Fiacha Aika

Fiacha Aika

Name MeaningLittle raven; heart
Date of BirthJanuary, 21, 2003
Age> 6 year
Birth placeFar north of Bleeding Souls
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Jaded Shadows


Fiacha Aika is the daughter of Mordulin Aika, and was a previous member of Jaded Shadows and Syemv.


Fiacha was born on January 21, 2003, to Mordulin Aika and Alorran, alphas of Jaded Shadows and Silent Dawn, respectively. The second child of five, most of her growing days were spent in the shadowland, punctured with visits to and from her father. Although her childhood was relatively happy and peaceful, stresses on the homefront ended with Fiacha following her father, along with two of her siblings, to a territory south of the ‘souls borders. Later, another brother and his love interest joined the small family group, but that is another tale. Family-oriented as she was, Fiacha eventually fell victim to the wandering tendancies of her parents; taking up the life of a loner, she’s spent the last year and a half of her life as a wanderer. Of course, she returns frequently to “check up” on the folks back home in the south, but spent a great deal of time traveling, and learning.


Fiacha is one of those frustrating talented people that make the rest of us look bad. She’s a flawless mix of sexy and nerdy, and presents herself more charming than annoying. Her love of learning and natural curiosity often drive her to seek out solitude; she’s been known to forego a week’s worth of meals for the pursuit of some obscure fact or talent. On the other side, she’s quite outgoing and friendly, although her speech patterns tend to be quirky and somewhat out of place. In any case, she’s aware of her attractive dancer’s body, and while she takes care to be well groomed, her occupation with looks falls short of true vanity. In truth, this is to her advantage, for her looks are not perfect, but her alluring personalty and unconscious mystery are equally pulling.

Although distinctly denied, Fiacha is also very much “an Aika woman” and shares certain family traits. She’s inherited the infamous “itchy foot” and the open road will always haunt her. Although Mordulin was somewhat lacking in the emotional aspects of mothering, Aloran made up for the holes, albeit somewhat lately to produce a daughter that is, despite it all, very family orientated. She’s very protective of what’s hers, and, like her mother, has a great capacity for love – but is somewhat more accomplished at showing it than the older female. Fiacha does not, by any means, wear her heart on her sleeve, but isn'’t afraid of letting trusted friends and family know its location. The number of wolves that see this softer side is, however, comparatively few. For many reasons, Fiacha is distrustful in new relationships, which, at least at the beginning, tend to be somewhat superficial in nature.


dancer, artsy, decorator (i.e. coordinated); basic herbal; navigation; self-supporting; big reader/learner (fond of literature and language, but also not bad at the more practical maths and sciences) faults. On rare occassions moody and restless; weakness is her unreliability in these times. Slow to trust, deeply uneasy around packwolves or wolves she deems ‘judgemental’. Slow (but thorough) in decision-making

Languages Spoken

  • French: – From Father
  • Japanese: – From Mother
  • Gaelic (partially fluent): – From Mother
  • German: – From Friend/Tutor




fiacha is built in the image of her mother, although time has brought out several small distinctions. From her father, Fiacha inherited somewhat longer limbs in proportion to the rest of her body, and is therefore extremely lightweight, although somewhat taller. She is in good shape both from the necessity of travel and from extensive training. In physique and features, Fiacha is extremely good looking, although her ‘beauty’ is very easily overlooked (one might describe her as ‘handsome’ instead of outright ‘beautiful’).


  • color. Glossy black
  • eyes. Predominantly auburn; edges rimmed with green
  • markings. None, but tends to tuck feathers or beads behind ear


  • color. Black
  • eyes. Predominantly green; pupils rimmed with auburn
  • build. Neither short nor tall, long of limb
  • markings. None permanent. Tendancy to weave beads, flowers, and shells into her mane and to

dye/paint her fur and skin.

Attribute Summary

  • movement. Graceful, dancer, doe-like; fast, restless
  • renaissance” girl. Dancer, dreamer, poet
  • knows how to have a “good time” but is a romantic at heart
  • sarcastic/ironic, but born old; insightful, patient, understanding
  • outgoing and friendly, lover of learning
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