Despite this, he is still the shortest male in his immediate family. He is built for speed but not endurance, with a lean muscle tone rather than visible strength.

He carries his tail in a half-arc over his back; it's not as pronounced as his father's was, but still an obvious dog trait. It waves like a banner when he is happy or upset, and only lowers when he is furious or terrified. His ears are also subtly tall thanks to dog influences. Since his first birthday, he is always seen with a silver crescent moon pendant around his throat. The necklace was a parting gift from his late mother, and he is too sentimental to remove it regardless of what form he is in. Otherwise he rarely bothers with clothing or accessories, preferring simplicity.





100 lbs (45 kg)
32 in (82 cm)

180 lbs (91 kg)
40 in (102 cm)

220 lbs (100 kg)
6 ft 9 in (205.74 cm)

Long narrow muzzle with wolfish expressions. Winter coat is especially thick and fluffy; summer coat is dense with feathering on the ruff and tail.

Black stripe darkens down the spine, other colors remain the same. Proportioned more like a lanky malamute, with a heavier head and tapering muzzle.

Mane hair is black, neatly trimmed to shoulder length and combed back from his face - turns upward at the tips. Does not have broad shoulders or visible musculature; his body type is thin and lanky.



Hati is quiet and introverted, serious and sensitive. He is extremely honest, unwilling to lie unless the alternative is hurting someone's feelings. He is polite and well-behaved, preferring not to challenge authority and incur negative attention. In fact, good manners and etiquette are law to him, and he will not break his polite facade unless he is emotionally compromised in some way. He often keeps thoughts and feelings to himself. He cannot stomach violence and has an aversion to the sight/scent of (canine) blood, though occasionally his feelings overflow and he lashes out physically.

It took Hati years to come to terms with his sexual orientation -- in his adolescence he did not notice any of the females around him, and gradually admitted to himself he was attracted to males instead. He trusts that his family will accept him this way, but it still makes him too nervous to come out to anyone other than Skoll, because it will be one more way he is different. He feels he owes the family offspring, and intends to take a female mate out of duty rather than love. He is very loyal to his family and is proud to be one of the Court's royalty, but it puts pressure on him that he wishes he could ignore.

He is fluent in French and speaks it with his family members, something special learned from his late mother Ayita. Reading (nonfiction) is one of his favorite pastimes, and he also has an interest in cooking. He is very self-conscious and does not handle teasing well, which also makes it hard for him to recognize a joke. He is easily disheartened when he cannot keep up with a task, for though he is intelligent and talented at a great many things, Hati feels inferior to Skoll in particular, an insecurity he does his best to hide from everyone else by feigning disinterest. The stables are his passion, the one thing he will defend himself for liking -- even though he still questions and doubts himself.

A clean and proper appearance is important to him, and he will check his fur and mane frequently to make sure he is still presentable. He has been known to take secretive walks at night, enjoying the moonlight and the serenity when the other courtiers are asleep. As a youth, his greatest desire was to find his own horse, one who will be his best friend no matter who he grows up to be. As he matures, it is the stables he loves, and he strives to be a better horseman every day. The loss of his parents darkened him, leaving him more serious and lonely than ever.

  • Kinsey 5: "Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual"
  • Song: "Tout reste à faire", Kyo
  • TVtropes: "Well Done, Son" Guy . The Unfavorite . Gayngst
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • "Respects the authority figures in his family and obeys their mandates."
    • "Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly."
    • "Values lifelong commitment to a romantic partner."
    • "Will support their family even if it means personal discomfort."
    • "Seeks secure employment, believing hard work will pay off in the end."



  • Horsemanship — Hati is a fair rider, and is learning all facets of equine care from his teacher, Alder. It is his passion.
  • Language — Hati is fluent in French, as he was taught by his late mother Ayita. He is an avid reader, and does most of his learning from books.
  • Cooking — Hati is a novice cook. He sometimes shares his attempted meals with family, but it's mostly a secret until he gets better.
  • Responsible — Hati is a hard worker, and dedicates himself fully to any tasks he takes on.


  • Hemophobia — Hati reacts very poorly to the sight of canine blood, especially gory injuries. He gets queasy immediately, and usually has to run away to avoid vomiting or fainting. One of his biggest weaknesses, and something he is ashamed of.
  • Indecision — Hati struggles to make any kind of choices by himself. He does not want to disappoint anyone.
  • Sensitivity — Hati gets his feelings hurt very easily. He often misunderstands jokes, and assumes they are at his expense.
  • Slow Learner — Hati takes a long to time to get comfortable with new things. He has to practice a lot.


Born in Cour des Miracles as the King's youngest son, Hati and his littermates had a fairly sheltered childhood. The AniWaya Conflict took place when he was very young, and though his father was absent, his mother more than made up for it by showering her children with affection. Hati was closer to his mother as a result, often remaining at home by her side and helping her with chores, or practicing their native French. His older brother Liam was also present a lot, but left less of an impression. The war claims the life of his uncle Zafier, whom he does not remember.

Hati's pendant

Vigilante returned home unscathed, and makes attempts to forge bonds with the children he barely knows. In adolescence Hati admired his alpha father's stoic strength, but is a little intimidated by him as well, finding him hard to approach. Of his siblings, Skoll was always the most dominant, which often lead to jealousy and resentment in the sombre male's heart. He loves his brother, but is envious of how he is more charismatic and quick to learn. Hati has trouble keeping up sometimes. He and his siblings remained at home with their parents. Hati tried to discover what co-rank he should pursue, as well as learn how to ride horses. He decides he would like to be a stablehand underneath Alder's tutelage, but isn't sure he can handle the workload.

Tensions rise between Skoll and Hati as they near adulthood, leading to a fistfight that puts them on rocky relations. He redoubles his efforts at the stables, working hard to learn all he can about the horses, even as it distances himself from his family. The day before their first birthday, tragedy struck the Catori-Haskel household: Ayita passed away, succumbing to infection from wounds she sustained from an assault. Hati is crushed by the loss of his mother, though with her last breath she gives him her horse and a moon pendant, and bids him to step out of the shadows and be proud of himself. The Hurricane soon sweeps through the coast and damages many buildings throughout the kingdom, including the stables. Several horses including Asagi get loose and are nearly lost, but Hati manages to find them again, spurring an overprotective instinct in him toward the mare.

Scarcely a month later, Vigilante mysteriously dies as well, and Hati's littermate Charlotte is named Queen. Things are fairly bleak for Hati at this point. Amaranth leaves the pack; Kable moves in to take her place. Skoll's jealousy toward Charlotte makes him difficult to approach, and Hati is not close enough with his remaining siblings to ask them for guidance. Hati turns instead to his friend, Alder, but ends up making a mistake - kissing him - that upsets them both and creates distance. He begins riding his horse more and more to keep himself busy, and ends up having a small accident that leads to him nearly losing Asagi again. His panicky reaction leads to him having a fistfight with the canine that found her, Keldava. While recovering from the minor injuries and avoiding the stables, he practices basic cooking, a hobby emulating his mother the chef.

Eventually he reaches out to Skoll, wanting to mend the most important familial bond he has left. He begins to feel back on track after their heart to heart discussion, and when he finds a wild horse in need of assistance, he runs to Alder and they are able to mend their professional relationship (although Hati does not dare approach the topic of romance). Realizing this is not the only person he owes an apology, he makes a trip to Cercatori d'Arte to seek the forgiveness of Keldava. When he returns, he is invited to participate in a tournament hosted by Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles together. Skoll and Liam participate in events alongside him, though all of the Catori brothers end up losing. Hati is honored simply to have been asked, and feels like he is finally being recognized for his hard work.

With his life back in balance, Hati focuses on his work at the stables, training his new horse Luneth and maintaining his bond with Asagi. During a trip to The Outpost, Hati stumbles across a half-drowned puppy, and hurriedly rescues her. This turns out to be Esperanza Catori, his niece by Amaranth. Liam assesses her health and deems that she will recover from her pneumonia, but also reveals a dark family secret: Esperanza was sired by Vigilante, making her Hati's sister as well as niece. Hati is stunned, and closely guards the secret, too ashamed to let any of his other family members find out. He and Esper grow close as he adopts a fatherly role, and finds himself content for the first time in a long while.


Family: Catori and Haskel

Has extended links in the Monroe, Takekuro, L Brothers, Sadira, and Soul families.

Immediate Family:

Extended Family:

Key Relations


  • Skoll — His littermate and closest family member. Hati is sometimes resentful or jealous of his brother's success, but since their parents passed away, he values Skoll's company much more than ever.
  • Esper — His niece and ward. Hati cares deeply about her and enjoys taking care of her, regardless of his feelings toward her real parents. She makes him a little more assertive and confident.
  • Liam — His older brother and roommate; was his babysitter during his childhood. Hati was wary of trusting him for a while, since Liam left their pack right before their mother was assaulted. They are both quiet and get along without much effort.


  • Alder — The stablemaster who taught Hati to ride horses, and trained him to be a page. Hati admires him, sees him as his best friend outside of Skoll, and has even developed a crush (something that quietly troubles him).
  • Niro — Formerly his eldest sister's mate. Niro is still viewed as family, and Hati tries hard to make the hawk trainer like him, as well as accepting his advice when offered.
  • Keldava — He got in a fight with the Cercatori warrior over his horse, Asagi. Now he feels guilt and regret for letting his emotions get the better of him, again. They became friends once she forgave him, and he is awkwardly trying to court her.
  • Silvano — Hati spent a day with Silvano at the stables, and found the male to be trustworthy and strong. Now Silvano is one of his leaders, and he is quietly obedient when in his company.


  • Ayita — Hati's mother was his whole world. He was deeply disturbed when she was attacked by an unknown loner, and her subsequent death was extremely difficult for him to cope with. Still visits her grave.
  • Vigilante — Hati had a distant relationship with his father; Vigilante was always too busy for him, and spent all of his free time with Charlotte. When his father was killed, Hati began to openly resent that he never had a chance to mend their bond.
  • Amaranth — Hati's oldest sister. They weren't close until Ayita's death; Hati began to see her as a replacement for his mother, but she abandoned him to travel to Green Wood.
  • Charlotte — His littermate; Hati was unsure how to act around his sister when she became Queen, and largely avoided her. Subconsciously he resents that Lotte was their father's favorite, but this is resentment toward Vigilante, not Lotte. She presumably drowned in the summer of 2014, a tragedy that shocked him.
  • Eclipse — Hati got a cooking lesson from Eclipse out in the woods, and admired her talent. He promised her a favor in return.
  • Terra — A former packmate and close friend of Hati's family. It took a while for him to trust her, but when her sons were born in front of him, Hati felt closer to the coyote. He awaits her visits eagerly.


  • Edge of town nearest to the hotel, old Victorian six-bedroom home claimed by the Catori-Haskel family, two floors with some damage to the upper floor. Shares room with Esper; shares house with Liam, Caroline, Valencia, and Aithne.
  • There is a working fireplace, a kitchen area, and a large bookshelf. Hati is very sentimental, and collects items that have meaning to him. He keeps these in his room, except for the necklace he always wears.
    • Books from his parents' library, notably an encyclopedia and a human history textbook.
    • Corner from the dirty rag used by Alder to dry off the horses, still has a very horsey smell.
    • Moon pendant necklace on a silver chain, given by Ayita Catori on her deathbed.
    • Purple sequined cape and box of magic tricks, given by Terra when she left the pack.
    • Kitchen knife that Amaranth Catori used when they cooked rabbits together.
    • Small flat stone intended for use as flint, after a fire starting lesson by Eclipse Soulstorm.


Horses: Asagi, Luneth, Marche

cNPC: Esperanza Catori

  • Species: Wolfdog
  • DOB: 20 Nov 2012
  • Description: Esper is Hati's niece (and secretly his half-sister, something he has not told her). Hati found her lost in the wilderness, and upon realizing who she was, whisked her off to his home. He revels in taking care of her, having unofficially adopted her. She recovered from mild pneumonia, and is now strong-willed and bossy. She originally only wanted to stay with Hati until she was healthy enough to return to her mother, but falls in love with Cour des Miracles and chooses to stay permanently.


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