Ceres Sadira

Ceres Sadira

Ceres, by Kris
Name OriginCeres; Goddess of Harvest. Sadira; Name for a constellation.
Date of BirthJanuary 7, 2001
Date of DeathJanuary 27, 2006
Subspecies100% Canis arctos ortus
Birth packNorthern Canada, unnamed pack
Current packNone

Ceres Sadira is the orginal matriarch of the wide spread Sadira family. Ceres came to Souls at three months of age, where she promptly joined Clouded Tears. Spending the majority of her life in Clouded Tears, Ceres became fiercely loyal to the pack and it’s members, earning a leader rank shortly after reaching adulthood and eventually settling in to the alpha position where she remained until her death in 2006.

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
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  2.   2.  Bleeding Souls History
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  4.   4.  Appearance and Personality
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1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Ceres Sadira was born into a nomadic pack that had no name. The pack was ruled by a group of elders, whom were the oldest males that were still able bodied and with sharp minds. Cruel laws were enforced by the elders, one of which was that the weakest seniors and puppies were put to death, so that resources would not be wasted on members who could not provide for the pack. Another custom was that the pack only bred at scheduled mating times, so that there was sure to be resources to feed the next generation and that the elders could keep track of all the puppies born. In order to keep gender ratios even in the pack they often would kill off children of one gender if too many had been born that season. Being the only female in a litter of three, Ceres’s two brothers, named Jipurah and Parupah by her mother, were put to death by her own father Sincore.

Pups were treated as resources rather than children. Rules of the pack ordained that puppies could only speak when spoken to, that they could only play if the play was used to improve skills needed as adults, and more often than not they were being trained to hunt, track, and do all tasks the adults were expect to excel at. One game the children were allowed was when the elders came across a coyote pup was to tear the unfortunate creature to shreds, as the pack was very biased against the species, rejecting and hunting all coyotes they came across, as well as wolf-coyote hybrids. If a wolf from their pack did mate with a coyote, she or he and their pups were all sentenced to death.

Ceres had only two members she was close to in the pack, her mother Cercelee, who was the only adult who showed her any form of affection or kindness when she could, and her arranged mate Flarei, whom she kindled a friendship with as they were often paired together in training. The only other adult she knew well was her father, Sincore, who she detested as he often made her mother unhappy and if he was present her mother would ignore or scold her.

At only three months of age the traveling band was near to the lands of Bleeding Souls. Ceres would have left with them, but resources were running low in the pack and the elders decided that to lighten the burden they were going to leave some of the weaker puppies behind. Although Ceres was chosen to remain with the pack, her friend Flarei was not, and she attempted to stay with him. However, after the pack left, Flarei and Ceres became separated and Ceres wandered into the lands of Bleeding Souls, finding the pack lands of Clouded Tears shortly after her arrival.

2.  Bleeding Souls History

Clouded Tears

Joining dateApril 02 2002
Joining RankPuppy
Most Recent RankAlpha Female
Other RanksJager, Altester, Gamma, Beta Female

2.1  Childhood

Ceres was accepted by the alpha male of Clouded Tears, ArgentNoirci, and for a long time afterward he was the only wolf in the pack to who Ceres showed any respect to. Having come from such a cruel pack, Ceres found the kinder ways of the Clouded Tears wolves to be strange and she often rejected their attempts to build any sort of relationship. Often the only form of communication Ceres gave to her fellow pack mates were low growls. Despite the cold reception the other members got from Ceres many of them were persistent in their attempts to build trust. Slowly the child began to think of Rashmi?, the alpha female, as a mother figure, although when a younger injured puppy named Soot showed up on the borders Ceres resented the attention Rashmi showed to the child. Later when Rashmi would give birth to her litter, Ceres would feel the same resentment of split affections. This relationship of love tainted with resentment would be a life long pattern for the two females.

Ceres began to grow warmer towards the other members of the pack after encountering a bear cub and it's mother, which the pack promptly decided to eradicated from the pack lands. The bear hunt resulted in the death of Argent Noirci and Krystine Dragmire, which Ceres felt partly guilty for as she was the one who had discovered the bears. However seeing the pack work together to keep her and each other safe as well as needing to fill the void Noirci's death life, the girl was able to open up to the other pack members. Ceres grew to be very loyal to her pack and very loving and protective of her pack mates, notably Ashened, Freak Oriel, Kiriska and Ravyn Stormbringer. Although she accepted the members of Clouded Tears and learned to show kindness to them and to accept the kindness shown to her, she remained cold and untrusting to strangers.

Only once during her childhood does Ceres bond with anyone outside of her pack and that is when she finds Salvaged Eternity, a puppy about her own age, bleeding from the head at the bottom of Tranquil Springs. Stopping the bleeding and enlisting the help of a random wandering tiger Ceres helps Salvaged return to Jaded Shadows and effectively saves his life.

2.2  Early Adulthood

Shortly after reaching adulthood and gaining the rank of Jager Ceres became involved in a feud between Silent Dawn and Clouded Tears. Encountering Nikki and Shadow, Freak Oriel and Ceres engage in battle with the two. Ceres losing to Nikki wanders off injured while Freak returned to the pack lands. During her time away from Clouded Tears Ceres became pregnant via rape by a coyote named Mars. Ceres Sadira encounters Salvaged, now grown and the two fall into a sort of love. Salavaged listens to Ceres's plight of the coyote rape and decides to avenge her, vowing to kill Mars as well as raise her children as his own. The two decide that the puppies will never need to know their true heritage and that they will never speak of Mars to the puppies, this support gives Ceres the willpower to return to Clouded Tears. During this time Ceres also befriends Miska? of Storm, a female who she confides in throughout her life.

Upon returning and giving birth, Salvaged Eternity chases away Darkling Owl, the newly appointed alpha in Clouded Tears, as Ceres is upset to find Rashmi is not there to help her through the birthing process. The birth of her children was a turning point for her, in that she realized how important she found family and her pack to be and relished in being a mother to the three puppies who lived out of the four she birthed: Acid, Jipurah Naal, and Scarlette Eve (the stillborn was named Azzia Tao). Ceres icy exterior melts at this point and she is able to bond with Kiriska most notably, opening up to the female in a way she hadn’t been able to bond with anyone previously. Ceres also saves Kiriska in the Concrete Jungle, when a building collapses and traps the older female in a pile of rubble. In order to save Kiriska Ceres shifts for the firs time, finding the process to be unusually painful and tiring. Carrying her friend to Ashened, Kiriska loses a hind leg but her life is saved. Although she does not grow as close to the others, Ceres’ affections for the other pack mates increases, as well as her respect for Ashened who is now the reigning alpha. Ceres serves as the pack Altester during this time and is promoted to Beta alongside her friend Kiriska.

Ceres's life began to revolve around her newly acquired role as Gamma as well as her growing family. Rashmi returns during this time but Ashened and Ceres are cold towards her, causing the woman to feel rejected and leave for Storm, although Ceres love for her pseudo-mother remains buried. Acid and Naal grow extraordinarily close to their mother, while Scarlette Eve, learning of her true heritage, becomes bitter and hateful towards her mother despite Ceres' attempts to remain loving and close. During this time Ceres also begins a life long feud with Inferni member Yasu Zarah, due to the strange friendship that Acid and Arlo Xyl, adopted son of Zarah, have with one another. Warm one moment and hot the next, Arlo harms Acid and Eve beats up the coyote pup to avenge her brother. When Zarah comes to Clouded Tears to get back at Eve for beating up Arlo, Ceres engages in a fight with Zarah which results in Ceres beating Zarah and running her off of Clouded Tears lands. Ceres begins to care more about the world outside of Clouded Tears and visits Freak and Ravyn, who have left to help lead the new pack of Celestial Hollow, where she meets Blizaugen?, the two become quick friends and Blitz falls in love with Ceres.

Turmoil quickly upsets Ceres life as the relationship between Scarlette and Ceres grows more strained. Leaving Clouded Tears Scarlette willingly turns to her father, Mars, participating in sexual relations with him. Upon learning this Ceres forbids Scarlette to go near Clouded Tears to keep her away from Jipurah Naal, whom Eve also detested despite her loyal and love for her brother Acid. The relationship with Salavaged also begins to turn sour as the male is increasingly less devoted to Ceres and tales of his wrong doings begin to reach Ceres' ears, including a tryst with Kaena Lykoi, a friend of Yasu Zarah. Yet her love for the male blinds her, until she discovers Taaktuq? in Storm, recently raped by Salvaged and Ceres is forced to admit that her beloved is becoming a monster. Confiding this in Blitz, the two decide to become mates once Salvaged is out of their lives but upon learning that Ceres knows his inner demons, Salvaged runs off Blitz and rapes Ceres, leaving her injured and alone. Scarlette Eve returned to Clouded Tears, pregnant by her father and begging for forgiveness, which Ceres promptly granted. Giving birth to the inbred litter, Ceres was rather fond of her grandchildren, but the living puppies, Nereus and Mercury, soon disappeared and Eve followed in search of them. Mercido Nakado, a newcomer to Clouded Tears, became the pseudo-mate of Scarlette Eve and an adopted son to Ceres, the two remained close despite Eve leaving and Mercido moved onto other females.

During this time Ashened decided to leave Clouded Tears, passing alphaship onto Kiriska. While leaving the lands the female was intercepted by Salvaged Eternity and was raped and killed, although Ceres never learned of her friend's fate. Jipurah Naal left Clouded Tears to begin his own life and Ceres continued to rule underneath Kiriska, with Acid slowly climbing the ranks beneath them.

2.3  Mid-Adulthood

After freeing herself from Salvaged, Ceres has the luck to meet Daituki Nasphrite, who just happens to be Kiriska's estranged brother. Hearing her story and sympathizing with her, the two bond quickly and consequently Ceres becomes pregnant with his litter. The relationship between Daituki and Ceres puts a strain on Kiriska's and Ceres' friendship but Ceres strives to convince Kiriska that Daituki is not the same brother she knew and fears. Ceres gives birth to five living puppies, Adrastos Morpheus, Aiji?, Iskata? and "the fairy tale twins" Laika? and Lisichka?.

Shortly after the birth of her pups Ceres rose to the rank of alpha female when the death of her friend and alpha Kiriska occurred during birth to her own children after having been raped by Arlo Xyl. Ceres avenged her friend by taking the coyote’s life, although she never got over the loss of Kiriska. Kiriska's only surviving pup, Laruku Tears, is put into the care of Acid and Colibri Soul, who have recently mated and give Ceres another litter of grandchildren. Ceres grows especially close to Laruku and Maluki. Yasu Zarah returns yet again to Clouded Tears, this time to kill Ceres for taking Arlo's life, but this time Yasu's life is taken by Ceres.

At this point in time Ceres becomes overly consumed with trying to keep her family together as well as the pack. Adrastos is sent to live with his father in Storm and the remaining puppies are raised in Clouded Tears with Ceres. When Acid, then Ceres' sub-leader, leaves with Laruku Ceres starts to grow pessimistic, but continues to encourage and be a pillar for the pack. Laika's relationship with Ceres mirrors that of Scarlette Eve and Ceres and the two feud on and off. However one by one Ceres's they all begin to disappear and Ceres grows even more troubled. Lisichka and Iskata remain in the pack with their mother at this point but Ceres is separated from all her other children, adding to her depression.

2.4  Late Adulthood.

To help alleviate both of their struggles Colibri takes Acid's place as Ceres's beta and later mates Lisichka, resulting in another litter of grandchildren, Melisande Sadira, Mew?, and Haku Soul. Aiji is raped and produces one grandchild, Anyanka Halfrek, as well and Iskata becomes obsessed with avenging her sister and anyone in the family who is wronged. Laruku Tears returns to Clouded Tears, grown now, but is nearly chased off by Colibri, who has lost her memory and does not remember her adopted son. Ceres however finds the two and convinces Laruku to stay in the pack, glad to see the return of Kiriska's child. Eventually Ceres confides in Laruku about her mother, telling him Colibri is not really his birth mother but Kiriska was. Upset, Laruku runs off but returns later to apologize. Ceres tells Laruku about his mother and the two visit the gravesite and name Laruku's siblings who are buried with Kiriska.

Ceres engages in a relationship with Taylinn Oriel and falls truly in love with him, more deeply than she has felt for any of her past lovers. However Taylinn disappears and the last few threads holding Ceres together begin to fray. Ceres also receives a visit from Layla Xyl and the two put the family feud between Ceres and Layla's mother, Yasu, to rest.

Towards the end of her life Ceres tried in vain to pull the pack and her family closer together, calling pack meetings for little reason but to gather. She also attempted to rally the neighboring packs to band together and help remove characters such as Salvaged, who posed a thread to others, but this attempt came to nothing. Disheartened and feeling utterly alone, late in January of 2006, Ceres Sadira passively allowed an elk to trample her. Able only to drag her broken body to Kiriska's gravesite, she let herself bleed out and pass away. Laruku found her and held a funeral, burying the Sadira matriarch close by to Kiriska.

3.  Relationships

Although Ceres remained cold towards the majority of the populations at Bleeding Souls, those that eventually did break through her icy exterior remained prominent figures in her life and until her death in 2006.

4.  Appearance and Personality

A pure white coat and navy eyes, Ceres was characterized by a scratchy, icy voice which did not match her lovely appearance. Ceres was born a runt and was smaller than average her whole life. Aside from Kiriska, whose slender figure rivaled her own, Ceres was undeniably the tiniest wolf in Clouded Tears. Despite her small stature Ceres was a well trained fighter and often got into scraps with Inferni members, notably Yasu Zarah and Arlo Xyl.

5.  Notable Threads

5.1  Bleeding Souls threads

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