Played by Caroline.


Ashened was the alpha female of Clouded Tears, first promoted to beta female following the birth of Argent Rashmi and Nirupama Noirci in Clouded Tears. She served beneath Nirupama Rashmi until the woman's departure several months later, and she was co-alpha during Darkling Owl's reign. Ashened was the solo alpha after that, with Ceres Sadira and Kiriska as her betas—however, near the end of her reign she became increasingly less comfortable in the rank, and contemplated leaving. Finally, she told Kiriska about this, and passed alphaship along to her—unfortunately, on her way out of the territory, Salvaged Eternity hunted her down and raped her, killing her and tossing the body into the water after that. Of course, as Ashened had already explained her departure, her disappearance was not questioned and Sal did not face punishment for the crime.