Ezra Rosen

Ezra Rosen was most recently a member of Vinátta, formerly of Cour des Miracles. He is the father of Elias Rosen.

Ezra Rosen

Ezra, by Kiri
Name Meaning"Aid," "Rose Valley"
Name OriginHebrew, Yiddish/ German
Date of BirthJune 12, 2007
Subspecies66% Canis lupus
33% Canis lupus familiaris
LuperciYes, Verto
Birth placeVarnayamen splinter pack
Current packVinátta

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateMay 20, 2012

Cour des Miracles

Joining dateJune 11, 2010
Previous RanksSeigneur, Chevalier, Comte, Marquis, Duke


Pre- 'Souls

Ezra was born from a splinter pack of Varnayamen, the very same pack Shaeniire Vanim came from. They were all crazy and did a lot of acid and thought they hung out with fairies all day. Clearly, Ezra's dad would have none of that and so he left, renamed the family, and was happy in another pack for 2 years of his life. Ezra thought he was cool enough to leave his family, so he took 6 months off and treked down from Newfoundland where he lived and adventured. He met a lot of crazy people and did a lot of crazy things. Most importantly, though, was that he got beat up by a bunch of werewolves and then then almost drowned because of a werewolf. Ergo, he started to hate them and is secretly really racist. After he got sick of being on his own, Ezra ended up at Cour des Miracles.


Ezra joined Cour des Miracles in June of 2010. Over the summer he got used to settling down and tried to be outgoing and met a bunch of interesting characters. Ezra fell in love with Ever Mayawyn who was the first person to tell him about the good parts of being a werewolf. He fell harder and harder for her without even realizing it. Ever was worried, though, because Ezra hated her luperci side, and there were moments when they didn't think their relationship wouldn't work. However, in November, Ezra got Vigilante Haskel's permission and the two became mates.[1] Shortly after their union, Ezra got into a fight with Ouija D'Angelo and was turned into a Luperci. Ezra has been dealing with his new ability, and has been more accepting of Luperci.


After a short time, Ever became pregnant. The couple was ecstatic at first, but quickly into the pregnancy Ever became withdrawn and absent most of the time. When the children finally came on August 27th, only one survived; the reddish gray husky look-alike named Elias Rosen. Arydia Mayawyn was pronounced dead at birth. About a week after the puppy arrived, Ever fled in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. Ezra was distraught. If there hadn't been a healer in Cour des Miracles at the time of Eli's birth, he would have died. Ezra struggled to keep him alive but it was nearly impossible without a mother. Eli now has a growth deformity because of it. His malnutrition during his puppyhood caused him to grow up with a stunted appearance. After two months of misery in CdM, Ezra left all the painful memories in order to start over. Ezra did so with the help of Barrett, who took him in. They eventually formed somewhat of a commune at Hillsburn. That was probably the happiest Ezra was in his entire life; he was comforted by amazing friends and he got to drown his sorrows in booze and weed. Eli sort of took Lilin as a maternal figure, even if it made her uncomfortable at times.


Eventually the fun had to end at Hillsburn. Barry left suddenly, only to find out that he was needed somewhere else. The commune broke up. Most chose to go with Saul and Lilin, but Ezra tried sticking it out on his own first. After a few hungry and lonely months alone the group returned to see if they could find Saul/Lilin. Eventually they ran into them, and Ezra found himself happier than ever, reunited with his friends. In his absence the group had grown despite the departure of several of the Hillsburn crowd; they were now calling themselves Vinatta. Saul officially started the pack a few weeks after Ezra re-joined, and has been the hard-working Hollr since.


  • Parents — Ariela ♀ and Gabriel Rosen ♂
  • Siblings — Daliya ♀, Moriya ♀, Rebekah ♀, and Micah ♂
  • CousinsShaeniire Vanim
  • Offspring by Ever Mayawyn


[Character Sheet, by Kiri]

Lupus Form:

Weight: 85 lbs.
Height: 30 in.
Length: 70 in.

Ezra is on the larger side. He has the typical husky markings on his face, though his bone structure is wolf-like. His right eye is an icy blue, and his left is yellowy orange. His underside is white, which bleeds down halfway down his legs to his feet. The underside of his tail is also white.

Secui Form:

Weight: 190 lbs.
Height: 42 in.
Length: 70 in.

Ezra prefers his secui form due to his large size and brute strength. When shifted, he grows a large grayish-black mane behind his ears, and the white on his face becomes far more pronounced. The white on his leg blends into black, creating a gradient on his legs. His tail also becomes much more fluffy and doglike.

Optime Form:

Weight: 220 lbs.
Height: 6’ 5''

Ezra becomes extremely lithe and sleek in this form, and his tail grows significantly longer. Ezra's markings stay the same for the most part with maybe a touch more white on his face. Ezra's mane also grows to an extremely long length, halfway down his back, which is kept in one long, messy braid.


Ezra has two scars from Ouija D'Angelo. He has three narrow lines on the left side of his neck, in the shape of Ouija’s luperci claws. He right shoulder is also mostly scar tissues as it was ripped off to ensure the transmission of the luperci infection.


Ezra has a good heart. He is intensely loyal, is empathetic, and takes friendship seriously. However, despite the fact that he is now a luperci, he is still incredibly biased against them. He isn't flat out racist, he just gets extremely uncomfortable around luperci in optime form. He also never was exposed to the werewolf lifestyle or humans, and is secretly very curious about the old human culture before they went extinct. When he is in a good mood, he loves telling stories and entertaining.



Ezra and Eli moved to Jordheim after joining Vinatta. It is tucked away in the bottom left of the houses, and it very comfortably fits both wolves.



Petra is the buckskin thoroughbred mare Ezra found near Halycon Mountain with Ever [2] Ezra has only just found her and so the horse is still being broken in, but the two seem to get along and Petra is slowly starting to trust Ezra. He has been brought over to the stables, where Ever takes care of him along with the other horses. Petra has black and white socks with a white stripe down her nose.