Shadowed Sun


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Shadowed Sun

ColoursIndigo (#4b0082) & Gold (#ffd700)
Founded ByPilot Haddon & Tayui Aston
Founded On13 April 2008
Defunct On26 August 2008

Past Leadership

Past LeadersPilot Haddon & Tayui Aston

Shadowed Sun

Preceded byJaded Shadows

Shadowed Sun was originally founded by Pilot Haddon and Tayui Aston on April 13, 2008. The name is something of a tribute to Jaded Shadows, from which Tayui came from. The pack was established as a pack of learning, for those who wish to learn or teach.

Oh, and it has beavers.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early History (April 2008 - May 2008)
    2.   1.2  Late History (June 2008 - August 2008)
  2.   2.  Previous Members
  3.   3.  Territory
    1.   3.1  The Library
    2.   3.2  Serene Sands
    3.   3.3  Phosphagos Foothills
  4.   4.  Ranks
    1.   4.1  Oros Daskalos (Leadership Tier)
    2.   4.2  Philologos (Member Tier)
    3.   4.3  Neolaia Philologos (Youth Tier)
  5.   5.  Culture
    1.   5.1  Laws
    2.   5.2  Ranks
    3.   5.3  Co-Ranks
  6.   6.  Perceived Culture
  7.   7.  External Links

1.  History

1.1  Early History (April 2008 - May 2008)

Shadowed Sun was founded in the aftermath of the fire that ravaged the lands of Bleeding Souls. Tayui Aston called for anyone from her past pack, Jaded Shadows, to join her. Pilot Haddon, an acquaintance of hers from Storm, answered her call.[1] Kieran Heartsong, Zexion Lubomir Varg, and Skoll also found her, and the five of them created Shadowed Sun together.[2]

Zexion was appointed the unofficial guide for the early days, leading the other members through the newly-claimed Halcyon Mountain, for he had been living on the mountain before the others had arrived. The pack soon flourished, gaining more members, and began to establish itself as a pack of learning.

1.2  Late History (June 2008 - August 2008)

On June 7, a rogue coyote by the name of SteelRose attacked Skoll and Lubomir Varg.[3] The two sustained heavy injuries from the fight, and Tayui began to worry about the implications of the attack. Tayui suspected SteelRose might have been connected to the Dahlian War, but it turned out she was but a rogue assassin.

On August 14, Skoll told Tayui of the possibility of his death; on August 19, he was killed by Asmodai, cousin to the man he had killed and protector of the secrets of a hidden martial art.[4][5][6] Following this, two members of the pack disappeared, and Lubomir Varg departed to inform Skoll's family of his death. Those that remained included Tayui, Pilot, Urma and Ember Phoenix.

Pilot and Tayui decided to disband the pack so that the members would have time to find a new pack before winter hit.[7] Pilot and Urma became the founding members of a new pack, Crimson Dreams, the resulting pack from a merge between the remnants of Shadowed Sun and Twilight Vale.[8][9] Ember joined Esper Hollow and Tayui left to wander.

2.  Previous Members

3.  Territory

Map of the territory
and sub-territories.

Claiming the edge of the mountain that averted the deadly fire, the pack makes its home on the slopes and the surrounding lands below. The southern side of Halcyon Mountain is especially lush, home to many trees over one hundred years old. The northern portion of the mountain is a little rockier, with small outcroppings and hanging vines that adorn these rocks. The territory extends to the water's edge where the lands are rocky and treacherous to tread, home to many small caves and prime fishing locations. The westernmost part of Shadowed Sun is home to many coniferous trees, a prime location for hunting. Many small streams wind through this territory, providing the wolves with clean drinking water.

3.1  The Library

Affectionately referred to as 'The Library,' and sometimes even more so as 'Miss Bessie,' the library is the hollowed out den below a tree. A huge tree, guessed to be hundreds of years old, grew along the ridge that cuts through the centre of the pack territory. During what is believed to have been a rock slide or landslide, the tree was uprooted slightly, but continued to grow. Beneath the roots is a large hollow where many items, trinkets, mementos, and especially books, are stored. All are wrapped in animal pelts to keep them dry and free of moisture, set aside on dirt shelves.

3.2  Serene Sands

Created by AG (Lubomir Varg) and Void (Skoll).

Halcyon Mountain declines sharply into the white sands of a forlorn shore. Located in the southwestern border where land meets the sea, the journey to reach the beach can be difficult due to the craggy ravines that ring the northern part of the area. It is quiet here, save for the gentle lapping of the waves, as the immensity of the mountain blocks out most extraneous noise, keeping the beach serene and tranquil from the goings-on outside. It is quite easy for someone to miss a call from this locale, shielded from interruption, left alone to enjoy the sanctity of the calm waves. During the low tide, many caves hidden deep within the face of the rock become accesible. The series of caves harbour some of the best preserved documents, hand-made trinkets and odd knick-knacks possessed by the pack. Several small and scattered islands become visible a short ways off-shore, under-water hills peaking up from beneath the sea to greet the denizens of the beach. The crowns of these hills are smoothed and slippery rock, making them dangerous to tread upon, and thus a hazard to the curious who would dare to try.

3.3  Phosphagos Foothills

Created by Void (Skoll).

At the foot of Halcyon Mountain are what the wolves of Shadowed Sun have dubbed "the foothills." A series of hillocks lines the base of the mountain, the inclines of each grassy knoll diminishing the further it rests from the base of the great rise. The plant life is fairly uniform in the foothills, tall grasses and small flowers mark the beginning of the ascent up the territory's only mountain range.

In the evening, the foothills are overshadowed by the tall trees and mountain itself, thus casting long shadows across the area. Dubbed the 'light-eating' foothills, its name is a rough translation, combining the words 'phos:' light, and 'phago:' I eat.

4.  Ranks

Ranks were based on the government put in place in Sparta. A character's rank signified its political standing within the pack; co-ranks indicated a character's ability or area of specialization.

4.1  Oros Daskalos (Leadership Tier)

Agiad and Eurypontid (2, either gender)

The Agiad and Eurypontid ranks are competely equal to one another and are the two "kings" of Sparta. These two families were said to be descendants of Heracles, and might have been to appease the two royal families, or to avoid any forms of (modern etymology of) tyranny.

The kings carry out the functions of the pack, and act as the overall morale boosters, organisers and mediators.

Ephoroi (2, either gender)

The Ephors were the officials; they were elected annually by the popular assembly and could not be reelected. The Ephoroi presided over the meetings of the Gerosia and supervised the affairs of the state and important judicial functions. Although the kings were thought to be the head of power, in ancient Sparta, the Ephors possessed the true power, and the kings were figureheads presiding over the military and religion.

Within the pack, the Ephors act as advisors to the kings. They act as pack ambassadors, and are expected to manage much of the foreign affairs of the pack. They assist the kings in many of their duties and manage the pack's equivalent to a civil court. They oversee those that hold the co-ranks of Ambassador, Spy and Scout, and most likely hold one of these positions.

Gerousia (1, either gender)

The Gerousia was the "senate": a council of elders. It consisted of twenty-eight male members, who were chosen by lot from the remaining Spartiates over the age of sixty-five. They oversaw the criminal court system, could initiate new legislature. After their term, they were evaluated at a court; if their actions were found to be unconstitutional, they could be charged.

The Gerousia serve as the pack-maintainers. They are entrusted with the task of keeping affairs within the pack running smoothly. They report to the kings and assist them in many of their affairs. They oversee those that hold the co-ranks of Guardian and Protector.

4.2  Philologos (Member Tier)

All member positions are infinite and can be filled by members of either gender.


The "equals," these were the most notable of the Spartiate class, the men eligible for fighting. They were, essentially, the upper-class and elite of Sparta.

The upperclass members of Shadowed Sun. They are the elders of the pack and are expected to take on many organisational roles within the pack, mostly dependant on their co-rank. They are the most respected members of the pack and are referred to for their wisdom regarding pack matters and special talents. They may take on an apprentice to teach their skill to.


The "trainers," they were the overseers of young Spartiate education in the agoge. At the age of seven, Spartan boys were sent to the agoge to train, and it was the Paidonomous' who instructed them.

Within the pack, the Paidonomous' are also the trainers of the puppies, the Nioti. They teach the Nioti to hunt, fish, and fend for themselves. They work closely with the Philohos and assist in determining a Nioti's prospective co-rank.


The "tribes" of the largest political subgroups in Sparta. They managed more local and municipal affairs. The phylae encompassed all citizens. The Phylae were comprised of: Hylleis, Dymanes and Pamhyloi.

Within the pack, the Phylae are organisational administrators of sorts, and oversee hunts. They work closely with the Lead Hunter and the Hunter in the pack and report to the Gerousia or two kings.


The "officials" of Sparta; they were paid and fed out of the public expense. They formed governmental positions such as clerks (grammateis) and heralds (kerykls). They were also known by the name of 'Ephoes.'

The Hyperitai work as minor officials within the pack, working to keep the various aspects of the pack running smoothly. They handle most pack matters and oversee maintainence of the pack, working closely with the Phylae and the Gerousia.


The "cheerleaders" / "assembly" of Sparta; all male Spartiates over the age of 30 were automatically a part of the Apella. The Apella had few powers, and could only approve legislation put forward by the Ephoroi and Gerousia or vote it down.

Within the pack, the Apella organise outer-pack relations and activities. They work closely with those who hold the co-ranks of Ambassador, Spy, and Scout, and report to the Gerousia and two kings. They are the lesser officials that organise information about other packs, as brought to them by the Spy or Scout, and may hold the co-rank themselves. Although they are not official reconnaissance works, they are organisers and keep the records and manage the affairs.


The "warriors" of Sparta. All Spartiates belonged to a lochos as it denoted the largest divisions of the population capable to bear arms. There were 5 Lochos, and one per village.

The Lochos are the apprentices of the pack. They are encouraged to find a higher-ranking member to speak with about obtaining the rank, and may also find another with a co-rank willing to teach them their trade. The Lochos, though not the bulk of the pack's numbers, are the ones most constantly assessed for promotion.


The "dwellers around" Sparta. They held something similar to the Roman civitatus sine suffragio: citizenship without the vote. They did not have full citizenship like the Spartiates, and were mostly farmers and merchants living around or near Sparta. They were the only Spartans allowed to travel without needing permission, but could not marry Spartan men or women or participate politically.

The "subordinates" of the pack. All newcomers are given this rank upon joining, and will most likely remain there for a month or two to prove themselves and gain a higher rank. Although they have no formal duties, the Periokoi are expected to work with the Lochos to try and learn a trade, and simply acquaint themselves with Shadowed Sun and its lifestyle. Since they are the bulk of the pack, they are the ones who participate in pack hunts and other various activities.


The "serfs" of Sparta. They made up around 90% of the population and were the conquered people of Laconia. They were allowed to remain on their farms, but were serfs to the Spartans, having to give much of the profits to the Spartans.

The "omega" rank. It is assigned to any wolf that has shamed themself, their fellows, or the pack as a whole. The helot is similar to a serf, and thus, the wolf holding this rank is expected to do everyone else's work to get back into their good graces. A newcomer is very rarely given this rank unless under special circumstances, in which it functions as the "outsider" rank, in which the newcomer is expected to work to become a full-fledged member of the pack.

4.3  Neolaia Philologos (Youth Tier)


Youths fresh out of the agoge were organised into groups called the Krypteia. They were sent into the countryside to prove themselves, and it acted as a 'manhood' ritual of sorts. They policed the helots and executed those who were found to be causing trouble to Sparta.

Puppies are given the rank of Krypteia at the age of six months. They work closely with the Paidonomoi of the pack, learning to hunt and fend for themselves. They remain at the rank of Krypteia until they reach the age of nine months, in which they are given a rank in the Philologos.


Literally translated as "youth," these children might not have been called this, but it refers to those still too young to fight, within the agoge.

Puppies are given the rank of Nioti at the age of two months and retain it until they turn six months old. They may be ranked according to skill as they are learning, using the greek alphabet; eg: Alpha Nioti, Beta Nioti, Gamma Nioti

5.  Culture

  • Books are good
  • Learning is good
  • Beavers are good
  • Goats are good
  • Goatse is bad
  • Squirrels are good
  • Sparta is good
  • But we really know Sparta wasn't called Sparta
  • And was probably called Lacedaemon or Lacedaemonia
  • Especially because Thucydides said so and he's cool.
  • Emperor Claudius is cool
  • Augustus is almost as cool
  • Tiberius, Caligula, Nero and Caracalla are not so cool :x
  • Nomnomnom

5.1  Laws

  • Share your books
  • Non pack members were allowed into the territory if they:
    • have intentions to borrow items from The Library,
    • are seeking tutoring or knowledge on a certain subject from a pack member,
    • or are visiting a friend within the pack.

5.2  Ranks

Ranks were primarily a political advanced and reflect a character's activity and helpfulness in the pack as a whole. Ranks do not reflect their abilities or talents: only how much they are in the pack or seen around.

The ranks were based on the government put in place in Lacedaemon (aka: Sparta) by Lycurgis. They were chosen for the irony between the Lacedaemon's purpose for using them and Shadowed Sun's. They were chosen because the governing system of Sparta combined aspects from many governments, but was also set up to prevent change and promote traditionalism. The former aspect reflected Shadowed Sun's diversity, and the latter was acknowledged as being everything Shadowed Sun was not!

The leader ranks were comprised of the Agiad, Eurypontid, Ephoroi and Gerousia. The Agiad and Eurypontid were the names of the two founding families of Sparta. The ephors were the officials of Sparta, and the gerousia represented the "senate" -- essentially, a council of elders. Within Shadowed Sun, the ephors acted as ambassador's and handled interpack matters, whereas the gerousia handled intrapack matters.

The member ranks were comprised of (in descending order): Homoioi, Paidonomous, Phylae, Hyperitai, Apella, Lochos, Periokoi and Helots. The Periokoi served as the subordinate rank, and the Helots as the Omega rank.

Those between the ages of 6 and 9 months were given the puppy rank of Krypteia, and puppies under the age of 6 months were given the rank of Nioti.

5.3  Co-Ranks

Co-Ranks were recognitions of a character's talents. A character might hold a co-rank in accordance to a certain ability or talent they possessed that contributed to the pack as a whole. Co-ranks were organized into tiers, in which a pack member could advance in the co-ranks, graduating from a lower-level co-rank to a higher-level co-rank.

6.  Perceived Culture

  • Bookworms and hermits!

7.  External Links

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