Jontae de l'Or

Jontae de l'Or is the daughter of Jacquez Trouillefou and Rogue de l'Or, and the mother of Jehan de l'Or and Mistral de l'Or. She was brought to Cour des Miracles as an infant to be raised by her father, but he had no interest in children and passed her off to Firefly Sadira. In a few short months Jontae grew tired of being ignored and left on her own, hiding in the city of Halifax and surviving as a feral loner for four years. After a string of violent acts, she was killed by her nephew Domovoi Tarasova.

Jontae de l'Or

Optime Jontae, by Nat
Replayered toMiyu (LASKY character)
First PlayerShannon
Name Meaning"Jontae": variant of Jon and Dante. "de l'Or": of gold.
Name OriginAmerican; French
Pronunciationjahn-TAY deh lowhr
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Date of Birth3 Aug 2009
Date of Death3 Sep 2013
Subspecies~100% Canis lupus familiaris
Birth placeNorthern Canada
Previous packCour des Miracles

Archive Profile'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateOctober 15, 2009[1]
Leaving Date~December 2009
SignificancePuppy Member


Lines by Holarctic, colored by Miyu


  • Optime Hair: Casablanca (#F8BA4F) with streaks of all the colors in her fur.
  • Eyes: Aqua (#1EA98F) with the trademark of the de l'Or line, flecks of Gold (#FFCD00).
  • Fur:
    • Along her back, ears, muzzle: Korma (#974E11)
    • Blended throughout her pelt: Copper (#C88433), Casablanca (#F8BA4F), Anzac (#DDA54E).
    • Hind legs: New Orleans (#F2D69B).
    • Left arm, right hand, chest splash: White (#FFFFFF).

Jontae's breeding is very muddled and it's hard to tell at a glance exactly what breeds she has in her, though she is clearly a dog. She is very short in stature with a long silky coat of gold and coppery hues that grew lighter over time. A splash of white across her chest and forelegs hints at her Collie heritage, but her curled tail denotes Spitz breeds. Her eyes remain her most striking feature, a brilliant shade of Aqua (#1EA98F) with the trademark of the de l'Or line, flecks of Gold (#FFCD00). They are piercing in their intensity, contrasting sharply with the soft gilded hues of her fur. Her nose is not black, but rather a diluted shade of brown. There are faint spectacle marks around her eyes (a holdover from her juvenile markings), and some white and brown mottling on her muzzle.

(See: Jontae concept sketches and Jon's puppy markings by Shannon.) Her puppy coat was a much darker walnut brown that faded into copper along her back. The spectacle markings were much more distinct. One ear was floppy before the cartilage set, and she resembled a chocolate and tan Pomeranian. She remained small as she grew into adulthood, but her pelt lightened and her ears stood erect, though the left one still flops occasionally giving her a jaunty tomboyish look.

Her Optime form is still diminutive, long wispy fur masking the childlike proportions of her 5'0" tall figure. She is skinny and flat-chested, with a cocky strut to her step, challenging anyone to mock her height. She is hard muscled and agile from living wild, and shifts effortlessly between forms. She adorns herself in decorations made out of trash -- bottle cap necklaces, forks or spoons stuck in her mane, barbed wire bracelets and anklets, etc. Her golden mane is messy and unkempt, standing up in odd spikes and patchy on the sides of her head as though she shaved them. Sometimes she ties it back into a crude ponytail to keep it from blocking her vision. She is fairly dirty, often with mats in her fur and occasionally fleas, and her natural scent is often overpowered by the trash she surrounds herself with. All her paw pads are very calloused from street living.

Her father contributed Rough Collie, Smooth Collie, Irish Setter, and Belgian Malinois Shepherd genes. Her mother's exact lineage was unknown, but was thought to be an amalgamation of robust, foxy breeds in the Spitz family, possibly American Eskimo Dog, Norwegian Puffin Dog, Finnish Lapphund, and other types.





Height — 18 in (46 cm)
Weight — 15 lbs (7 kg)

Height — 24 in (66 cm)
Weight — 85 lbs (39 kg)

Height — 5 ft (150 cm)
Weight — 105 lbs (48 kg)

She is hard muscled and agile from living wild, and shifts effortlessly between forms. Her ears stand erect, though the left one still flops occasionally giving her a jaunty tomboyish look. There are faint spectacle marks around her eyes, and her tail curls over her back.

Still quite small, but now densely muscled and much heavier. Claws and teeth much more visible, all of which are ragged and cracked. Tail still curls. Round skull, short muzzle. Fur stands up along her spine, giving her a spiky, disheveled mohawk.

She is skinny and flat-chested, with a cocky strut to her step, challenging anyone to mock her height. She adorns herself in decorations made out of trash. Her golden mane is messy and unkempt, standing up in odd spikes and patchy on the sides of her head as though she shaved them.


Key Relations

  • Jacquez Trouillefou: She still talks constantly about her "Daddy", still trapped in the mindframe of a child wanting to please her father, who is nowhere to be found. Jon only met her father several months after her birth, and strove to gain his attention and love. However, the King had no interest in raising children, and dumped the responsibility on several of his female packmates. Jontae resented this treatment and ran away from home, bringing her to the city of Halifax where she grew up alone obsessing about him.
  • Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou: Her half-sister and enemy, met in Halifax in 2013.[2] Cosette is offended by her and antagonizes Jontae until she bites Cosette in the throat, intending to kill her. Jontae sees her as a rival to the throne, and one undeserving of carrying the Trouillefou name which she was denied. She will attack Cosette on sight.

Family: Trouillefou, de l'Or

  • Mother: Rogue de l'Or
  • Father: Jacquez Trouillefou
  • Offspring: Jehan de l'Or, Mistral de l'Or
  • Extended: Has many half-siblings through the Trouillefou family. Maverrick de l'Or is a relative on her mother's side, and Domovoi Tarasova is her nephew. Jontae sees her half-siblings as rivals to the throne, and assumes they want to usurp her position as eldest living "princess". Her unwanted son was traded to a stranger, though she kept her daughter around until the time of her death. Members of Cour des Miracles hold her interest, since she knows that is her father's kingdom, and feels she is destined to lead them.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Rogue de l'Or — Jontae cannot remember any details about her biological mother.
  • Séraphine — Mother's friend from Tampa; babysitter.
  • Bruno — Traveler who got her pregnant; she never learned more than his first name.



Jontae was a headstrong carefree child with a wild streak in her. Her personality was just beginning to show a dominant attitude when she was still young. She resented authority and discipline (for example, knowingly trespassing in another pack), and knew full well she was a princess, being the king's daughter. She hated to be ignored, often seeking attention in loud and obnoxious displays. She was described as a brat on more than one occasion, entitled and spoiled. However, it weighed heavily on her that her mother was missing and her father did not want to be with her, driving the child to eventually run away from home. She used to use "puppy dog eyes" to try and get her way, but learned quickly that she could only rely on herself.


Jon is an extreme tomboy, despite still calling herself a princess; many of her mannerisms are masculine, emphasized by her unladylike appearance, and she has been mistaken for a young male before (especially when she uses the nickname "Jon"). She is arrogant and crass, cursing freely and making crude puns about those around her. Both her parents had a taste for debauchery, and Jontae too enjoys to have fun with no strings attached -- if it isn't fun for her, she will have no interest. She does not have a moral compass, and is driven by her own whims. She drinks a little too much, having inherited her father's disposition toward alcoholism. She is greedy and possessive, wanting new and shiny possessions, but not wanting to part with any of her own things if she does not have to. Her childhood label of "entitled brat" is still applicable. When drunk, she is more playful and trusting, though even more pushy and belligerent. She has engaged in some sexual acts in exchange for alcohol in advance, and can easily be convinced to do so again. She's not interested in finding a life partner, thinking herself better than everyone else.

Having lived the majority of her life on her own, the little collie-dog is largely feral and not in tune with the emotions or comfort level of others -- one example of this is her habit of invading personal space, touching and grabbing at accessories or food she wants to take. She is also shameless, seeing no problem with exhibiting bodily functions such as urinating in front of others, or offering a sexual act in return for something. Used to fighting over resources, she will growl if anyone nears her possessions, and does not hesitate to bite or punch whomever she sees as a thief, even if she is in fact stealing the item in question. She is small but tough, and uses every dirty trick in the book when fighting.

Since she is so attitudinal and domineering, the easiest way to get something out of Jontae is bribery. For a bottle of liquor, Jontae will search the junkyard for whatever item is desired, and is clever enough to find it quickly. Food and jewelry are also favorites of hers, though she may attempt to merely grab it and run off if she thinks the trader is dimwitted. She is quick to judge and generally mistrusts and subsequently mocks everyone, though her fondness of cats means that some Luperci can worm their way into her good graces if they have a feline companion. She has a rudimentary understanding of Low Speech, being little more than a wild animal herself. Still, she considers herself actual royalty, misunderstanding that her father was merely king in title. She is very interested in those also claiming to be royalty, that is, pack leaders and their offspring.

  • Kinsey 0: "Exclusively heterosexual"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    • "Is not trusted by the community and may have enemies."
    • "Will kill others to get ahead."
    • "Is not concerned with the desires of family members."
    • "Believes luck determines wealth."
    • "Uses any means necessary to evade justice."



Jontae was conceived onboard the ship that had set sail from Tampa, Florida. Jacquez, the rowdy fun loving captain, had spent the night basking in rum with the company of Rogue, one of the women of the ship who wasn't against having a wee bit of fun on the long and dreadful flight from their old lands. Rogue had realized the night before the ship had sailed into a storm that she was carrying, but because of the tragedy that befell the crew she had no time to bring the subject to light with Jacquez.

When the ship went down Rogue was left clinging to a pair of barrels she'd managed to lash together. The currents took her far from where Jacquez and Ruri were deposited and she'd landed many leagues north of the territory of Souls. There she'd set up camp and waited, hoping that any of the others would show up.

After a few weeks when it became clear that there was no one else who was going to appear she began to track her way down the coast, hoping to find a few of their crew in the process. Rogue met up with Aimé, Corbis, Valentie, and Séraphine. By the time she'd found her comrades it was more than apparent that she was indeed pregnant and yet she still refrained from naming the father though to the crew who'd known her it was more than clear.


The small gathering of mutts had found themselves stranded on the edge of a land of ash and death, the remains of Bleeding Souls, when Rogue had come to the end of her pregnancy and the gathering had to stop to care for the new mother and child. When the small girl was born her father's breeding showed clearly and Rogue finally admitted to the rest of the crew what they already knew.

Rogue and the rest of the crew settled on the edge of the lands, waiting for the time when the young pup, named Jontae would be strong enough to accompany them on the rest of their journey. They spent many weeks in the area thriving on the fruits of the forests not tainted by the wildfire that had ran through the lands.

The clan met a stranger in this time that spoke to them of a self appointed king in the lands of Souls, this troubled the clan and upon further pressing they were presented with a ray of hope as they found out that Jacquez was indeed alive and well. They decided immediately that they would head out to find their captain and king and rejoin his forces in this new land.

The going was tough and the four of them took turns carrying small Jontae when her legs grew too tired to carry her. They had almost made it to the edge of the great mountain when tragedy struck. A pack of wolves ravished by a disease of the mind attacked their troupe and realizing that the strangers weren't in their right mind instead of fight the group fled.

Cour des Miracles

Séraphine had been carrying young Jontae at this time and found herself separated from the rest of the troupe. With one of the wolves hot on her trail she dashed up the mountain recklessly, fearing for their lives as she felt the breath of the beast behind her. Somehow just as she was about to give up she heard a cry of pain and alarm behind her as the beast lost it's footing and tumbled over the cliff and down into the darkness below.

Firefly Sadira and Elroy

Séraphine dropped where she was and fell into a troubled sleep, waiting for the break of day to continue their journey. When the two of them greeted the rising sun Séraphine convinced Jontae that they needed to move on and that she would bring her to her father where she could wait for Rogue and the rest of the troupe to reassemble. Séraphine doubted that they would find them but she had already made up her mind when she delivered Jontae to Jacquez that she would turn back to continue her search for the rest of their crew.

Séraphine traveled the lands of Souls with Jontae until she found a scent that she knew beyond all. Following it to the borders of their captain she called to the new troupe, asking for their assistance. She was met by Ruri Aceline and Jacquez himself, who brought Jontae into Cour des Miracles for safekeeping. Jacquez was disinterested in his progeny, though, and Firefly Sadira took pity on the runt and helped Ruri look after her. Jon enjoyed playing with the grownups as well as Firefly's kitten Elroy, but strayed from the civilized house in favor of a den in the woods. At one point she purposely trespassed into Crimson Dreams, displaying her penchant for mischief. She was wayward and seen less and less often, eventually disappearing once winter came to the land.

Junkyard Princess

Merely four months old and facing the Canadian winter on her own, Jontae was in dire straits. However, she stubbornly refused to go back to the pack she ran away from, naively wanting to spur her father or mother to come looking for her. They never did. She wandered along the coastline into the nearby dead city of Halifax, where she took shelter in the human buildings as the snow began to fall. She hunted mice to survive, scavenging the city remains for food sources such as dehydrated rations and canned goods, eating voraciously and living on the edge of starvation. It was perhaps fortuitous that she was so small, since she did not need as much sustenance as a wolf child, and found it easy to hide when other loners came by. Still, when the snow finally melted, she was gaunt and wild, having barely survived.

Jon then underwent her first shift in the spring, and it marked a turning point; the city was now fully open to her, as she could utilize all the things a puppy could not reach. She climbed fences and opened windows, growing nimble and replenishing her malnourished frame. Cour des Miracles was in the past; she liked the city, proud that she could survive without anyone holding her back. She began to collect things that caught her eye -- anything shiny that she could pretend were jewels befitting a princess, even if they were merely broken glass shards or soda can tabs.

When teenage Jontae found the garbage dump, she knew she found her home. Decades of decomposition after the humans perished left the junkyard stripped of most organic materials, instead home to a veritable jungle of metals, plastics, and shiny objects. She could shift down to her tiny Lupus form and tunnel through the tight spots, finding treasure at the bottom of every pile. Rats and crows became her sustenance, and she occasionally shared her scraps with the families of stray cats, remembering her puppyhood friend Elroy. Now that survival was no longer her only concern, her personality came back in full force, rendering the scrappy mutt more arrogant than ever. She became bold, fearlessly taunting other Luperci that came to the city by mocking them and throwing trash at them. Those who attempted to chase her were foiled when she darted into her network of escape tunnels, unscathed.

Birth and Death

Now an adult, Jon found herself wanting more than just the items she could find. A passing carpenter offered her a half-full bottle of moonshine in exchange for locating nails and door hinges, and she happily complied, recognizing that she could get all sorts of things by using the junkyard as a resource. She found that she was beginning to understand the stray cats, developing a rudimentary understanding of Low Speech, and using the cats as her sentries. She also discovered she had a real taste for alcohol, an addictive personality that could definitely get her in some trouble down the line.

During one notable encounter, a stocky dog calling himself Bruno offered to trade her a jug of whiskey if she would spend the night with him. It took a little persuading, but she ended up going for it, deciding the liquor meant more to her than her virginity. Bruno went on his merry way, never to return to the city. Jontae discovered weeks later that she was having painful cramps whenever she shifted forms, and had to take time to rest her body. She did not realize she was pregnant until she went into premature labor, and only one puppy survived the delivery. Jontae was nonplussed to find herself with an infant son, and largely ignored him. She grudgingly nursed him when he wouldn't stop crying, but left him alone in the junkyard for long periods of time, and was neglectful due to disinterest.

Once he got a little older, the puppy tried to follow her and ended up mangling one of his legs on a pile of barbed wire. Jontae chose to amputate it with her teeth, remembering that her father had no left arm and it had made him that much stronger. Miraculously the boy survived, and she finally deigned to give him a name -- Jehan. She was still annoyed that Jehan took up so much of her time, and began to see him as worthless, since his father was just some traveler and not of royal birth like herself. When she encountered a trader who seemed interested in the three-legged puppy, she gladly exchanged him, thinking she got the better end of the deal and she would never have to bother with Jehan again.

She has a habit of accosting travelers to see if they have anything she wants -- they usually do -- and then alternately wheedling or bullying them into trading for it. If they refuse to part with their heirlooms or food, Jon then resorts to grabbing it and running, often having to fight tooth and nail to keep it. Once or twice she has lost these encounters and was beaten up, but it is rare for her to get caught; usually she has the sense to flee and hide if the tables are turned against her. She is starting to grow curious about Cour des Miracles again, wondering if her father is still the king and if her only friends Firefly and Ruri would remember her. She is starting to develop an interest in puppies now that Jehan is long forgotten, reasoning that a child of noble birth would be a worthy partner, unlike the son she got stuck with. This is how she becomes pregnant with her second litter.

Mistral is born in Halifax on a hot summer day in 2013. She had no littermates, unlike Jontae's first litter the summer prior. Jontae is a neglectful mother, but seems vaguely more interested in her daughter than she was her son, and names her sooner. Mistral is afraid of the junkyard cats and spends most of her time hiding from them. Her mother does not hesitate to bite or slap her when she cries, so Mistral learns quickly to suffer in silence. Jontae's greed gets the better of her when she lures a traveler to the junkyard in order to get him drunk and ransom him back to his partner. When he sees her abusing Mistral, he grows angry and assaults her in a well-intentioned attempt to rescue the puppy. Jontae tricks him into a pitfall trap, but gets too close to the edge. The traveler is tall enough to jump out, and catches her by the leg. Jontae threatens, bargains, and orders him to let her go, but she is carried kicking and screaming until she is beheaded.[3]

Notable Threads

  1. you can never have enough gold (15 Oct 2009)An infant Jontae is delivered to Cour des Miracles and meets her father for the first time. He is extremely dismissive.
  2. [M] Quel Dommage (06 Jan 2013)Jontae encounters two of her half-siblings, Cosette and Clopin. They each learn about a side of their family they were unaware of, but it ends with Jontae wounding Cosette and receiving a concussion from Clopin.
  3. [M] One more word and you won't survive (03 Sep 2013)Jontae lures a traveler into the junkyard under the pretense of trading him alcohol. When he sees her mistreating her daughter Mistral de l'Or, he attacks her and ultimately kills Jontae by beheading her.