Pippa Haskel

Pippa Haskel

Character Name, by Meghann
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthApril 10, 2008
Age2 years
SubspeciesGerman Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Wolf mix
Birth place??
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateAugust 16, 2010
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankSubordinate

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  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  History

Pippa was born to a doomed mother, who had faith in the eccentric elders of an overly superstitious tribe. She had three siblings, the ever angry and a abusive Pello, The complacent Roshelle, and of course the strange and broken Lolita. Pippa had always had a soft spot for her "off" sister. While others found her less than normal qualities repulsive, Pippa always found them endearing. It wasn't long after their mother's death that she figured out that her fondness for Lolita wasn't merely that of a protective and loving sister, but that of a lover. Their romance was cut short, however, by a raging Pello who beat Lolita and left her for dead as he dragged away the heartbroken Pippa. He took her across Canada for a miserable year and a half, before she was finally able to drug him into a temporary coma. Her plan was to kill him, but even with all he had done to her and her family she just couldn't bring herself to kill her own blood. So she left him there to fend for himself, and went off in search of her sister Lolita.

2.  Personality

Pippa was a generally bright and cheery pup, finding wonder in anything and everything. She was passionate about life, and love, and her family. After having been held captive by her domineering and abusive brother for so long, her bright outlook on the world has dimmed some. But even still, though more somber, she is still the caring hopeful soul she has been since birth.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Martyr Haskel
  • Father: Donovan (Unknown to her)
  • Sisters: Lolita Monroe and Rashelle Haskel
  • Brother: Pello Haskel
  • Uncle: Vigilante Haskel
  • Grandmother: Lyra Haskel (maternal)
  • Grandfather: Valter Haskel (maternal)

4.  Appearance

Pippa is a German Shepard, Alaskan malamute, and Wolf mix. Her fur is a creamy white, with rusty red colored traces showing her malamute side, though her wolven ancestry is what predominately dictates her features. She has a curly tail, like her estranged uncle. About 30" tall and 85lbs in her lupus form, Pippa is neither small nor excessively large or well muscled. When shifting into her Optime form her waist length mane takes on the color of her malamute lineage, turning a deep rich reddish color that really shines through in bright sunlight. When standing she measures a respectable 6'4", and weighs in at about 190 lbs. In her Secui, and least favorite, form she's about 37" tall and 170lbs. Through all of her forms her eyes remain the same calm crystalline blue.

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