Chishio Itou 糸血潮

Chishio Itou is the sole living sibling of Alaki; although the two were separated at birth and have yet to truly bond, even after they discovered each other. Chishio has come and gone from Scotia Nova a few times and is a wandering soul whom hasn't found the place where he wishes to truly stay. Most recently, he joined Vinátta with his youngest daughter, Meiwaku Itou.

Chishio Itou 糸血潮




Suzie, Vida, Lady

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Date of Birth

December 20, 2009




Birth place

Around Southern Quebec




100% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Vinátta
Rank Risna


Mates Sant Sacerdot i L'esperit
Sempiternal (June 2012 - August 2012)
Dasa (Warrior)



  • Optime Hair: Mine Shaft (#2c2c2c)
  • Eyes: Fountain Blue (#62b4ca). His blind eye is a fraction lighter.
  • Fur:
    • Predominantly Tundora (#474747), flecked with darker and lighter patches of grey.
    • Shoulder, base of the neck and along his spine are a more darker Outer Space (#343637)
    • Lighter Sirocco (#7A7F7F) on his underside.

Dark grey dominates his fur, causing the aquamarine tones of his eyes to pop against the monotone background. An X shaped scar is across his right eye, from which he can barely see out of. His left ear is chewed and scarred from a fight long since past. Around his neck he wears a black cord with a clump of sliver attached—the sign of a warrior from his original pack that he had taken off of his father’s corpse. He is usually seen in little more than a pair of ripped, black cargo shorts when in Optime form. His charcoal hair is long and thick, reaching down to his shoulders. He typically keeps it in check by tying it into a loose ponytail; although his somewhat shorter bangs are rebellious and tend to fall out of the group and to the tops of his eyes.

Two more shameful scars serve as a reminder to him that no one is to be trusted. Having been drugged by a prankster, he fell into a dreamy state in which his family reappeared to him and demanded his blood as payment for his inability to defend them when the rival pack had attacked. The first lies on the inside of his left wrist and the second on spread across his rear right leg and back. Both are simple crosses. He curses these scars, and tries his best to heal them and cover them up every day.





105 lbs (9.97 kg)
33 in (43.18 cm)

200 lbs (44.45 kg)
44 in (66.04 cm)

215 lbs (59.42 kg)
6 ft 11 in (60 in) (152.4 cm)

Rather average looking, Chishio can easily be overlooked for he lacks notable features in lupus form; aside from the fact he is predominantly grey colored despite being a timber wolf.

Growing vastly in size, the fur around his neck extends and thins out, creating a wispy like mane around the male. His shoulder and leg muscles bulk up considerably.

Long hair falls easily past his shoulders, his fur fine and soft all over; which does little to cover the scars that coat him.



  • Piercings: None, although he may have gotten some during his time off board!
  • Tattoos: None, although he may have obtained some by now!
  • Scars:
    • A large X shaped cross across his right eye, which has left him blind
    • A vertical line coming down his left shoulder
    • Small self-harming scars upon his wrists
    • Jagged scar from a hunting trip gone wrong upon his right shoulder
    • Scar tissue covers the stub of his left ear, that was torn of when he was a pup.


  • Like the rest of the male Itous, Chishio was given a metal necklace upon his birth.


  • When in optime form he wears a tattered pair of black/grey cargo shorts that are worn and full of holes.


Chishio is short tempered, much like the rest of his family; the most ridiculously small things will set him off into a fit of rage and if things don’t go the way he wants them to, he will fall into a sour mood which can last the rest of the day and occasionally into the next. His short fuse is not helped by his tendency to be argumentative; he enjoys picking a fight over anything and everything, taking pleasure in insulting and baiting others. Due to his blood filled past he struggles to the good in everything and anything, always seeing other’s faults, looking at things from a negative view point rather than a positive one, to the point where he becomes fixated on faults. If you can’t forgive, never forget is something he stands by.

Whilst he is of a darker nature, he doesn't flaunt his attitude and more aggressive tendencies. The most evil aspect of Chi is his mind, of which is uncaring and cruel towards everone including himself. Possessing no mercy he'll happily kill of friends and family if he feels they are in his way or if by doing so it will benefit him. Suffice to say, Chishio has no understanding of the concept of responsibility and only cares for his own welfare and needs.

Even when faced with a situation that may invoke empathy and sympathy within another, the grey Itou can do nothing but calculate how it effects him and how to make the best out of a situation. Cold, cruel and selfish, he is a true loner and prefers things that way.



  • Likes: This area the adopter will have free reign!
  • Dislikes: This area the adopter will have free reign!


Controlling, Un-trusting, Cold, Cruel, Short Tempered, Volatile.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Neutral
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil


This area the adopter will have free reign!


  • Power, control, progeny


This area the adopter will have free reign!


This area the adopter will have free reign!


This area the adopter will have free reign!


The below are possible ideas that would fit with Chishio's background; the player is no obligated to use any of these!

  • Atheistic: Does not believe in god(s) and finds the concept of gods a waste of time.
  • Omamori Whilst not a strong belief, she does make and carry Omamori just on the off chance they give her luck and protection.



  • Languages: Predominantly English speaking, he would have a typical Nova Scotia accent, although would be educated in Japanese language (speaking, reading and writing).


  • Scent: Iron, Must, Earth, Damp


Key Relations

  • None

Family: Itou

Minor Relations

Former Relations


Born to his pack’s alphas, Chishio was one of 3 pups; Alaki, Meryl and him. For awhile, they were just your average pups, they were doted on, played with, adored by the other pack members, scolded for destroying ancient artifacts, given small dosages of poisons so that they grow immune to them—the usual upbringing.

Then, after barely a month of life, his pack was attacked and he helplessly watched as one by one those he loved died. The attackers were the neighboring pack; their numbers continuously grew and they needed more land, and so they had come to claim Chishio’s home land. His mother grabbed him, his brother and sister and hid them in a small cupboard in hopes that at least they would be saved. He could hear her screams as she died, but the attackers were no fools; he and his siblings were found and beaten, tortured by a sadistic member of the opposing pack, the last thing he saw was that pure white wolf laughing; his coat soaked in the blood of his family. He passed out.

Unsure of how much time had passed he awoke in a pool of blood; his father, mother and sister lay slain in the room, his brother most likely dragged away for further torture and killed somewhere else. With a blank, emotionless mind he walked through the remains of his blood streaked home, found water and washed away the blood; but in his eyes he could still see it… everything was stained red.

Closing of his heart, he continued to move. He refused to die; he had survived for a reason, surely. But he was young and uneducated and found himself upon the ‘new’ border of the neighboring pack and a lone female scout.

Yet, luck was with him. The female warrior looked upon him with pity and longing; that morning her son had died of an unknown illness and Chishio resembled him greatly. Scooping him up in her arms, she took him home and made him the replacement for her dead son in secret.

But the secret soon spread and after a year of peace, Chishio found himself watching his adopted mother fight until her death, only for the rest of the pack to turn on him and chase him out of the lands.

As he came of age he approached a female, belonging to a very secretive pack. He became quickly enthralled with her so when she produced a litter from him it was no great shock. When she became useless to his whims he left. The children were submitted as slaves due to their half outsider heritage. Scullion later traveled with his mother to find his father and ended up staying as his father's slave. However, during his absence from ‘Souls, he had since traveled back to his former fling and gave the child up.

Now he wanders, never opening up, never trusting. Believing that there is no good in anyone, he seeks to kill aimlessly until his own body falls to ruin and rejoins those he once loved.



  • January: His pack was attacked, making Chishio an orphan; believing that all of his pack were slaughtered. He was later found and adopted by a member of the Sempiternal pack that had killed his own.
  • April: Chishio's identity was fully reveled, his adopted mother being slaughtered and the young Itou was attacked and almost killed.


  • September: Chishio found his way to 'Souls, with no real intent or purpose. Although he encounters a wolf whom he suspects to be a relative.
  • November: Unknown to him, his short fling with a Japanese descended pack female Kaede resulted in three male pups born.
  • October: Bored of life, he moved on to find new things to entertain him.
  • December: Returned Scullion to his mother.


  • April: Once more he returns to 'Souls with suspicions about the wolf he previously encountered.
  • May: Chishio left for unknown reasons and his whereabouts since has been a mystery.


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