Esperanza Catori

Esperanza Catori is the daughter of Amaranth Catori and the late Vigilante Haskel, conceived in Cour des Miracles and born in Green Wood. She is currently a Princess of Cour des Miracles, living under the care of Hati Catori.

Esperanza Catori

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Date of Birth

November 20, 2012







Essie, Esper








Birth place

Green Wood



75% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)
25% Canis lupus (Wolf)


50% Dog (Husky & Malamute)
25% Dog (German Shepherd Dog)
25% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Cour des Miracles
Rank Princess


Pack Green Wood
Rank Puppy

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1.  Appearance

Essie is a wolfdog puppy! She has the red coloration of her mother with mimicking markings with a black and silver trailing saddle on her back, even the cream part mimics her mother. She has the most stricking color of eyes, a bright electric violet that are a mirror to her mother’s. Her markings are mostly symmetrical save for her left front leg.

1.1  Build and Species

With husky heritage from her mother and malamute heritage from her father, Esper strongly resembles a sled dog. More looking like an elegant and slender wheel dog. Her legs in both Lupus and Secui are muscular and look like they are filled with the power to pull a sled back in the day. She has a thick double coat, perfect for winter though in the summer too much activity will leave her panting heavily and worn out. With all that fluff it seems to make her tail just seem twice its actual size, curling over her back. Her wolf side doesn't show much, and time seems to tell us that it never will.

Tail and Ears

The best was to see that she is built more of her domesticated canine blood than the wild side of a wolf is her ears and tail. Her ears seem to always stand erect, though they are tall. They are shaped more sharply than a wolf’s and they stand taller than a German Shepherd’s. Now her tail is the most striking thing next to her eyes. It arcs rather elegantly to curl tightly around her back, never relaxing from that position unless you find her asleep.

1.2  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Chocolate (#400E02) with Red Oxide (#651604) highlights.
  • Eyes: Electric Violet (#A800FF).
  • Fur:
    • Base color and "boots" range from Red Oxide (#651604) to Totem Pole (#933509).
    • Dark saddle/mask is Tuatara (#252423) with highlights of Ironside Gray (#676664).
    • Underside and tail tip are Wheat (#F3D8AE); blends into Cape Palliser (#A56343) along the red borders.

1.3  Forms




120 lbs (54 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

235 lbs (107 kg)
44 in (112 cm)

200 lbs (118 kg)
6 ft 5 in (82 in) (208 cm)

Large size, about the size a full grown wolf that a sled dog. Well muscled frame, a sloping chest. Tail is tightly curled over her back, denoting her husky/malamute heritage. As most wolfdogs, her ears are taller and pointed. Her ears are more like a German Shephard’s. Her teeth are also longer, and tend to stay whiter than a feral wolf. In the winter she looks like a ball of fur, though any other month she still looks like a heavy sled dog.

Her black saddle spreads across to her tail and down her side. Her fur becomes longer and even fluffier, though this makes it harder to injure her. Bites usually are deflected and her fur becomes course, thick. Her tail still curls over her back; it looks like just a ball of fur. Build for power, she is sluggish with speed.

Tall and curvy. In this form her seems vulnerable compared to her other forms. Her body is tall and muscled but this form is by far her weakest. She has sharp curves and a more delicate frame. Her saddle goes back like her lupus form. Long chocolate mane. Her tail curls tightly over her back. Body type: curvy, and well toned.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: Someday soon.
  • Tattoos: None, but maybe someday soon.
  • Scars:
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.


Essie does love accessories; she likes bracelets, necklaces, and her favorite anklet. She can be seen with a different necklace or bracelet, she also when she gets older will get her ears pierced.

  • She wears an anklet made by a long, thin strip of leather, colored a dark red. A soft brass color, metal trinket. The trinket is a letter C, for Catori. Given to her by Hati Catori, knowing her love for jewelry.
  • None, but maybe someday soon.


2.  Personality

(To be expanded on by adopter!) Esper is cocky and bold, openly speaking her mind now that she has the freedom to do so. She was raised in a strict pack that emphasized control, and she learned to repress her personality in an attempt to fit in. She wants to rebel now that she is free of that environment, and may continue testing her boundaries as she grows into adulthood. She is sensitive about her appearance, and will quickly lose her temper if any insults or insinuations about her dog heritage are made. She could potentially be a healer in the future, as many prominent members of her family are trained medics including her mother.

2.1  Demeanor

(To be expanded on by adopter!) Esper often acts fearless, though this behavior is a screen to hide her self-consciousness. She speaks bluntly, occasionally delving into sarcasm or insults, but she does hold Catori family members in a greater respect and treats them better. She walks with a proud swagger, exuding confidence now that she has found where she belongs.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: exploring, learning, storybooks, and fantasy
  • Dislikes: getting wet, being told what to do, thunderstorms, rain


Proud, passionate, bold, short-tempered, ambitious, self-conscious, rash.

  • Outlook: Generally optimistic, since her life took a turn for the better.
  • Expression: Tends toward extroversion and dominance, but is submissive with true authority figures thanks to her upbringing.
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Deep water.
  • Sickness.
  • Separation from family.
  • Being rejected for her looks
  • Thunderstorms.
  • Thunder.


  • Fitting in.
  • Discovering her talents.
  • Gaining the respect of others.
  • proving being a dog is not a downfall.


  • Packs: Cour des Miracles is a place she fell in love with, a haven to her compared to Green Wood. She is ignorant of other packs, since she was born and raised elsewhere.
  • Species: Grew up thinking wolves were superior, and that her dog appearance made her flawed. Now in CDM, she sees that dogs and all sorts of hybrids are treated equally, and she is proud to fit in. Though in the back of her and wolves are still superior though she does not try to show this.
  • Non-Luperci: Inexperienced with non-Luperci.
  • Gender: She is unbiased with male or female genders.
  • Color: She likes the color blue, like her uncle but she hold no biasness to color.
  • Sexuality: Inexperienced with anything outside of monogamous heterosexual pairings, though she will not hold anything against other couplings when she discovers them.
  • Age: Unbiased, though she likes hanging out with grownups because they make her feel important.


Heterosexual , though she is willing to experiment to see if it is strictly straight.


  • She is willing to experiment, she will turn her nose up so you have to talk her into it.
  • Nothing hardcore, she is a lightweight. Well maybe.



3.  Interaction


  • Very feminine, soft, and sweet.
  • Tends to heighten in pitch when emotional.
  • Usually accompanied by hand her eyes falling to her paws if uncertain.
  • Usually filled with confidence.


  • Cour des Miracles scent: metallic, woodland, salt.
  • “Soft” smell like light hints of heather, with a floral base.
  • If specified her scent can have a slight minty sweet smell to it.


  • With childish confidence.
  • Soft way in her hips, no matter what form she is in.
  • She prances a lot.
  • Her tail tends to curl over her back in the fashion of a malamute's but this is not due to a natural curl but just a habit her learn and it expresses her mood of contentment.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

4.2  Family: Catori + L Brothers (+ Haskel)

Immediate Family

4.3  Minor Relations

  • You might want to just keep a simple list of characters your character has encountered, or you might want to describe them, or whatever.

4.4  Former Relations

  • Amaranth Catori: Her mother will not leave Green Wood, so Esper is separated from her and misses her.
  • Vigilante Haskel: Her biological father died before she was born. Esper does not know the scandal of her conception.

4.5  Residence

  • Edge of town nearest to the hotel, old Victorian six-bedroom home, two floors with some damage to the upper floor. Lives in Hati's room, shares house with Liam, Caroline, Rio, Valencia, and Kable.

4.6  NPCs

Céleste Sadira

  • Species: Wolfdog
  • DOB: 13 August 2011
  • Description: TBD
  • Personality: TBD

4.7  Abilities


  • Literacy: Esper was taught the basics of reading and writing, but since she is too young to shift, her skills are limited.
  • French: Esper knows some French, but is not yet fluent. Her Cour des Miracles family is coaching her.
  • Other skills to be determined by adopter!


  • Since her near-drowning experience, Esper has developed a dislike of water that may grow into a phobia if not properly dealt with. She hates getting wet, and avoids swimming.
  • Esper is sensitive about her appearance, since she was subtly discriminated against in her youth. She gets defensive and snappy if she thinks she is being stared at, or if anyone mentions that she "looks like a dog".
  • Other weaknesses to be determined by adopter!

5.  History

5.1  Timeline


  • November: Esperanza and her siblings are born in the Catori pack, Green Wood. They have no father. The wolf-dominant pack raises them strictly.
  • December: One of Esperanza's siblings goes missing around their one month mark.


  • March: In an attempt to find her missing sibling, she falls into a river and is swept away. She is far from home when she is found by Hati, and taken to Cour des Miracles.
  • April: Esper contracted pneumonia from her near-drowning, and must recover. She is resistant to her new family, but soon realizes she likes the relaxed atmosphere much more than her strict home in Green Wood.

5.2  Threads


  1. (NPC) [1] (March)
    Northern Tides, with Hati Catori. Esper is discovered beside a river, and is rescued by her uncle.
  2. (NPC) [2] (March)
    Cour des Miracles, with Hati and Liam. Esper is brought home and diagnosed with pneumonia.
  3. (NPC) [3] (May)
    Cour des Miracles, with Hati. Esper bonds with her uncle and reveals that she might want to stay with him permanently.


  1. [4]? (DD Mon)
    AREA?, with CHARACTER?. Example of how to re-start numbering following section break.

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5.3  Gallery

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